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  • London election candidates urged to tackle HIV as numbers in the capital continue to increase

    A leading HIV charity is calling on London’s councillors and political groups to tackle the high rates of HIV in their boroughs and improve support services for the growing number of people living with HIV, in the lead up to May elections.

    15 April 2014 | NAT press release
  • South Africa: ARV Programme Saves 780 000 Lives

    South Africa's HIV antiretroviral treatment programme saved 780 000 lives between 2003 and 2012, according to a recently released independent review. But the tuberculosis programme is failing to meet targets.

    14 April 2014 | Health-e
  • Twenty years after genocide, Rwanda is a model of health equity

    Just two decades later, life expectancy has doubled. Vaccination rates for many diseases are now higher than those registered in the United States—more than 97% of Rwandan infants are immunized against ten different diseases. Child mortality has fallen by more than two thirds since 2000. New HIV infection rates fell by 60% between 2000 and 2012, and AIDS-related mortality fell by 82%. HIV treatment is free.

    10 April 2014 | Quartz
  • The Impact of the Welfare Reform on People Living With HIV in England

    Based on a survey of 287 people diagnosed with HIV across England the report found that two-thirds of were affected by benefit changes, with nine out of ten reporting poorer health and limited access to HIV care as a result. Handling of the reforms is criticised in the report, in particular assessments and their failure in supporting some of the most vulnerable in our community.

    03 April 2014 | Positively UK
  • Treatment 2015 situation room

    Tool allowing visualisation and global comparison of HIV treatment coverage, HIV prevalence, incidence, investments, drug stockouts and policies.

    03 April 2014 | UNAIDS
  • Action Plan on HIV/AIDS in the EU and neighbouring countries: 2014-2016

    19 March 2014 | European Commission
  • More work on HIV in Laos needed

    Health officials say more work is needed to fight HIV/AIDS in Laos, which has an over-reliance on foreign donors and lack of government support, as well as limited treatment coverage and a widespread gap of awareness and testing.

    12 March 2014 | IRIN Plus News
  • 10 myths about the AIDS response

    Peter Piot has called on the AIDS movement to take a cold, hard look at the lessons learned, and counter what he sees as the dangerous myths that could lead to a collective state of denial.

    17 February 2014 | International HIV/AIDS Alliance
  • The Year in Global Health: Top 10 stories in HIV, TB around the world

    HIV, TB research, funding, policy developments, setbacks of 2013 lay out promises and challenges for 2014.

    20 December 2013 | Science Speaks
  • New Rwanda Plan for Aids Reduction Out

    The Government of Rwanda has laid out a new strategy to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS especially among the youth.

    17 December 2013 | AllAfrica
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