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  • HIV & women

    The booklet is for women living with HIV. It includes information on wellbeing, HIV treatment, sexual health, contraception and pregnancy....

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  • Diagnosed far from home

    I still remember the very cold January morning; I was not listening to the pre-counselling, I thought it did not concern me. I just...

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  • My hero!

    Sex. It’s messy, fraught with all sorts of psychological problems and yes, it’s obviously what got me into this whole predicament in the first place....

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  • South Africa rolls out ‘test and treat’ to sex workers

    South Africa has become one of the world’s first countries to begin rolling out PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) as well as ‘test and treat’ to sex workers as it launches Africa’s first plan to prevent and treat HIV among sex workers.

    14 March 2016 | Health-e
  • Most people think they’ll never get HIV. We spoke to two students who did

    Unless you watch Comic Relief or own Team America on DVD, chances are HIV doesn’t cross your mind that often. Yet rising rates of young gay men across the country are being diagnosed every year with the chronic illness. HIV may no longer be the death sentence it once was – nonetheless, it dramatically changes the lives of those who contract it.

    01 April 2015 | The Tab
  • How Much Could AbbVie Inc. Make Selling Its Hepatitis C Drug This Year?

    AbbVie has issued its guidance for 2015, and that guidance suggests that its newly launched hepatitis C drug cocktail, Viekira Pak, could be a big driver of earnings growth this year. In December, Viekira Pak received FDA approval as a treatment for hepatitis C genotype 1 after delivering compelling functional cure rates in the mid-90% range during clinical trials. That approval was highly anticipated by health care payers desperate for competition in this market, because hepatitis C market share leader Gilead Sciences' two hepatitis C drugs, Sovaldi and Harvoni, carry eye-popping price tags that are translating into billions of additional dollars in health care spending.

    15 January 2015 | The Motley Fool
  • Adult content warning: Gary tells DirtyBOYZ about his Party Times

    From a free gay London gay scene magazine: a methamphetamine/mephedrone sx-party user talks frankly about his highs, lows and health worries.

    12 September 2013 | David Stuart
  • Russia faces alarming growth in HIV infections

    The number of people living with the virus in the country continues to rise, with 704,000 cases of HIV infection registered by the Federal AIDS Prevention and Treatment Center as of November 2012.

    28 August 2013 | Russia & India Report
  • The AIDS Epidemic Can Be Ended

    Bertrand Audoin, executive director of the International AIDS Society, says: "It is crucial that pressure be stepped up on governments that, through punitive laws, continue to make the daily lives of homosexuals a nightmare. But even greater pressure can be exerted if we acknowledge that this deprivation of human rights goes beyond mere civil liberties: It is bad public health."

    20 August 2013 | New York Times
  • Using 'HIV-Negative' as a Substitution for 'Haven't Been Tested'

    An LGBT policy expert confronts his own fear of being tested for HIV: "Why was I so afraid to be tested? I knew enough information to understand that death was not my immediate thought. Quite frankly, though, my biggest fear was not knowing love, but more importantly, I was afraid that love would never know me. So instead of being courageous and facing those fears, I hid and wanted to believe that not knowing would be better than finding out my status."

    15 August 2013 | POZ
  • HPV Vaccine Showing Successes in Australia

    The US government’s goal of vaccinating young girls against the human papillomavirus has been disappointing, with less than a third of teenagers having completed a full course of HPV vaccine. But now the United States can look to Australia, which six years into a successful nationwide HPV vaccination campaign has experienced a sharp decline in the number of new cases of genital warts among young men and women.

    19 April 2013 | New York Times
  • Post-Arab Spring gays don't want to come out: author

    In the second part of our video interview with Sex and the Citadel author Shereen El Feki, the academic and journalist discusses homosexuality within the context of a post-Arab Spring world.

    08 April 2013 | Xtra
  • Responding to the Publication of the Government's PSHE Education Review

    Personal, Social Health and Economic (PSHE) education is vital for children and young people. It is as important as reading, writing and arithmetic (and IT) yet it continues to be the 'Cinderella subject' of the school curriculum; neglected and ignored. Last month, the Government announced it would not be making PSHE education statutory in primary or secondary schools. Brook, like many organisations, believes this undermines children's rights, their health and their safety.

    05 April 2013 | Huffington Post
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