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  • NHS Under Pressure To Explain “Homophobic” Response To HIV Drug Ruling

    NHS England is facing calls from leading HIV charities and a Conservative MP to explain why it heavily edited a press statement on a court ruling about an HIV prevention drug to include lines that have been described as “homophobic” and “irresponsible”.

    21 October 2016 | BuzzFeed
  • Large increases in HIV suppression needed to reduce new infections in critical population

    Achieving moderate reduction of new HIV infections among men who have sex with men (MSM) will depend on significantly increasing the percentage of HIV-infected MSM whose viral load is suppressed to undetectable levels, according to a new mathematical model based on data from Baltimore. Access and adherence to antiretroviral therapy are key to sustained HIV suppression, which dramatically reduces the risk of transmitting HIV to others.

    20 October 2016 | National Institutes of Health
  • How well do condoms protect gay men from HIV?

    In laboratory testing, condoms used perfectly according to directions should be 99.5% effective against HIV with only mechanical failure (i.e. breakage) resulting in infections. Since we are human and tend to not have laboratory-style sex, how well do they actually work in reality to prevent HIV for gay men?

    17 October 2016 | BETA blog
  • Anti-gay sentiment seen threatening Indonesia's goal to end AIDS by 2030

    Growing anti-gay sentiment in Indonesia could hamper efforts to combat fast-rising HIV infections among one of the most at-risk groups, threatening the country's target to end an AIDS epidemic by 2030, a senior official has warned.

    13 October 2016 | Reuters
  • Chemsex: fuelling STDs

    Dr Ann Sullivan: "While we need to recognise that chemsex is here to stay, it could be much safer. People need to be kept informed about the risks and helped to avoid the pitfalls,and specialised services need to be easily accessible and acceptable to those who encounter problems."

    12 October 2016 | The Hippocratic Post
  • Rapid Response Fund aims to maintain HIV service access for sexual minorities

    Organizations in 29 countries are eligible for emergency funds, support for longer term measures to counter treatment barriers.

    06 October 2016 | Science Speaks
  • HIV infections in gay men remain at record-high levels

    HIV infections among men who have sex with men in the UK are still at record-high levels, data has shown. Public Health England released a report today on HIV transmission, following confirmation a year ago that transmissions among gay and bisexual men have reached a new record high.

    04 October 2016 | PinkNews
  • How Do We Negotiate Condom Usage in the Age of PrEP?

    When I have anal sex, I usually use condoms, even after being on PrEP for two years. But I've interviewed scores of people on PrEP, mostly cis gay men, and the majority either never use condoms or only use them at a partner's request.

    29 September 2016 | The Body
  • China Grapples With HIV Cases Among Gay Men, but Stigma Runs Deep

    Surge in infections worries health authorities and prompts soul-searching in conservative society.

    28 September 2016 | Wall Street Journal
  • UNC Receives $18 Million to Combine Tech & Health

    "iTech will be home to six studies with each study using technology to address a barrier to the HIV care continuum,” said Hightow-Weidman. “For youth at risk of becoming infected with HIV, we will develop apps that list HIV testing sites and medical providers who prescribe pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP to prevent HIV. For youth who test positive for the virus, we will develop electronic health interventions to engage them in care and improve adherence to antiretroviral therapy.”

    28 September 2016 | University of North Carolina Institute for Global Health & Infectious Diseases
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