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  • Pharmaceutical Industry Doing More to Improve Access to Medicine in Developing Countries; Performance on Some Aspects Lags

    The world's leading pharmaceutical companies are doing more to improve access to medicine in developing countries, with a raft of new initiatives, scale-ups and innovations over the last two years. However, the industry struggles to perform well in some practices that matter, according to the 2014 Access to Medicine Index, published Monday. GSK tops the Index for the fourth time. This is driven by robust performance across most areas, with several innovative practices. Novo Nordisk has made the most progress, improving in five of the seven areas the Index focuses on. This has resulted in a remarkable leap from 6th to 2nd place. Sanofi and Pfizer fell down the ranking most significantly.

    18 November 2014 | Access to Medicine Index
  • HIV Drug Development Pipeline Update, Fall 2014 Edition

    HIV treatment remains far from perfect, and there are still seats at the table available for improved antiretrovirals. At IDWeek 2014 in Philadelphia, Paul Sax, M.D., made the case for this new generation of drugs, and provided an update on several of the most noteworthy candidates currently in development.

    17 November 2014 | The Body Pro
  • Merck’s four-week treatment for hepatitis C misses the mark

    In disappointing news for Merck, the drug maker released results of an interim study showing a triple combination treatment – which includes two of its own compounds and the big-selling Sovaldi medication from Gilead Sciences – came up short.

    11 November 2014 | Wall Street Journal
  • HIV generics in the U.S.: Sooner or later?

    Why do we continue to spend billions of dollars for brand-name drugs that are available in cheaper generic forms in the developing world -- billions that end up as profits for pharmaceutical industry?

    10 November 2014 | The Body
  • Innovation in fixed-dose combos: HIV/AIDS therapeutics edition

    FDC drug development is evolving rapidly as the industry gains experience in manufacturing them and ushering them through the review process. The laws have changed towards a more favorable marketing climate. And finally, it is clear that FDCs are more than a way to improve adherence—though that will always be a prominent consideration. FDCs can shift the standard of care towards a more tolerable, patient-friendly, value-oriented approach to treatment, and in the final analysis, that approach to development bodes well for companies, payers, and most importantly, patients.

    07 November 2014 | BioPharma Dive
  • Bristol-Myers Plan to Widen Access to its Hep C Drug is Criticized

    “Unfortunately, history seems to be repeating itself with BMS, who hasn’t learned from the company’s poor track record responding to the HIV epidemic,” says Rohit Malpani of Doctors Without Borders.

    05 November 2014 | Wall Street Journal
  • How Will Generic Drugs Affect HIV Treatment in the U.S.?

    In the U.S., in that many of the antiretroviral drugs that are commonly used today are approaching their patent expirations. So we can begin to conceptualize the use of generics in the U.S. and the potential cost savings. An Interview With Treatment Action Group's Tim Horn.

    31 October 2014 | The Body
  • GSK eyes prime FTSE 100 slot for standalone HIV drugs business

    GlaxoSmithKline, battered by weak U.S. drug sales and a bribery scandal in China, is looking to float ViiV, its fast-growing HIV drugs business as part of a recovery plan that includes a fresh round of cost cutting.

    26 October 2014 | Reuters
  • GlaxoSmithKline weighs an IPO for HIV-focused ViiV as it sharpens the budget axe

    In the preamble to GSK's latest earnings statement, CEO Andrew Witty heralded the progress of ViiV, majority-owned by his company, since its foundation 5 years ago. Now, as ViiV enters the commercialization phase and continues building its pipeline, it might benefit from access to public markets, according to Witty. What that might mean in specific terms remains up in the air, and it's unclear whether GSK is considering selling off shares of only its own stake in the business.

    22 October 2014 | FierceBiotech
  • Juncker seen making U-turn on medicines policy

    Jean-Claude Juncker has ceded to pressure from MEPs and abandoned his plan to return control of medicines and pharmaceutical products to the Industry Commissioner. This responsibility will instead remain in the hands of the Health Commissioner.

    17 October 2014 | EurActiv
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