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  • Russia has a serious HIV crisis, and the government is to blame

    "I think you could probably point to Russia as a worst-practice for virtually every aspect of how to respond to an HIV epidemic concentrated among drug users," says Daniel Wolfe, director of the International Harm Reduction Program at the Open Society Foundations, the George Soros-funded NGO.

    03 July 2015 | The Verge
  • 4 arrested in connection with southern Indiana HIV outbreak

    Authorities say four men have been arrested after allegedly distributing drugs that have fueled the largest HIV outbreak in Indiana history.

    25 June 2015 | Indianopolis Star
  • Paying drugs services for success leads to fewer successful treatments

    A flagship government drug treatment initiative appears to have backfired in England, where pilot payment-by-results areas have registered fewer successful treatment completions and more prospective patients declining treatment.

    24 June 2015 | Drug & Alcohol Findings
  • House Republicans Ease Opposition to Needle Exchanges

    The annual health spending measure now taking shape in the House would still bar using federal dollars to buy sterile needles or syringes, but officials could use federal grant money to provide support for state and local drug treatment programs that include needle exchanges.

    18 June 2015 | New York Times
  • HIV epidemic waning in southern Indiana county: officials

    The number of new HIV cases in a rural southern Indiana county that has been the site of a recent epidemic has fallen dramatically, public health officials said on Wednesday.

    18 June 2015 | Reuters
  • Drug decriminalisation in Portugal: setting the record straight

    Portugal decriminalised the possession of all drugs for personal use in 2001, and there now exists a significant body of evidence on what happened following the move. Both opponents and advocates of drug policy reform are sometimes guilty of misrepresenting this evidence, with the former ignoring or incorrectly disputing the benefits of reform, and the latter tending to overstate them.

    12 June 2015 | Transform
  • Physician waivers to prescribe buprenorphine increases potential access to treatment

    In the past, many people living in rural counties have had no practical way to get treatment for opioid addiction. This study shows that the increased number and geographic distribution of physicians obtaining waivers to prescribe buprenorphine has widened potential access to effective treatment for those with addiction to heroin or prescription painkillers.

    09 June 2015 | Eurekalert Medicine & Health
  • Drug consumption rooms

    Supervised drug consumption facilities, where illicit drugs can be used under the supervision of trained staff, have been operating in Europe for the last three decades.

    05 June 2015 | European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction
  • Appalachia gripped by hepatitis C epidemic, bracing for HIV

    Patton Couch, 25, is one of thousands of young Appalachian drug users recently diagnosed with hepatitis C. Yet public health officials warn that it could get much worse. Two hundred miles north, Scott County, Indiana, is grappling with one of the worst American HIV outbreaks among injection drug users in decades. Kentucky, with the nation's highest rate of acute hepatitis C, might be just a few dirty needles away from a similar catastrophe. "One person could be Typhoid Mary of HIV," said Dr. Jennifer Havens, an epidemiologist at the University of Kentucky's Center on Drug and Alcohol Research, who has studied Perry County drug users for years as the hepatitis rate spiraled through small-town drug circles there. An explosion of hepatitis C, transmitted through injection drug use and unprotected sex, can foreshadow a wave of HIV cases.

    04 June 2015 | CNS
  • Police allow addicts to turn in drugs if they seek treatment

    Heroin users seeking help for their addiction won't be arrested if they turn over their drugs and needles to police under a unique policy launched Monday in the Massachusetts city of Gloucester.

    02 June 2015 | Associated Press
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