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  • Philippines urged to break condom barriers amid rising HIV epidemic among gay men

    RELIGIOUS conservatism and restrictive policies that the Duterte administration has inherited are fueling a rising human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) epidemic in the Philippines, particularly among men who have sex with men, a report released Thursday by global rights group Human Rights Watch (HRW) said.

    21 hours ago | Asian Correspondent
  • What Would The World Look Like If So Many Gay Men Hadn't Died Of AIDS?

    “Fathers” is a “sci-fic documentary” from activist and filmmaker Leo Herrera that imagines an alternate universe where AIDS never happened and queer heroes, artists and activists lived on. Herrera describes it as HBO’s “Looking” meets “Black Mirror” meets Beyonce’s “Lemonade.”

    07 December 2016 | Huffington Post
  • Why male couples should think about HIV in their relationships

    Recent research by my team showed that gay men in relationships perceive themselves to be at less risk of HIV and test less frequently for HIV than single men, despite frequent non-use of condoms with their main partners.

    05 December 2016 | The Conversation
  • Inside The Dark, Dangerous World of Chemsex

    Gay and bisexual men described wide-scale and systematic sexual violence, the deliberate drugging of vulnerable teenagers, the coaxing of impoverished men into a cloaked world of prostitution, frequent mental breakdowns from meth-induced psychoses, overdose victims routinely left to slip into comas, and a pile-up of sudden deaths. Almost no one is coming forward to report incidents to police. And most are not seeking help from services that treat substance abuse or tackle sexual exploitation.

    04 December 2016 | Buzzfeed
  • French study reveals stable HIV, high STD risk among gay men

    In preparation for World AIDS Day on December 1, the France Public Health agency issued its annual report on HIV and sexually transmitted disease (STD) Tuesday, which found that HIV rates remain stubbornly high among gay men while STDs are surging.

    30 November 2016 | FRANCE 24
  • Elton John: New HIV fund makes ‘horribly clear’ how LGBT human rights abuses are a barrier to ending AIDS

    In its first few weeks the LGBT Rapid Response Fund, announced by Sir Elton John earlier this year and set up by the International HIV AIDS Alliance, received more than 235 applications from civil society organisations who provide HIV services, highlighting the need to respond to the daily threats faced by these populations.

    30 November 2016 | International HIV/AIDS Alliance
  • Hepatitis C Sheds Enough in the Rectum to Transmit Through Anal Sex

    Researchers have come up with the first direct evidence that enough hepatitis C virus (HCV) sheds into the rectums of HIV-positive men who have sex with men (MSM) to transmit directly to another man’s penis during anal sex, even when no blood is present.

    30 November 2016 | Poz
  • Statement on Stephen Port murder convictions

    Today has seen another high profile case involving gay men and dating apps. All three cases involved drug use, two in sexual contexts, a trend now known as chemsex.

    25 November 2016 | London Friend
  • Argument over funding HIV PrEP drug reveals reluctance to tackle the realities of gay sex

    Ignoring those at 'high risk' of HIV in order to sustain the idea of the 'good' gay man will only perpetuate the virus.

    22 November 2016 | The Independent
  • Aid groups grapple with stigmatization in HIV prophylaxis roll-out

    PrEP’s success in sub-Saharan Africa will hinge more on the social than the scientific. Researchers and advocates will have to strike a balance in how they market and roll out PrEP. They have to ensure that it reaches stigmatized populations with high HIV transmission rates, such as MSM and sex workers. Meanwhile, they must ensure it is not perceived as exclusively a treatment for marginalized groups, which will lower its appeal both within those communities but also to other people who could benefit from it.

    21 November 2016 | Devex
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