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  • Jailing of gay men in Senegal poses setback to HIV fight in Africa

    Campaigners warned that Friday's verdict, based on a police discovery of condoms and lubricant in the house where the men were arrested, was a hammer blow to groups promoting safe sex.

    28 August 2015 | Reuters
  • High rate of mental health issues found among some PEP users

    Researchers in Boston found that people who sought PEP had a high rate of mental health issues. The Boston team strongly encourages healthcare providers who prescribe PEP to screen and treat potential patients for mental health issues.

    26 August 2015 | CATIE
  • The Trouble with Tina: A Conversation about Meth with Adam Carrico

    When I began my HIV practice in San Francisco five years ago, I quickly learned that methamphetamine was the drug of choice for many of my new patients and others in their community of urban gay and bi men. For many patients, meth use was a factor in their becoming HIV infected in the first place, and sometimes actually caused more health problems than HIV did.

    13 August 2015 | BETA blog
  • LGBTI rights language stripped from UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

    Several developed nations, including the United Kingdom and Brazil, had wanted to have language in the agreement which could have been interpreted to include protecting the rights of transgender persons and sexual minorities but these were stripped from the final text that member states will approve.

    07 August 2015 | Gay Star News
  • Chemsex in the city - it’s every gay man for himself

    Addressing HIV in our communities, starts with brotherhood, caring about our lovers’ well-being, looking out for each other, not just the individual looking out for himself.

    05 August 2015 | GMFA
  • Why we need PrEP: Four gay men share their views on the HIV prevention drug

    Health sector charities have issued a rallying call for the HIV prevention drug, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), to be made available as soon as possible to those who need it. The community statement, led by the National Aids Trust and co-signed by charities such as the Terrence Higgins Trust, GMFA and the LGBT Foundation, comes at a time of rising transmissions among gay men.

    04 August 2015 | The Independent
  • Endorse the UK statement on PrEP access by community organisations working on HIV prevention

    We are calling for earlier access to PrEP. The NHS must speed up its evaluation process and make PrEP available as soon as possible. Interim arrangements should be agreed now to provide PrEP to those at the highest risk of acquiring HIV.

    04 August 2015 | PrEP Access
  • 56 Dean Street, London: Private prescription of PrEP until NHS prescription approved

    We at 56 Dean Street feel that in addition to consistent condom use, PREP is an effective method of HIV prevention and should form part of routine risk reduction particularly in men participating in unprotected anal intercourse or having frequent chem sex. We have therefore opted to provide the service to you privately until the drug becomes available on the NHS.

    04 August 2015 | Get PrEP UK
  • HIV Self-Testing Raises Testing Rate in Randomized Trial of Seattle MSM

    Men randomized to HIV self-testing reported significantly more HIV tests through 15 months than men randomized to standard testing in a trial enrolling Seattle men who have sex with men (MSM). Self-testers also acquired fewer sexually transmitted infections (STIs) during this 230-man study.

    27 July 2015 | NATAP
  • PrEP for MSM Cannot Wait

    MSMGF calls for the widespread availability of and access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as an integral part of comprehensive sexual health programs for men who have sex with men (MSM), ahead of the International AIDS Society’s Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment, and Prevention Conference in Vancouver, July 19-22.

    17 July 2015 | MSMGF press release
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