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  • The Drugs Consensus Is Not Pretty - It's Been Ripped Apart at the Seams

    The UNGASS was certainly not a success for the defenders of the status quo. The consensus on punitive prohibition has been well and truly ripped apart at the seams. This UNGASS demonstrates the impact civil society pressure can achieve. The drug policy reform movement will continue to grow into a formidable global social movement towards 2019. The collective demand for change will grow ever louder leading to sustainable and seismic break-throughs at national, regional and ultimately UN levels.

    04 May 2016 | International Drug Policy Consortium
  • Shaping the Next Administration's Response to HIV in the U.S.

    What do we want the next administration to do to reduce the burden of the HIV epidemic in the United States? Thus far, two of the presidential candidates have published HIV policy statements online, and have agreed to meet with HIV advocates and stakeholders in the days ahead. That is an encouraging start, but we hope all of the candidates will share their views on HIV. Here we share our partial wish list for the next administration (and we hope that others working to address HIV in the U.S. will add to or refine this list in commentary).

    04 May 2016 | Huffington Post
  • A simple ask in 2016: the UN goal of universal HIV treatment

    Last week, the working draft for 2016 UN Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS was released with only a few days for comments. Called the Zero draft, like previous statements produced every five years, it is a list of observations, comments and goals. But using the UN Statement as a platform of human rights has become disconnected from the scientific and medical advances in HIV over the last five years. The bulk of the draft document could have been written at any time during the epidemic, certainly most of it could have been written in 2011. There is only one reference to dramatic changes in the WHO 2015 guidelines and only two references to PrEP.

    28 April 2016 | i-Base
  • Zero draft 2016 Political Declaration released ahead of High-Level Meeting on Ending AIDS

    The co-facilitators of the 2016 United Nations General Assembly High-Level Meeting on Ending AIDS, Patricia Mwaba Kasese-Bota, Permanent Representative of Zambia to the United Nations, and Jürg Lauber, Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the United Nations, have released the zero draft of the 2016 Political Declaration: on the Fast-Track to end AIDS in the age of sustainable development.

    20 April 2016 | UNAIDS
  • Step down and salvage your HIV/Aids treatment policy legacy‚ Jacob Zuma advised

    Besieged South African President Jacob Zuma has been advised to heed the chorus calling him to step down to save the notable only twinkle on his legacy: the radical shift in HIV/Aids treatment roll-out policy that saved millions of lives and hiked life expectancy.

    18 April 2016 | Times LIVE
  • India sacks foreign-funded consultants; health programs may suffer

    India is firing dozens of foreign-funded health experts working inside the government, seen as part of a broader clampdown to reduce the influence of non-government organizations (NGOs) on policy. Of the nearly 140 people who run India's HIV/AIDS program, 112 are consultants seconded from foreign organizations.

    06 April 2016 | Reuters
  • US: The Office of National AIDS Policy director, Douglas Brooks, is leaving his post—here’s what it means

    Today, Douglas M. Brooks, MSW, announced that he will step down from his position as director of the Office of National AIDS Policy (ONAP).

    29 March 2016 | BETA blog
  • AIDS Advocates from Across the U.S. Call upon Presidential Candidates to Make Ending the Epidemic A Priority

    Secretary Clinton's mischaracterization of the Reagan Administration on Friday, March 11, sparked nationwide upset from HIV/AIDS advocates, service providers, people living with HIV, and loved ones of those lost to the epidemic. But it also has created an opportunity to bring HIV/AIDS to the forefront of the conversation during this campaign season.

    17 March 2016 | TAG
  • On the Fight Against HIV and AIDS -- and on the People Who Really Started the Conversation

    Hillary Clinton: "This week, at Nancy Reagan's funeral, I said something inaccurate when speaking about the Reagans' record on HIV and AIDS. Since then, I've heard from countless people who were devastated by the loss of friends and loved ones, and hurt and disappointed by what I said. As someone who has also lost friends and loved ones to AIDS, I understand why. I made a mistake, plain and simple."

    14 March 2016 | Huffington Post
  • Sadiq Khan warns about 'huge' rise in London HIV prevalence

    London Mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan has warned against complacency on HIV – after statistics showed that a disproportionate amount of Londoners are living with HIV. “As Mayor, I’ll make HIV prevention a top priority within public health,” he said.

    16 February 2016 | PinkNews
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