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  • Transmission facts

    HIV can only be passed on when one person's body fluids get inside another person. HIV can be passed on during sex without a condom,...

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  • Safer drug use

    HIV and other blood-borne viruses can be transmitted via unsafe injecting practices. These unsafe practices include sharing injecting equipment such as water, spoons and filters, but the most...

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  • Injecting drug use

    Injecting drug use was one of the earliest routes of HIV transmission identified in the early 1980s, because epidemiologists quickly noticed that HIV infection was...

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  • Unsafe drug use behind HIV boom in Malaysian fishermen

    Twelve per cent of Malaysian fishermen tested HIV positive — a figure that rose to 24 per cent among injection drug users. In comparison, just one in every 200 people is HIV positive in the general Malaysian population.

    25 August 2015 |
  • While Washington Tackles Opioid Abuse Epidemic, Hepatitis C Treatment Remains Unaffordable

    If Washington wants to do something about the public health issues left behind by the opioid abuse epidemic, it might have to start doing something about prescription-drug costs.

    19 August 2015 | National Journal
  • How the Heroin Crisis Ushered in a Hepatitis C Epidemic

    Meanwhile, high prices and stringent requirements from insurers and Big Pharma are limiting access to effective treatment.

    12 August 2015 | Boston magazine
  • New study shows increased accessibility to methadone treatment through primary care decreases spread of HIV

    As British Columbia’s methadone maintenance program comes under provincial review, a new study by the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (BC-CfE) highlights major benefits of methadone in Vancouver. The study, published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet HIV shows a link between increased access to methadone for injection drug users and a decrease in the spread of HIV in this population.

    11 August 2015 | British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
  • New HIV cases soar in Florida

    The number of reported HIV cases in Florida has jumped 23 percent so far this year, the biggest increase in a continuing upward trend that began in 2012 after several years of decreases. The proportion of Floridians infected with the disease is at its highest in seven years. Experts say the reasons include a decreased fear of dying from AIDS, subpar attempts at safe-sex education and disease prevention, and increased use of injected drugs such as heroin.

    07 August 2015 | South Florida Sun-Sentinel
  • Improving access to, and completion of, hepatitis C treatment

    Treating hepatitis C infection is an effective and cost-effective way to substantially reduce prevalence, especially in areas where it is high. Compliance with the new treatment is easier and can be further improved by well-planned support for patients. .

    04 August 2015 | Public Health England
  • Inside look at Insite

    In Vancouver for IAS 2015, Bob Leahy visits Insite, the supervised injection facility in the Downtown East Side, where every day 800+ people with addictions and multiple other issues inject drugs in a safe, clean environment that also gives them a hand up.

    27 July 2015 | Positive Lite
  • Improving access to, and completion of, hepatitis C treatment

    PHE's latest briefing in the 'Turning evidence into practice' series has practical advice for commissioners and services on improving access to, and completion of, hepatitis C treatment. Preventing blood-borne virus transmission is one of the eight good practice outcomes of the national drug strategy and treating hepatitis C infection is a growing priority for the NHS.

    17 July 2015 | Public Health England
  • Can Rural America Learn to Live With Needle Exchange?

    Faced with an IV-drug-related HIV outbreak, Austin, Indiana, was forced to set up a syringe swap. The town will never be the same.

    10 July 2015 | Poz
  • Drug consumption rooms: an overview of provision and evidence

    The European Union’s drug misuse monitoring centre says the evidence contradicts concerns that facilities where drug users can more safely use illegal drugs might counterproductively encourage drug use, delay treatment entry, or aggravate problems arising from local drug markets; instead both the users and the community benefit.

    06 July 2015 | Drug & Alcohol Findings
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