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  • Improving access to, and completion of, hepatitis C treatment

    Treating hepatitis C infection is an effective and cost-effective way to substantially reduce prevalence, especially in areas where it is high. Compliance with the new treatment is easier and can be further improved by well-planned support for patients. .

    11 hours ago | Public Health England
  • Stigmatisation undermining Russia's HIV control efforts

    Despite conciliatory language, continued marginalisation of vulnerable groups in Russia is likely having negative consequences on the HIV epidemic. Talha Burki reports.

    27 July 2015 | EATG
  • Inside look at Insite

    In Vancouver for IAS 2015, Bob Leahy visits Insite, the supervised injection facility in the Downtown East Side, where every day 800+ people with addictions and multiple other issues inject drugs in a safe, clean environment that also gives them a hand up.

    27 July 2015 | Positive Lite
  • Improving access to, and completion of, hepatitis C treatment

    PHE's latest briefing in the 'Turning evidence into practice' series has practical advice for commissioners and services on improving access to, and completion of, hepatitis C treatment. Preventing blood-borne virus transmission is one of the eight good practice outcomes of the national drug strategy and treating hepatitis C infection is a growing priority for the NHS.

    17 July 2015 | Public Health England
  • Africa: Global Fund Approves $17 Million for New HIV Programmes in Africa

    The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria has granted around US$17 million to two consortia of organisations focussing on key populations most affected by HIV, to combat the disease across eastern and southern Africa.

    08 July 2015 | AllAfrica
  • Drug consumption rooms: an overview of provision and evidence

    The European Union’s drug misuse monitoring centre says the evidence contradicts concerns that facilities where drug users can more safely use illegal drugs might counterproductively encourage drug use, delay treatment entry, or aggravate problems arising from local drug markets; instead both the users and the community benefit.

    06 July 2015 | Drug & Alcohol Findings
  • Adherence All-Stars

    Diane Peters meets a group of PHAs with “chaotic lifestyles” and finds out how, despite major obstacles, they adhere to their meds.

    06 July 2015 | CATIE
  • Russia has a serious HIV crisis, and the government is to blame

    "I think you could probably point to Russia as a worst-practice for virtually every aspect of how to respond to an HIV epidemic concentrated among drug users," says Daniel Wolfe, director of the International Harm Reduction Program at the Open Society Foundations, the George Soros-funded NGO.

    03 July 2015 | The Verge
  • 4 arrested in connection with southern Indiana HIV outbreak

    Authorities say four men have been arrested after allegedly distributing drugs that have fueled the largest HIV outbreak in Indiana history.

    25 June 2015 | Indianopolis Star
  • Paying drugs services for success leads to fewer successful treatments

    A flagship government drug treatment initiative appears to have backfired in England, where pilot payment-by-results areas have registered fewer successful treatment completions and more prospective patients declining treatment.

    24 June 2015 | Drug & Alcohol Findings
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