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  • Merck's lead HIV play hits the mark in first phase 3 challenge

    Merck has taken a big step toward getting its lead HIV candidate doravirine to market, setting up a showdown with Johnson & Johnson's big-selling Prezista.

    19 February 2017 | FierceBiotech
  • Pharma industry shuns Trump push for radical shift at FDA

    President Donald Trump's vow to roll back government regulations at least 75 percent is causing anxiety for some pharmaceutical executives that a less robust Food and Drug Administration would make it harder to secure insurance coverage for pricey new medicines.

    15 February 2017 | Reuters
  • Could Trump’s Plan To Deregulate The FDA Benefit HIV Treatment?

    Matthew Kavanagh of Health GAP, which advocates for affordable HIV/AIDS drugs, says Trump was right about one thing: “The way to drive down drug prices is to import generic versions of these drugs to allow for competition."

    13 February 2017 | New Now Next
  • Gilead to use dating sites, Tumblr, and Snapchat in Truvada strategy

    Using platforms like Tumblr and Snapchat may help the company raise awareness about the preventative HIV drug Truvada among a population of people who don't engage with the healthcare system in traditional ways, Gilead said during a call with investors on Tuesday.

    13 February 2017 | Medical Marketing & Media
  • Trump loses backbone on drug prices. Is there a pill for that?

    Amid all the kerfuffle in the last week over immigration, the Supreme Court, Iran and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s TV ratings, too little attention was paid to an extraordinary meeting at the White House at which President Trump reneged on a campaign promise and sold out millions of “forgotten” Americans to giant drug companies.

    07 February 2017 | Washington Post
  • Dear President Trump: Your big idea on drug pricing is half-baked

    When you met with several pharma executives last week, you complained about “astronomical” drug prices and promised to cut regulations so medicines could be approved faster. You promised, without specifics, to use trade policies so that foreign countries would pay their “fair share.”

    07 February 2017 | STAT
  • Trump has big plans to fix drug prices. Here’s your reality check.

    President Trump has ambitious plans to overhaul the drug market, speeding approvals while bringing down prices. It sounds great. But soundbites can be deceiving. So we gave Trump’s rhetoric a reality check.

    01 February 2017 | STAT
  • Trump wants to blow up the FDA. The drug industry? Not so much.

    President Donald Trump wants to remake the Food and Drug Administration. But does anyone really want a deregulated FDA? STAT canvassed biopharma insiders, physicians, Wall Street analysts, and FDA veterans. Their verdict: Trump’s plan sounds like a solution in search of a problem.

    01 February 2017 | STAT
  • English High Court refers Truvada SPC case to EU Court of Justice

    The English High Court has referred a supplementary protection certificate (SPC) dispute over Truvada (emtricitabine/tenofovir) to Europe’s highest court, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). The SPC if granted would effectively extend Gilead's patent rights over Truvada till 2020. If rejected Truvada's patent protection would expire at the same time as tenofovir's, i.e. this summer. For the full judgment, see

    27 January 2017 | Life Sciences Intellectual Property Review (free subscription needed to read)
  • Public Health Groups Welcome Johns Hopkins University and Medicines Patent Pool Agreement for Development of Promising New TB Drug

    While deal marks a critical step in the fight against TB, health groups warn that the deal lacks safeguards that would ensure worldwide affordability.

    26 January 2017 | MSF Access Campaign
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