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    Religious faith plays an essential role in many black African people’s lives. Churches, mosques and other faith groups provide a social pillar in many communities. Moreover being able...

    From: HIV & UK African communities

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  • Faith in the community

    Religious faith is important to many Africans in the UK. Kerri Wells looks at the role religion plays in the lives of HIV-positive African people and the...

    From: HIV treatment update

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  • Thai junta may pass law banning men who have sex with men from monkhood

    The junta cabinet in Thailand has approved a bill on religion which can be used to prosecute, with jail terms, people who propagate ‘incorrect’ versions of Buddhist doctrines or cause harm to Buddhism. The bill also posts jail terms specifically for homosexual monks.

    11 March 2015 | Prachatai. org
  • Rev. Malcolm Boyd, Who Held the First AIDS Mass, Dies at 91

    The Rev. Malcolm Boyd, a gay Episcopal priest known for his activist ministries, died at age 91.

    10 March 2015 | Poz magazine news
  • Condom advert – HIV prevention or infidelity promotion?

    Controversy over an advert on condom use to prevent HIV among married couples led by a cross section of Kenyan religious leaders has left many HIV activists astonished at the ‘denial of reality’.

    27 January 2015 | Key Correspondents
  • Here is my story as a gay Kenyan living with HIV

    This is one of the days that I will never forget, in all my life time. It was a turning point that came so suddenly and unexpected at a very young age. I had read and heard all about HIV/AIDs but never imagined for a moment it would ever happen to me.

    07 December 2014 | Denis Nzioka (blog)
  • London churches open HIV testing centres: 'People with HIV are not cursed'

    HIV testing clinics have been opened in churches across London in the hopes of combatting high rates of infection as well as social stigma among the African population. Four African churches in Southwark, New Cross, Dagenham and Wood Green are involved in the project, which is coinciding with National HIV Testing Week from November 22 to 30.

    21 November 2014 | ChristianToday
  • London: Catholic HIV conference 'a major success'

    More than 100 clergy, HIV sector professionals and individual Christians attended ‘Love Tenderly Act Justly: Stories of HIV and Christianity Today’ at St Martins in the Fields, Trafalgar Square, London last Saturday, 25 October.

    31 October 2014 | Independent Catholic News
  • Pat Robertson, Medical Expert: 'The Towels Might Have AIDS'

    On a recent episode of The 700 Club, television's premier destination for religious bigotry since 1966, Robertson advised a viewer that while the chances of contracting Ebola in Kenya are slim, travelers should beware of AIDS-ridden towels. What? Yes.

    31 October 2014 | Poz
  • The Impact of Faith-Based Organisations on Public Health and Social Capital

    As a network of faith-based organisations, FaithAction knows that there are many faith groups up and down the country doing health-related work in their communities. However, the value of this work is in danger of not being recognised, both by the groups themselves and by policymakers, in large part because there is a lack of evidence around what is taking place and its effectiveness.

    01 October 2014 | Faith Action
  • Terrence Higgins Trust to raise awareness of HIV among African faith groups in UK

    Terrence Higgins Trust, the UK’s largest HIV and sexual health charity is launching a project to provide African faith leaders with the skills and knowledge to support people living with HIV in their communities.

    09 September 2014 | Afro News
  • Papua New Guinean revivalist churches push dangerous campaign for 'faith-healing' of AIDS

    Revivalist churches in Papua New Guinea are promoting prayer as a substitute for medication to those with HIV, according to human rights groups.

    24 July 2014 | ABC News
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