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  • The Impact of the Welfare Reform on People Living With HIV in England

    Based on a survey of 287 people diagnosed with HIV across England the report found that two-thirds of were affected by benefit changes, with nine out of ten reporting poorer health and limited access to HIV care as a result. Handling of the reforms is criticised in the report, in particular assessments and their failure in supporting some of the most vulnerable in our community.

    03 April 2014 | Positively UK
  • Thousands of HIV patients go hungry as benefit cuts hit

    Thousands of people with HIV have been left struggling in poverty by the Government's welfare reforms – with some unable to afford the basic food they need to fight their condition.

    23 February 2014 | The Independent
  • Long-Awaited 30% Rent Cap in New York to Become a Reality

    Today’s announcement by NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio during his budget address—that he and Governor Cuomo have reached an agreement for an affordable housing protection for low-income New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS—is a promising sign of what we can accomplish if we work together.

    17 February 2014 | Housing Works
  • The World Health Organization’s error on HIV self-infection in Greece adds insult to injury for HIV positive Greeks

    The idea that people would deliberately get a serious infection in order to stave off poverty is imaginary. What drove the spike in HIV infections in Greece in the past three years was not individuals living on the street but individuals dictating policy at the top, both among the Greek political class and the Troika of lenders, who should be blamed for austerity policies that have proven detrimental to public health.

    13 January 2014 | United Solidarity International
  • US: Group Says Plans Discourage HIV Patients

    A coalition of 31 HIV/AIDS organizations is urging the Obama administration to investigate "a number of disturbing trends" in plans on the insurance exchanges, including plans that don't cover all available HIV drugs and what it termed "egregious cost-sharing designs."

    12 December 2013 | Wall Street Journal
  • US: Insurance Changes Raise Concerns for HIV Patients

    Many H.I.V. patients in Texas live below the poverty line and are therefore ineligible for subsidies on the federal health care exchange. Add Texas’ decision not to expand Medicaid to cover poor adults, and the bulk of low-income H.I.V. patients are missing out on expanded health coverage.

    09 December 2013 | New York Times
  • For Gay Community, Finding Acceptance Is Even More Difficult on the Streets

    San Francisco is reaching out to gays who are homeless, after a survey found nearly 30 percent of the city’s homeless population identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

    03 December 2013 | New York Times
  • South Africa: Big insurers cover people with HIV

    The availability of life expectancy data for people living with HIV in South Africa was likely to prompt more life assurers to offer policies for HIV positive people, insurers said yesterday.

    03 December 2013 | IOL
  • Indian HIV Patients to Get Life Insurance

    Indian insurance regulators have imposed new rules on life insurance companies, which will require them to cover people with HIV from April next year. Insurers must also continue to offer health coverage to customers who contract HIV after they have purchased their policies.

    25 October 2013 | Wall Street Journal
  • Wave of Evictions in San Francisco Displaces Gay Men Living With AIDS

    Housing and tenant rights advocates say evictions are happening all over the city at an alarming rate, and driving some LGBT people into homelessness. The city’s most recent homeless count found that 29 percent are LGBT, and 9.2 percent said they were homeless because of an eviction.

    05 October 2013 | KQED News
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