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  • Re-Thinking Risk Compensation: A Conversation with Kim Koester

    "When we fixate on risk compensation, which assumes that PrEP replaces or substitutes prior protective behaviors it undermines or marginalizes a far more pervasive reality and that is that men are gravitating towards PrEP as an additive element. Men are seeking additional reassurance and protection from HIV. From the perspective of men who see themselves as adopting safer ways of having sex, in terms of HIV prevention, the notion of risk compensation is offensive and confusing."

    19 December 2014 | BETA blog
  • Six Lessons for Health Departments Using PrEP as an HIV Prevention Tool

    In Washington State, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), the use of antiretroviral medication to prevent HIV infection, and what it means for our work.

    15 December 2014 | National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors
  • My slutty irresponsible 2014: why I asked for a PrEP in 2013

    Over the last year, I made a risky choice. I chose to go somewhat public with my Truvada Whore-ing. Because, you know, going public, historically - hasn’t it been our only way to address stigma?

    15 December 2014 | Positive Lite
  • How San Francisco Is Getting to Zero On HIV

    San Francisco is already making progress when it comes to HIV prevention, treatment and retention. In 2006, San Francisco had 517 new HIV cases; by 2013, that number dropped to 359, a 30 percent decrease. The number of deaths almost halved between 2006 and 2013, going from 327 to 182. Additionally, compared to the United States, San Francisco is faring better in multiple aspects of the HIV care continuum: in 2012, 82 percent of HIV positive individuals in the U.S. were aware of their status; in San Francisco, that number was 94 percent.

    11 December 2014 | Huffington Post
  • unPrEPared

    I’ve been slightly unprepared this week, I’m not used to saying “no” to people who want help raising awareness about HIV, but in the past seven days I’ve found myself doing it more times than in the whole five years I’ve been living with HIV. It probably won’t surprise many of you that this is due to a contentious issue… and that issue is PrEP.

    10 December 2014 | Alex Sparrowhawk: HIV & Me (blog)
  • S.F. men shed condoms in favor of Gilead's HIV prevention pill

    The good news: A pill from Gilead Sciences Inc. stops HIV infection among people at high risk of contracting the AIDS virus. The bad news: Men taking the drug to prevent HIV appear to be having more sex without a condom, putting them at risk of contracting other sexually transmitted diseases.

    09 December 2014 | San Francisco Business Times
  • PrEP and sex shaming

    Within our communities there is a rich seam of disapproval of other people’s sex lives. You hear it in the stigmatisation of gay men living with HIV and I see similar corrosive language used to describe PrEP.

    09 December 2014 | GMFA
  • The Best Way to Beat AIDS Isn't Drug Treatment. It's a Living Wage

    Being poor is a more accurate predictor of HIV than being male, female, Black or Hispanic is. A 2010 study of poor urban areas found that race and gender were not significant predictors of HIV prevalence. Why then are our proposed solutions for a problem with economic roots overwhelmingly clinical?

    08 December 2014 | New Republic
  • Can the Adult Film Industry Lead the Way on HIV?

    When I propose that adult film performers can be looked at as an exemplar for safer sex and sexual health, I'm not being glib. While sex is never 100 percent safe, our protocols -- regular testing, discussions of sexual health without fear or shame, prevention methods that reflect real-life sexual behavior -- would be a vast improvement over what the general population uses now. Our industry has often been at the forefront of new technologies and new freedoms. Why not sexual health?

    08 December 2014 | Huffington Post
  • The Most Celebrated, Mistrusted Little Pill in the World

    AIDS activists Sean Strub and Peter Staley have been in opposite camps for the past several years. This was the first time the pair had met face to face to discuss PrEP, and their conversation was intense, passionate and sometimes stinging. The men love each other dearly, and yet they, too, have been swept up in the controversy.

    07 December 2014 | Huffington Post
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