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  • Re-Thinking Risk Compensation: A Conversation with Kim Koester

    "When we fixate on risk compensation, which assumes that PrEP replaces or substitutes prior protective behaviors it undermines or marginalizes a far more pervasive reality and that is that men are gravitating towards PrEP as an additive element. Men are seeking additional reassurance and protection from HIV. From the perspective of men who see themselves as adopting safer ways of having sex, in terms of HIV prevention, the notion of risk compensation is offensive and confusing."

    19 December 2014 | BETA blog
  • Four Laws That Are Devastating Public Health in Uganda

    In the past year Uganda has passed four laws which defy public health principles and show blatant disregard for dignity and human rights. These laws target individuals who are already marginalized by society and most in need of health services and support: people who sell sex to make ends meet for their families; LGBTI people living in fear of community violence; people hiding their HIV medication from their own families; and people struggling to manage drug dependence and other illnesses. Perhaps most harmful of all, parts of Ugandan society are interpreting these laws to justify violence and exclusion.

    17 December 2014 | Open Society Foundation
  • Looking for a Link Between Sexual Identity and Alcohol Use

    A common perception held among researchers and lay-people alike is that alcohol plays a larger role in the lives of lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) individuals than for people who identify as heterosexual. But to say that a larger percentage of LGB individuals drink more often, more heavily, and with greater negative consequences may be oversimplifying the facts.

    17 December 2014 | BETA
  • New HIV diagnoses in MSM in high-income countries

    The UK and Australia have experienced recent all-time highs in new HIV diagnoses in MSM, however in Canada and New Zealand, diagnoses are stable. Tony Kirby reports.

    15 December 2014 | The Lancet Infectious Diseases (requires free registration)
  • S.F. men shed condoms in favor of Gilead's HIV prevention pill

    The good news: A pill from Gilead Sciences Inc. stops HIV infection among people at high risk of contracting the AIDS virus. The bad news: Men taking the drug to prevent HIV appear to be having more sex without a condom, putting them at risk of contracting other sexually transmitted diseases.

    09 December 2014 | San Francisco Business Times
  • Egypt: TV presenter defends her role in mass ‘gay’ bathhouse arrests

    TV presenter Mona Iraqi defended her role in the police raid of an alleged gay bathhouse. Her main defense centers around her show being part of a larger campaign to punish deviant sexual behavior as a way to reduce the threat of HIV in Egypt. She invites her Facebook fans to see her special report, referring to the bathhouse, where men allegedly engage in gay sex, as a “den for spreading AIDS in Egypt.”

    09 December 2014 | Egypt Independent
  • Here is my story as a gay Kenyan living with HIV

    This is one of the days that I will never forget, in all my life time. It was a turning point that came so suddenly and unexpected at a very young age. I had read and heard all about HIV/AIDs but never imagined for a moment it would ever happen to me.

    07 December 2014 | Denis Nzioka (blog)
  • FDA May Ease Blood Donation Ban on Men Who Have Sex With Men

    An advisory committee to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expressed support for a relaxation of current policy regarding blood donation among men who have sex with men (MSM) but coupled that support with a strong endorsement for nationwide strengthening of surveillance for transfusion-transmissible infections.

    05 December 2014 | Medscape (free registration required)
  • Alex Garner: Generations of HIV

    Each generation of gay men has the distinct experience of being uniquely impacted by HIV. One of the best-understood and often explored generational experiences of HIV is the early years -- a time when the disease violently and unexpectedly emerged in the community. Misunderstandings are common between the generations. The problem is that over the past 30 years, we haven't had great relationships between the generations. Perhaps one of the more poignant losses of the epidemic is the loss of a relationship between the generations.

    05 December 2014 | Huffington Post
  • Reaching gay men: the next big test in HIV/Aids prevention in China

    The knowledge is there, and so is the treatment. Now the challenge is to reach more people who are at high risk of HIV/Aids to get tested.

    03 December 2014 | South China Morning Post
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