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  • Anger - I was furious

    I wasn’t really surprised when I found out I had HIV, after all I went to have an HIV test because I had all the...

    From: In your own words

  • My hero!

    Sex. It’s messy, fraught with all sorts of psychological problems and yes, it’s obviously what got me into this whole predicament in the first place....

    From: In your own words

  • Bored and horny

    It’s Sunday afternoon and it’s raining. I’m bored and horny. However, I’ve got £20 left over from the night before and this will be enough...

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  • Hey CDC, You Can Suck My...

    Great news: the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) finally updated their fact sheet titled "Oral Sex and HIV Risk." But their document isn't as clear as it could be.

    27 December 2013 | Huffington Post
  • Mass administration of schistosomiasis drug can cut HIV

    Mass administration of praziquantel — a highly effective and low-cost drug for schistosomiasis treatment — targeting school-age children has the potential to reduce new HIV infections in young women, according to a modelling study that focused on Zimbabwe.

    23 September 2013 | Sci Dev Net
  • Porn studio owner accuses group of creating 'hysteria around HIV'

    The owner of a porn studio involved in allegations that it puts actors at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases accused the AIDS Healthcare Foundation of playing "loose with the facts" to "generate hysteria around HIV."

    20 September 2013 | Los Angeles Times
  • HIV-AIDS biggest health risk in Thailand

    HIV-AIDS is still the biggest health risk in Thailand says a new report exposing the devastating impact of the disease in the country.

    22 August 2013 | Radio Australia
  • Why the HIV epidemic among Thai gay men refuses to retreat

    It’s 10 years since the first evidence emerged of what was until then a completely hidden HIV epidemic among men who have sex with men in Bangkok, Thailand.

    13 August 2013 | World News Australia
  • Sex education draft 'dreadful'

    Australian sexual health advocates say the draft national curriculum is a ''dreadful attempt'' at teaching sexual health in high schools, failing to address topics such as sexually transmitted infections – including HIV – and homophobia.

    07 August 2013 | Sydney Morning Herald
  • Africa’s Lowest Cost AIDS Prevention Strategy?

    A new paper from PLOS NTDs suggests mass drug administration for schistosomiasis represents a highly cost-effective and even cost-saving approach for reducing HIV transmission in Africa.

    06 August 2013 | PLOS blogs
  • If I Am HIV-Negative, Then You Must Be Too, Right?

    Thirty years of HIV prevention efforts and advocacy have enabled many men living with HIV to be open about their HIV status. But while we have been inundated with messages telling us to "talk about HIV with your sex partners," for some such discussions are fraught with anxieties over blame, judgment, abandonment – or surprising gaps in knowledge.

    10 July 2013 | Huffington Post
  • Hold your Horses: Can Barebacking be Safer Sex?

    Much has changed on the HIV landscape since then, but our attitudes about gay sex remain stuck in the age of the dial-up modem...So let’s unclutch the pearls and start a rational conversation about barebacking in 2013, specifically in terms of risk for HIV-negative men.

    09 July 2013 | Poz
  • HIV scourge spreads from red lights to white collars

    A recent report says that the spread of the virus in Bangkok has become an 'explosive epidemic' and that an increasing number of sufferers are not sex workers, but ordinary people whose lifestyles expose them to risk.

    08 July 2013 | Bangkok Post
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