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  • Why Russia is Heading Toward an HIV Crisis and Privacy Disaster

    Russian lawmakers are said to be moving on a bill that would mandate every citizen living with HIV/AIDS must submit to fingerprint data collection, a worrying turn of events in a country that is already seeing the damages of a disastrous HIV policy.

    1 hour ago |
  • South Africa: Gauteng pays after forced sterilisation for HIV-positive woman

    The Gauteng health department has agreed to pay almost half-a-million rand to an HIV-positive woman after she was coercively sterilised.

    14 April 2014 | Mail & Guardian
  • Tanazanian MP plans to introduce tougher anti-gay Bill

    Ezekiel Wenje from the main opposition Chama cha Democrasia na Maendeleo party said homosexuality is on the rise in Tanzania because the existing legislation does not provide a sufficient deterrent.

    08 April 2014 | The East African
  • Briefing: Punitive aid cuts disrupts healthcare in Uganda

    Since the enactment of a draconian anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda just over a month ago, donors have been slashing or suspending aid to the country in protest. Health officials, activists and NGOs warn that this could have a major impact on healthcare services, particularly for HIV/AIDS patients.

    08 April 2014 | IRIN
  • Uganda police raid U.S. military AIDS clinic, order it shut

    Activists in Uganda report that plain-clothes police raided a U.S. military-affiliated AIDS services clinic in Kampala today, accused it of promoting homosexuality, and ordered it to close. The clinic has been one of relatively few health-care facilities in the city that willingly treat LGBT people.

    03 April 2014 |
  • In the thick of a Ugandan hate rally

    At a stadium in Kampala, 30,000 Ugandans gathered to give thanks to President Yoweri Museveni for passing the Anti-Homosexuality Act. The event combined the fanfare of a mass political meeting and a cultural festival.

    03 April 2014 | Daily Maverick
  • In Africa, homophobia is driving gays to speak out

    In response to harsh measures in 38 African nations, gays in other countries are increasingly emerging as activists.

    27 March 2014 | Los Angeles Times
  • U.S. Funding Choices Are Challenged In The Wake Of Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law

    Early last month, as Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni weighed signing a brutal new anti-LGBT bill into law, the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (ICRU) published a statement urging religious leaders in the country to “highlight the dangers of homosexuality and lesbianism.” At the same time, the group has received millions in U.S. government grants for years to fight HIV. Why was the money going to a key supporter of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which the the U.S. government has officially opposed?

    07 March 2014 |
  • Global Fund expresses “deep concern” about new anti-gay law in Uganda

    The Global Fund has expressed “deep concern” about a law signed by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni that imposes jail terms of up to seven years for those who ‘aid or abet’ homosexual relations, which could implicate health workers providing services and counseling to people living with HIV.

    28 February 2014 | Global Fund Observer
  • Don’t cut ties with Uganda; that’s an anti-gay trap

    The Rev. Canon Kapya Kaoma, an Episcopal priest from Zambia and a project director at Political Research Associates, predicted last month that Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni would sign the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. Now that Museveni has done so, Kaoma discusses what’s to be done now. He warns that some LGBT advocates’ calls for countries to cut diplomatic ties to Uganda is exactly what Museveni hopes will happen.

    28 February 2014 | 76 Crimes
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