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  • Heterosexual transmission of HPV to male oral tract via oral/genital route indicated by partner data

    A recent study claims to be the first to have established the association of oral infection in males with sexual behaviour, not just on the basis of their reported sexual behaviour, but through the collection of data from their partners.

    15 December 2014 | BMJ Blogs
  • New herpes treatment strategy described by researchers

    A novel treatment approach for persistent viral infections such as herpes has been described by researchers. Using animal models of herpes simplex virus infection, researchers show that blocking the activity of a host cell protein called LSD1 reduces herpes infection, shedding and recurrence.

    10 December 2014 | Science Daily
  • S.F. men shed condoms in favor of Gilead's HIV prevention pill

    The good news: A pill from Gilead Sciences Inc. stops HIV infection among people at high risk of contracting the AIDS virus. The bad news: Men taking the drug to prevent HIV appear to be having more sex without a condom, putting them at risk of contracting other sexually transmitted diseases.

    09 December 2014 | San Francisco Business Times
  • HPV vaccine, riskier sexual activity not linked researchers say

    Sexual behavior of teenage girls does not appear to be impacted by the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine, according to Queen's University, Canada researchers Drs. Leah Smith and Linda Lévesque.

    09 December 2014 | Eurekalert
  • Diagnosis of syphilis as an entry point for PrEP initiation among men who have sex with men

    The results suggest that a new diagnosis of syphilis is an important opportunity for PrEP initiation, unless contraindications are present. This would be in addition to immediate syphilis treatment, and treatment for sexual partners.

    01 December 2014 | UNAIDS Science Now
  • Tenth of British men 'pay for sex'

    More than one in 10 men have paid for sex, according to a major study of British sexual habits.

    18 November 2014 | BBC Health
  • Gay men 'should get anti-cancer jab'

    The HPV vaccine should be given to men who have sex with men, according to the government's experts. It is is already given to schoolgirls in the UK, but there have been calls for the vaccination programme to be extended. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation now recommends offering the jab at sexual health clinics to men who have sex with men, aged between 16 and 40.

    12 November 2014 | BBC News
  • Missed HPV vaccination opportunities: a consequence of avoiding awkward conversations

    In the US, routine administration of quadrivalent HPV vaccine is recommended for girls and boys at 11-12 yrs, with catch-up vaccination recommended up to 26 yrs for girls, and 21 yrs for boys.  The difficulty has been in the implementation of the recommendation: overall rates of initiating and completion among US teenage girls currently stand at 57% and 35% respectively.

    11 November 2014 | BMJ
  • Dissolving Tampons Deliver HIV Drugs (and Maybe Contraception, Too)

    University of Washington researchers have created a discreet, quick-dissolving tampon out of silk-line fibers to protect women from HIV. The researchers would ideally like to develop a tampon to protect against HIV, herpes, and pregnancy — an all-in-one shield against the risks of sex. This could prove especially useful in developing countries, where women may not have easy access to other kinds of birth control.

    04 November 2014 | Healthline News
  • New syphilis more than doubles chance of HIV in MSM PrEP trial

    Getting syphilis more than doubled chances of HIV acquisition in the iPrEx preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) trial in men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender women. But having syphilis did not diminish the protective benefit of daily tenofovir/emtricitabine (TDF/FTC) PrEP against HIV.

    04 November 2014 | International AIDS Society
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