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  • Examining the Implications of PrEP as HIV Prevention for Sex Workers

    PrEP raises important challenges in the context of female sex work.

    01 February 2016 | Institute of Development Studies
  • Have sex workers revealed a connection between semen exposure and HIV resistance?

    In a new study, scientists at The Wistar Institute have found that continued semen exposure in these sex workers sustains changes in the cervical and vaginal microenvironment in a way that may actually increase HIV-1 resistance. This information may lead the way to better preventative strategies that block the transmission of the virus and improved designs for future HIV vaccine studies that can monitor the described changes when recruiting sex workers into vaccine trials.

    09 December 2015 | Eurekalert Inf Dis
  • On the Fast-Track to end AIDS by 2030: Focus on location and population

    To end AIDS as a public health threat, an accelerated and more focused response is needed using better data to map and reach people in the places where the most new HIV infections occur. To support countries with this approach, UNAIDS has released a new report, Focus on location and population: on the Fast-Track to end AIDS by 2030, which gives examples of more than 50 communities, cities and countries that are using innovative approaches to reach more people with comprehensive HIV prevention and treatment services.

    24 November 2015 | UNAIDS
  • HIV-preventive medicine available from December in Kolkata's Sonagachi

    One of Asia’s largest red light districts, Sonagachi, will next month roll out an experimental project for providing HIV-preventive medicine to sex workers in what will be the first such initiative in the country.

    10 November 2015 | The Indian Express
  • How will young sex workers benefit from new development goals?

    As world leaders adopt new sustainable development goals this week, whether young marginalised people will really benefit from the gender equality and health goals remains to be seen. Currently, for young women working in Malawi’s sex industry, the legal system creates barriers to health services and leads to discrimination.

    23 September 2015 | Key Correspondents
  • Leave no one behind: participation is key to achieving the sexual and reproductive health targets of the SDGs

    This week, the Sustainable Development Goals will be adopted during the United Nations’ General Assembly in New York, USA but these will not be achievable without the participation of those who are most affected. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are … more →

    23 September 2015 | Key Correspondents
  • Vital new resource on sex work law will help sex workers globally to realise their rights

    A new Sex Work Law Map, developed by the Sexuality, Poverty and Law Programme at the Institute of Development Studies, has been launched that provides a global perspective on female sex work by displaying a detailed summary of the laws, regulations and policies in over 75 countries.

    18 September 2015 | Institute of Development Studies press release
  • Meeting the Drug-Addicted Male Escorts Pressured to Take Mephedrone and GHB at Chemsex Parties

    The proliferation of mephedrone and G – both of which are cheap, easy to source and highly addictive – has made using substances an almost unavoidable aspect of male sex work. Now, if sex workers want to make enough money to get by, they don't have much of a choice but to partake.

    20 August 2015 | Vice
  • Global movement votes to adopt policy to protect human rights of sex workers

    The resolution recommends that Amnesty International develop a policy that supports the full decriminalization of all aspects of consensual sex work. The policy will also call on states to ensure that sex workers enjoy full and equal legal protection from exploitation, trafficking and violence.

    12 August 2015 | Amnesty International
  • Stay in your lane: We don’t need rich white actresses’ comments on sex work

    A group of rich and famous white actress/feminists who have probably never in their life traded sex or experienced criminalization have added their rich and famous names onto a letter condemning a proposal from Amnesty International to adopt a position to support the decriminalization of sex work.

    03 August 2015 |
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