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  • PrEP Pops Up On Cruising Sites

    We are now seeing the emergence of profiles where guys self-identify as PrEP users on cruising sites and apps like Grindr and Squirt. Is this a signal that PrEP is now a part of gay men’s sex lives? I decided to check out one of these sites to see what was happening.

    22 October 2014 | Positive Lite
  • The Welcome Side Effect of PrEP

    A spike in relationships that bridge the so-called viral divide may be an unintended side effect of the use of PrEP for HIV prevention.

    14 October 2014 | The Advocate
  • The Pill Truvada Can Prevent HIV/AIDS, and for Some, That's a Problem

    Researchers estimate that PrEP is over 90 percent effective if taken as prescribed. The PrEP program also calls for screenings for HIV and sexually transmitted infections at three-month intervals. This addresses a challenge doctors have struggled with for years: keeping at-risk people in contact with medical care for regular testing and rapid treatment. But despite its promise, PrEP has generated significant controversy in the LGBT and public health communities.

    08 October 2014 | Newsweek
  • Magnetic Love and Making Healthy Babies - Carolina's story

    Carolina describes her use of pre-exposure prophylaxis in order to have a baby with her HIV-positive partner.

    02 October 2014 | My PrEP Experience (blog)
  • Would an HIV-preventing drug change your world?

    BBC World Service phone-in discussion on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Contributors include Michael Weinstein (AIDS Healthcare Foundation), Helen Rees (Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute), Garry Brough (Terrence Higgins Trust), David Campos (San Francisco Board of Supervisors) and PrEP users.

    01 October 2014 | BBC World Have Your Say (audio)
  • NYC promotes acceptance of controversial HIV drug

    New York City's health department is advertising on gay hookup apps and lobbying doctors to promote wider use of a controversial anti-HIV pill that vastly cuts the risk of infection. But the therapy has stoked infighting among AIDS activists over promiscuity and safer sex practices.

    01 October 2014 | Newsday
  • Can this HIV drug help to end 30 years of blighted lives?

    Truvada is giving peace of mind to gay men in the US – it should be offered here on the NHS now.

    29 September 2014 | The Guardian
  • PrEP, The Pill, and the Fear of Promiscuity

    LGBT academic Ian Lekus compares the furore around PrEP with the one that met the development of the contraceptive pill: "Acknowledged or not, PrEP users — and for that matter, three decades-plus of HIV/AIDS activism — build directly on how the Pill’s early adopters challenged the presumed omniscience of medical authorities. The experiences of the Pill’s first users also remind us to keep a critical eye trained on those institutions and narratives that circumscribe the quest for balancing health, desire, and autonomy."

    25 September 2014 | Nursing Clio
  • Truvada: 'Honestly, it's a revolution. It's so great taking control'

    In their own words, 12 candidates for the HIV prevention pill describe their decision to accept or reject a Truvada prescription

    25 September 2014 | The Guardian
  • Prep Use Up in SF, Advocates Seek Wider Access

    The number of people using pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, to prevent HIV infection has risen steadily over the past year, according to data presented this week.

    22 September 2014 | BETA blog
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