Our mission and impact

We change lives with knowledge

At NAM we believe that knowledge is power. We are working to create a world where quality information on HIV is available free of charge to everyone, everywhere, at anytime.

Access to quality information is absolutely critical to enable individuals and communities affected by HIV to protect themselves, care for others, advocate for better services and challenge stigma and discrimination.

NAM is one of the world’s leading sources of independent, accurate information on HIV and AIDS. Our website, aidsmap.com, is a truly global resource and is viewed over 4.5 million times every year. It is packed full of the latest HIV news; research; information on treatment, prevention and care; living with HIV; conference reports; and HIV service listings. Whatever your connection to HIV, NAM provides a constant, dependable source information to support you.

From the time I started receiving your publications my life has changed… With your information am living a positive life.

HIV Treatment Update reader, Zambia

We keep the world informed about HIV and AIDS

There’s always something happening in the world of HIV – new studies, new research, new discoveries, new controversies, and you’ll find more original, daily news on developments in the world of HIV on aidsmap.com than on any other HIV website. Our expert team of editors keep a watchful eye on the many journals, conferences and other sources of reliable, evidence-based news and every day make the often complex information accessible in the form of original news stories on aidsmap.com. They also hand-pick other HIV-related stories produced by other quality sources to help you keep abreast of the full range of HIV news from across the world.

Over 46,000 people across the world receive our e-news bulletin services to learn about the latest developments as they happen.

Thank you for all the information you have provided. For [those of us] who don’t always get information on time, it is a godsend for us to get better informed on HIV and AIDS research development in the world.

Conference Bulletin reader, West Africa

We support individuals affected by HIV to understand their health and their options

We produce hundreds of patient information resources to support and empower individuals from the point of diagnosis right through to making informed treatment decisions. We ‘break down’ complex, and often frightening, information into something understandable and reassuring, to improve knowledge and confidence of life with HIV every step of the way.

We have a website designed especially for people living with HIV, www.namlife.org, which provides practical information and gives people a place to share their stories and experiences.

I owe you all so much; you have been such a rock – a shining light in my darkest days. You have advanced my knowledge on the whole subject and with your help I have made steady improvements and will continue on the path that was chosen for me.

G, London

We support healthcare and CBO staff to turn the latest research into practice

Through our unique e-newsletter, HIV & AIDS Treatment in Practice (HATIP), we enable prevention, healthcare and CBO workers to implement the latest research and deliver the most effective prevention, testing, treatment, and care services to their communities. We deliver critical capacity-building information and best practice case studies about the practical dilemmas of delivering care in difficult resource-limited settings, to support the scale up of the delivery of HIV treatment, prevention and care services.

Over 33,000 people across 207 countries receive HATIP, and over 280 new subscribers sign up every single month to receive this vital resource to support their communities.

[HATIP has] highly improved my working as a medical doctor dealing with people infected and affected by HIV through knowledge gain and trying out some suggested options that are equally available in my country.

Doctor, Uganda

We share best practice and the latest evidence base globally

There are so many organisations across the world doing so much amazing work to treat, support and care for people affected by HIV. It is vitally important that these organistions can talk to, and learn from, one another so that valuable resources aren’t wasted ‘reinventing the wheel’.

Our e-atlas maps out over 2500 HIV organisations worldwide and profiles the work they do. This is the most comprehensive listing of HIV services available anywhere and the number of people contributing to this resource grows every day. NAM works to provide an essential platform through which people can share their research and experience; upload resources; and network and collaborate with others.

I use new knowledge to change the way I practice, especially if there is evidence that a certain strategy works. It is also reassuring to see others have similar problems - I don't feel so isolated.

Doctor in Jamaica

We build capacity

NAM has over 25 years experience producing and delivering HIV information to support people affected by HIV and to inform the wider response to the epidemic. We are committed to sharing our resources and experience as freely and widely as possible to help build the capacity of others dealing with HIV. We actively encourage people to utilise, translate or adapt our resources to support their own communities – whether that be to develop impactful and appropriate interventions, advocate for better services or deliver the best possible care.

Our website, aidsmap.com provides a unique global library of locally relevant HIV information, news, patient resources, epidemiological data, travel restrictions and the latest evidence base that anyone can use. An average of 8 people access these resources at aidsmap.com every single minute.

….the invaluable work that you have done, and are doing, is a great resource to thousands around the world.

Veronica Moss, Mildmay Hospital

We debunk myths

NAM was established in 1987 in response to the emerging UK HIV epidemic and the extensive misinformation, prejudice, fear and confusion about HIV and AIDS at that time. A group of committed volunteers set about creating a source of calm, authoritative, trustworthy and plain language information on which those affected by the condition could rely.

Today we are a highly respected global provider of high-quality information on HIV and AIDS for all communities of people affected by HIV; and our commitment to our mission to ensure all our information is independent, clear and accurate remains unchanged. Everything we produce is based on the latest scientific evidence and research to counter myth and misconception.

We have built our reputation on these values and they are standards which we never compromise. They are the reason we are such a trusted source of information on HIV. All our resources are reviewed by our expert medical panel and a panel of people living with HIV so you can be confident that the information we produce will always be rational and reliable.

We have won a great many awards and accolades for the quality and clarity of our information.

Last month, I was diagnosed as HIV positive and found booklets produced by NAM enormously helpful… [They] are informative and honest without being over worry-making. They are warm, friendly and reassuring. Everything is explained carefully, but without writing down to people or patronising them in any way… Please accept a large and heartfelt ‘Thank you!’ for all the literature.

Tony, London

We respond to the changing epidemic

Central to our mission is to ensure everything we produce is rooted in the experience of the communities most affected by HIV. From our roots in the UK epidemic we have become a global organisation for all communities of people affected by HIV and we’re continually evolving.

We work hard to listen to the views and experiences of people personally affected by HIV and the experts in the fields of medicine, research and social care, to create the resources you need.

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And it is our team of just 8 staff, and our many supporters, that make all this vital work happen.