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  • Needlestick injury

    I am an HIV-positive doctor. I was infected courtesy of a lapse in concentration and a needlestick injury at work. The prescribed dual post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) was taken for one...

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  • Lifting U.S. Gay Blood Ban Could Increase Supply by 2% to 4%

    Such an increase could help save the lives of more than 1.8 million people nationwide each year. 

    01 October 2014 | Poz magazine news
  • From HIV to Ebola: How to protect health workers in West Africa

    What can we learn from the global response to HIV and AIDS that can be applied now to aid workers dealing with the Ebola outbreak in West Africa? Mead Over, a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, urges donors to help affected governments protect health workers in Ebola-affected areas.

    19 August 2014 | Devex
  • Scottish dentist sacked for failing to reveal HIV positive status

    Health chiefs said the dentist had to be suspended over “dishonest conduct” when he failed to disclose his HIV status.

    07 August 2014 |
  • South African healthcare workers face greater risk for TB, HIV

    A large-scale survey of South African healthcare workers has revealed major gaps in workplace protection against tuberculosis, HIV and hepatitis.

    17 February 2014 | Science Daily
  • HIV-Positive Nurse Tried by Media

    Uganda’s first court case dealing with criminalization of HIV transmission could have far-reaching consequences. Rosemary Namubiru, a nurse, stands accused of exposing a child to HIV during the course of administering an injection. The incident incited a media firestorm, leading to Namubiru’s arrest and trumped-up charges of attempted murder.

    12 February 2014 | AIDS Free World
  • UK: Management of HIV infected healthcare workers performing exposure prone procedures

    In August 2013, the Chief Medical Officer for England announced a change in policy to remove restrictions on Healthcare Workers (HCW) with HIV practising Exposure-Prone Procedures (EPPs). Public Health England (PHE) has now published interim guidance on the implementation of this policy.

    31 January 2014 | Public Health England
  • Congress Votes To End The Outdated Ban On HIV Organ Transplants And Research

    On Tuesday, the House of Representatives gave final approval to the HIV Organ Policy Equity (HOPE) Act, a bill that will end a 25-year ban on using HIV-positive donors’ organs for any purpose, including medical research.

    13 November 2013 | ThinkProgress
  • NAT comments - lifetime ban on gay men donating blood in Northern Ireland is 'irrational'

    NAT welcomes Friday's  ruling in the High Court of Belfast that the lifetime ban on gay men donating blood in Northern Ireland is 'irrational'.  Northern Ireland has been out of step with the rest of the UK on this issue for two years, with England, Scotland and Wales overturning the lifetime ban in 2011 in the face of scientific evidence.     

    15 October 2013 | NAT press release
  • NICE consultation on harm reduction for people who inject drugs - recommends services for people using steroids and image-enhancing drugs

    Tens of thousands of people across England and Wales inject drugs like heroin and anabolic steroids each year, with others turning to botulinum toxin products or other cosmetic injections like tanning agents. Now, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) is updating its guidance on how best to provide needle and syringe programmes to encourage people who use these drugs to access other health services and prevent the spread of blood-borne diseases like HIV and hepatitis C. A consultation has begun on the provisional update so organisations can have their say.

    26 September 2013 | NICE press release
  • Gay Blood Donors Ban Endures In The U.S., Despite Lacking 'Sound Science'

    The U.S. gay-rights movement has achieved many victories in recent years – on marriage, military service and other fronts. Yet one vestige of an earlier, more wary era remains firmly in place: the 30-year-old nationwide ban on blood donations by gay and bisexual men.

    16 September 2013 | Huffington Post
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