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  • Louisiana prisons' failure to treat HIV could violate human rights, report says

    Local jails avoid providing costly services in state that has world’s highest incarceration rate and nation’s highest HIV rate, Human Rights Watch reported

    02 April 2016 | The Guardian
  • HIV Mystery: Solved?

     Anyone who was following the HIV epidemic in 2001 found the news shocking: a massive study of young gay men in the United States found that a whopping 32 percent of those who were black had HIV. Why, after some 15 years of widespread campaigns in gay communities urging condom use, was the HIV rate among black men so staggeringly high—and still rising? Today, many researchers have shifted their attention to PrEP, a breakthrough that, they hope, will simplify things considerably.  But the effort to turn PrEP’s promise into a reality is providing insight that is valuable beyond HIV. The long, failing attempt to crack the riddle of black gay men’s higher HIV rate is a cautionary tale for any public-health system operating in a world with endemic inequity.

    01 March 2016 | The Nation
  • New Report and Monitoring Tool: HIV, HCV, TB and Harm Reduction in Prisons

    A new report from Harm Reduction International identifies some of the most important human rights and public health standards relating to HIV, HCV and TB in prisons, and the vital role of harm reduction provision in ensuring them.

    10 February 2016 | Harm Reduction International
  • Cutting prison sentences could reduce spread of HIV, study suggests

    Reducing incarceration in a community may reduce the number of sexual partners men and women have, therefore reducing the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

    09 February 2016 | EurekAlert
  • Prison needle programs touted to reduce HIV and Hep C

    Researchers hope new government's "evidence-based" outlook will open door for safe injection programs in Canadian jails.

    03 February 2016 | Toronto Star
  • Unlikely perk of prison life: Free, speedy TB treatment

    South African jails are making notable strides in screening for, and curing, tuberculosis.

    12 January 2016 | Mail & Guardian
  • Hepatitis C prevention, control efforts should focus on incarcerated individuals

    More than one in nine people with hepatitis C in Canada spend time in a correctional facility each year and researchers said this presents a unique opportunity to focus hepatitis C prevention and control efforts in incarcerated populations.

    17 December 2015 | EurekAlert (press release)
  • Why Are So Many Black Women Dying of AIDS?

    Higher incarceration rates among black males explain the lion’s share of the black-white disparity in AIDS infection rates among both men and women.

    15 December 2015 | New York Times
  • Hepatitis C screening of prison inmates would benefit wider community, be cost-effective

    The benefits of screening prison inmates for infection with the hepatitis C virus and treating those who test positive for the infection would extend far beyond the prison population.

    24 November 2015 | Eurekalert Inf Dis
  • Europe’s response to HIV: ECDC reports identify key areas for action

    In a set of reports published today, ECDC gives an overview on how European countries have been responding to the HIV epidemic since 2004 based on the commitments as outlined in the Dublin Declaration on Partnership to Fight HIV/AIDS in Europe and Central Asia.

    15 September 2015 | ECDC
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