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  • A ‘formula for success’ to support mothers living with HIV

    When condoms and syringes are given out for free why is formula milk not? On International Women’s Day we want to take the opportunity to highlight this unmet need.

    08 March 2016 | NAT
  • For African women with HIV, not breastfeeding is not easy

    Healthcare providers need to understand that for HIV-positive African women, following advice not to breastfeed in order to protect their babies from the virus takes a high emotional toll, a U.K. study suggests.

    29 January 2016 | Reuters
  • Okay to breastfeed while taking lamivudine or tenofovir: Study

    Lamivudine and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) are safe for breastfeeding women, according to a new review of the evidence.

    04 November 2014 | Consultant 360
  • Malawi First Country to Put HIV Positive Pregnant Women On ARVs

    President Arthur Peter Mutharika says Malawi was the first country to adopt a policy of putting all HIV positive pregnant and breast feeding women on anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs regardless of their CD4 Count.

    02 September 2014 | AllAfrica
  • Breast Is Best, But Not in Swaziland

    Lindiwe Dlamini breastfed her first two babies without any problem, but faced a dilemma with the third, or so she thought: “The worst thing that could happen to me is to infect my baby with HIV.”

    07 January 2014 | Inter Press Service
  • HIV+ mothers without ART: when and how should they wean?

    Without antiretrovirals, breastfeeding contributes 28% to the risk of mother-to-child HIV transmission (MTCT). Antiretroviral drugs make achieving he WHO goal of near elimination of MTCT imaginable. But, in the meantime, what advice should be given to HIV+ mothers in those low-resource settings where antiretrovirals are still not available?

    19 June 2013 | BMJ Group blogs
  • Strong impact of weaning on HIV levels in breastmilk: Lusaka study

    HIV RNA and DNA levels in breast milk rose more than 10-fold in response to changes in frequency of infant feeding around the time of weaning, according to results of a 958-woman trial in Lusaka, Zambia. The findings have implications for breastfeeding advice and for maternal antiretroviral therapy (ART) over the full duration of breastfeeding.

    22 April 2013 | International AIDS Society
  • Bottle-Feeding Urged for US Moms with HIV

    American women with HIV shouldn't breastfeed their babies, regardless of low levels of the virus and antiviral treatment, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) cautioned.

    28 January 2013 | MedPage Today
  • KENYA: Exclusive breastfeeding on the rise

    Kenya has made significant strides in boosting exclusive breastfeeding, even passing a new law banning the promotion of infant formula. Nevertheless, challenges to safe infant feeding - a major part of prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission - remain.

    05 December 2012 | IRIN Plus News
  • Breast-milk molecule raises risk of HIV transmission

    Although one type of sugar in breast milk from HIV-positive mothers can boost likelihood of transmission, many other sugars protect against disease.

    03 October 2012 | Nature
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