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  • Decriminalising sex work the key to success of HIV programmes

    "I AM a sex worker. I have blood running through my veins and human rights just like all South Africans." This is a cry of a sex worker who has faced discrimination after being denied medical assistance for a suspected sexually transmitted infection (STI) at a public clinic in Mpumalanga.

    7 hours ago | BDlive
  • A long road ahead to reduce HIV among South Africa's sex workers

    More than half the female sex workers in South Africa’s three largest cities are HIV positive – but less than one-third are on antiretroviral treatment, according to a newly released study.

    05 April 2016 | The Conversation AU
  • Hope's story: "Having TB and HIV is not easy but I am fighting hard"

    Sitting in her small flat that she once shared with friends in Zimbabwe's capital Harare, Hope (27), a sex worker chronicles life from her first diagnosis with tuberculosis (TB) and later HIV. A journey, she says, that has never been easy.

    24 March 2016 | AVERT
  • UNAIDS welcomes South Africa's groundbreaking National Sex Worker HIV Plan

    UNAIDS welcomes the roll-out of South Africa’s National Sex Worker HIV Plan, 2016–2019. This unique plan will ensure equitable access to health and legal services for sex workers in South Africa.

    14 March 2016 | UNAIDS (press release)
  • South Africa rolls out ‘test and treat’ to sex workers

    South Africa has become one of the world’s first countries to begin rolling out PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) as well as ‘test and treat’ to sex workers as it launches Africa’s first plan to prevent and treat HIV among sex workers.

    14 March 2016 | Health-e
  • Updated Southern African guidelines on the safe use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in persons at risk of acquiring HIV-1 infection

    These guidelines advise that PrEP is a highly effective, safe, biomedical option for HIV prevention that can be incorporated with other combination prevention strategies in Southern Africa, given the high prevalence of HIV in the region. PrEP should be tailored to populations at highest risk of HIV acquisition.

    08 March 2016 | Anova Health Institute
  • Examining the Implications of PrEP as HIV Prevention for Sex Workers

    PrEP raises important challenges in the context of female sex work.

    01 February 2016 | Institute of Development Studies
  • Have sex workers revealed a connection between semen exposure and HIV resistance?

    In a new study, scientists at The Wistar Institute have found that continued semen exposure in these sex workers sustains changes in the cervical and vaginal microenvironment in a way that may actually increase HIV-1 resistance. This information may lead the way to better preventative strategies that block the transmission of the virus and improved designs for future HIV vaccine studies that can monitor the described changes when recruiting sex workers into vaccine trials.

    09 December 2015 | Eurekalert Inf Dis
  • On the Fast-Track to end AIDS by 2030: Focus on location and population

    To end AIDS as a public health threat, an accelerated and more focused response is needed using better data to map and reach people in the places where the most new HIV infections occur. To support countries with this approach, UNAIDS has released a new report, Focus on location and population: on the Fast-Track to end AIDS by 2030, which gives examples of more than 50 communities, cities and countries that are using innovative approaches to reach more people with comprehensive HIV prevention and treatment services.

    24 November 2015 | UNAIDS
  • HIV-preventive medicine available from December in Kolkata's Sonagachi

    One of Asia’s largest red light districts, Sonagachi, will next month roll out an experimental project for providing HIV-preventive medicine to sex workers in what will be the first such initiative in the country.

    10 November 2015 | The Indian Express
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