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  • Bored and horny

    It’s Sunday afternoon and it’s raining. I’m bored and horny. However, I’ve got £20 left over from the night before and this will be enough...

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  • Undetectable means untransmittable: what you need to know about HIV

    Dr Paddy Mallon, a consultant at the Mater Private Hospital in Dublin and a specialist in infectious diseases, believes the government and public health bodies need to do more. “HIV as a condition has completely changed since the last public health campaign in Ireland over a decade ago,” says Mallon, who is also director of the UCD HIV Molecular Research Group.

    08 August 2018 | Irish Times
  • HIV-positive man sentenced to two years' jail for not telling sex partner about risk of infection

    SINGAPORE: A 29-year-old man was jailed for two years on Wednesday (Aug 1) for having sex with a man without telling him that he ran the risk of contracting HIV infection from him.

    01 August 2018 | Channel NewsAsia
  • Australian doctors to tell HIV patients that 'undetectable=untransmissible'

    In what has been seen as major win for HIV advocates, the Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM) has released a guide to help doctors understand the ‘Undetectable=Untransmittable (U=U)’ campaign.

    24 July 2018 | Gay Star News
  • Undetectable = untransmittable

    Undetectable = untransmittable is the message of a new UNAIDS Explainer. With 20 years of evidence demonstrating that HIV treatment is highly effective in reducing the transmission of HIV, the evidence is now clear that people living with HIV with an undetectable viral load cannot transmit HIV sexually.

    24 July 2018 | UNAIDS
  • AIDS 2018: Undetectable equals Untransmittable

    A year after activists marched onto the stage of an International AIDS Society 2017 Paris Conference plenary session to unfurl a banner proclaiming “Undetectable = Untransmittable,” the data-backed public health message — U = U — that became a movement was endorsed by past and current presidents of the world’s largest association of HIV professionals, during a session here Sunday.

    23 July 2018 | Science Speaks
  • TAC: ARV treatment education best way to bring down HIV infection rates

    An activist organisation, the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), says that for South Africa to further decrease the rate of new HIV infections more needs to be done to curb treatment defaulting for persons on the ARV treatment programme.

    18 July 2018 | Eyewitness News
  • Viral suppression for HIV treatment success and prevention of sexual transmission of HIV

    The science related to the use of ART as an additional prevention tool is clear: there is no evidence that individuals who have successfully achieved and maintained viral suppression through ART transmit the virus sexually to their HIV-negative partner(s). The preventive benefits of ART should be appropriately emphasized in HIV treatment and prevention programmes.

    16 July 2018 | World Health Organization
  • Fear of contagion clouds our thinking about the transmission of HIV

    There is no legal obligation on a person with HIV to disclose their status, nor is there a law that provides a specific penalty for knowingly transmitting the disease. For the second time this year, this legal situation is being tested in the courts. This raises serious questions about our understanding both of HIV the disease and of personal responsibility with regard to health. Is the contraction of HIV, now a treatable long-term condition, “serious harm”? Who is at fault for contracting a disease? What does fault mean? These are very difficult questions and have vexed societies for as long as contagious diseases have circulated them.

    12 July 2018 | Irish Times
  • This new dating research proves so many people still believe outdated HIV myths

    A shocking number of people wouldn't swipe right on an HIV positive person who was on effective treatment.

    09 July 2018 | Cosmopolitan
  • “Safe Gay Sex” Is Still Happening

    The idea of equating “safe sex” to solely condom use is an antiquated notion in the era of PrEP and antiretroviral treatment for those living with HIV.

    04 July 2018 | Medium
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