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  • India: Rules eased for HIV, Hep B & C combo drugs

    India's top drug regulator has said in a new order that companies manufacturing combination drugs for HIV and Hepatitis B & C can seek early approval with a WHO recommendation even if internationally the medicines are not approved as a combination but only individually. However, the drugs have to be relevant for India.

    23 March 2017 | Times of India
  • Drugs costing 8p a day could be hit by 'devastating' NHS rationing plan

    At present, the NHS has 90 days to make drugs available to patients, once they have been given the green light by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (Nice). The new system will allow health officials an extra three years to introduce drugs, during which time they will try to negotiate cost reductions.

    16 March 2017 | Telegraph
  • Trump chooses Gottlieb to run FDA; Pharma breathes sigh of relief

    U.S. President Donald Trump has chosen Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a conservative health policy expert with deep ties to the pharmaceutical industry, to lead the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the White House said on Friday. If confirmed by the Senate, Gottlieb would be in charge of implementing Trump's plan to dramatically cut regulations governing food, drugs, cosmetics, dietary supplements and tobacco.

    13 March 2017 | Reuters
  • Regulator defends hepatitis charity criticised on BBC show

    The Charity Commission has defended a health charity that attempted to force the NHS to buy more of a treatment for hepatitis C, having accepted funding from the US company that makes it.

    02 March 2017 | Third Sector
  • Hepatitis C drugs re-energize global fight over patents

    The liver disease hepatitis C is the new battleground for lawsuits intended to slash the cost of life-saving medicines. In February alone, five suits were filed in India and Argentina claiming that the latest class of antiviral drugs does not warrant the 20-year patent monopoly that manufacturers have sought in those countries.

    01 March 2017 | Nature
  • The Medicines Patents Pool Publishes 2017 Prioritization Report Targeting New HIV and Hepatitis C Medicines for In-licensing

    The Medicines Patent Pool released its 2017 prioritization report today selecting five HIV and two hepatitis C compounds for potential licensing agreements. The annual medicines priority report, traditionally reviewing MPP’s target list for HIV, this year expands to important treatments for the hepatitis C virus (HCV).

    28 February 2017 | Medicines Patent Pool
  • Merck's lead HIV play hits the mark in first phase 3 challenge

    Merck has taken a big step toward getting its lead HIV candidate doravirine to market, setting up a showdown with Johnson & Johnson's big-selling Prezista.

    19 February 2017 | FierceBiotech
  • Pharma industry shuns Trump push for radical shift at FDA

    President Donald Trump's vow to roll back government regulations at least 75 percent is causing anxiety for some pharmaceutical executives that a less robust Food and Drug Administration would make it harder to secure insurance coverage for pricey new medicines.

    15 February 2017 | Reuters
  • Could Trump’s Plan To Deregulate The FDA Benefit HIV Treatment?

    Matthew Kavanagh of Health GAP, which advocates for affordable HIV/AIDS drugs, says Trump was right about one thing: “The way to drive down drug prices is to import generic versions of these drugs to allow for competition."

    13 February 2017 | New Now Next
  • Gilead to use dating sites, Tumblr, and Snapchat in Truvada strategy

    Using platforms like Tumblr and Snapchat may help the company raise awareness about the preventative HIV drug Truvada among a population of people who don't engage with the healthcare system in traditional ways, Gilead said during a call with investors on Tuesday.

    13 February 2017 | Medical Marketing & Media
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