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  • Anabolic steroids

    Anabolic steroids are artificial (synthetic) versions of the male hormone testosterone that help build muscle. They also enhance masculine characteristics. Because they can help the body...

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  • Cannabis

    Cannabis or marijuana is an illegal drug derived from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. It is smoked, eaten or drunk in tea. Cannabis...

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  • Cocaine

    Cocaine is an illegal stimulant drug that is made from the leaves of the South American coca shrub. It comes in the form of a...

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  • Ecstasy

    Ecstasy is an illegal drug whose chemical name is 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). It is an artificial derivative of amphetamine, having first been manufactured in 1912. Ecstasy induces...

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  • Injecting drug use

    Injecting drug use was one of the earliest routes of HIV transmission identified in the early 1980s, because epidemiologists quickly noticed that HIV infection was...

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  • UCLA research offers more evidence for possible link between cocaine use and HIV infection

    New UCLA research offers further evidence that cocaine use disrupts the immune system, making people who use it more likely to become infected with HIV.

    19 June 2015 | UCLA press release
  • Meth Finds a New Market in New York

    Meth is not new to New York, nor is it new to the gay sex scene, but its use is a relatively new phenomenon among black and Hispanic men who have sex with men.

    09 June 2015 | New York Times
  • Medical cannabis company donates $1 million to explore plant’s healing potential

    Medical marijuana producer National Green Biomed Ltd. has committed $1 million to the University of British Columbia to allow researchers to study the therapeutic effects of cannabis. The company has made an application and is awaiting approval from Health Canada to produce and sell medical marijuana. The contribution will support research by assistant professor of medicine M-J Milloy, who is studying marijuana’s potential to treat HIV, and alleviate pain and nausea caused by acute illness and medications used to combat HIV and AIDS.

    09 June 2015 | University of British Columbia press release
  • Poppers could be banned in the UK

    The popular drug could end up banned as UK legislation seeks to rounds up 'legal highs' - with 'dealers' facing a potential prison sentence of up to seven years.

    01 June 2015 | Gay Star News
  • Meth, Crack, Coke & Ecstasy: Effects on HIV Disease Progression

    A team of researchers, in an article published in JAIDS, reported that they found no association between any frequency of stimulant use and mortality, and only a modest association between high-frequency stimulant use and the combined outcomes of mortality and progression to AIDS.

    21 April 2015 | BETA blog
  • LGBT drug support

    London Friend chief executive Monty Moncrieff talks to David Gilliver about the treatment needs of the LGBT community and the challenge posed by the ‘chemsex’ scene.

    14 April 2015 | Drink & Drugs News
  • This HIV Charity Is Telling People To Measure Out Drugs With A Plastic Sushi Bottle

    Buzzfeed picks up on GMFA's 'Safer Chems' campaign: "As fears mount about G, mephedrone, and crystal use among gay and bisexual men, GMFA has launched a new NHS-backed campaign to stop people overdosing. It’s pretty amazing."

    18 March 2015 | Buzzfeed
  • Safe injection facilities: more than just a place to shoot drugs

    After more than ten years of experimenting with safe injection facilities in other countries, what additional evidence do we need? Beyond reducing health care and social services costs, a SIF facilitates drug treatment, and can provide bridges to new social networks so that those most ravaged by addiction can become productive members of society.

    05 March 2015 | The Conversation
  • ChemSex Support videos

    11 short films (two mins each) including tips on playing safe, making changes, managing cravings, harm reduction and relapse prevention, and better sober sex.

    24 February 2015 | 56 Dean Street
  • Rise in UK Steroid Use Brings Severe Health Risks

    Steroid misuse is thought to be rising in the UK, increasing concerns over the spread of blood-borne viruses among this emerging population of injecting users.

    16 February 2015 | Talking Drugs
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