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  • Remarks on the lives of Jacqueline van Tongeren and Joep Lange, by Catherine Hankins

    It is incomprehensible that people who worked so hard to save the lives of others should be shot down and be collateral damage in someone else’s war. Each of us needs to reflect on how to celebrate their memories by taking forward their visions. This world is a better place for them having walked among us. Let this be said of each of us too.

    06 August 2014 | Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development
  • Dutch Doctor Killed on MH17 Saved Lives With Advocacy, Research

    Two months before veteran AIDS researcher Joep Lange perished in the Malaysia Airlines jetliner shot down over Ukraine, he was in Moscow, pressing for Russia to start programs to prevent HIV spread among drug users.

    24 July 2014 | Bloomberg
  • Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Passenger Manifest

    Here is a list of the passengers and crew members aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

    19 July 2014 | New York Times
  • Joep Lange: a brave HIV researcher, a great friend and colleague

    Dutch professor of medicine Joep Lange and his partner Jacqueline van Tongeren were among the 298 people who perished in Malaysia Airlines flight 17 after it was struck down on the Russian-Ukraine border last night. Professor Lange’s friend and colleague David Cooper reflects on their work together and Lange’s legacy.

    19 July 2014 | The Conversation
  • The International AIDS Society (IAS) mourns the loss of friends and colleagues aboard flight MH 17

    The International AIDS Society (IAS) has today confirmed the devastating news that at least six delegates traveling to the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014) in Melbourne, Australia, including former IAS President Joep Lange, were on board the Malaysian Airlines flight MH 17 that crashed over Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board.

    19 July 2014 | International AIDS Society
  • Scientist killed on MH17 brought HIV therapy to the poor

    Research community mourns Joep Lange, who was among the passengers of Malaysia Airlines flight shot down over Ukraine.

    19 July 2014 | Nature
  • On the Losses Aboard Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17

    A Tweeter asked me if the loss of Joep, Glenn, and other AIDS researchers and activists possibly on board MH17 would prove a major set-back in the fight against AIDS. No, I said. One of the glories of the AIDS community is that its bench is deep, its talents enormous, and its sorry history of processing grief and moving on is unparalleled. The dead, as has always been the case since this awful virus emerged in the late 1970s, will be mourned. And then energies will be mustered, to get the job done.

    19 July 2014 | Laurie Garrett (blog)
  • Obama says ‘near 100’ AIDS workers killed. Is it true?

    News reports have estimated that more than 100 people on the plane were heading to the conference. But conference organizers said that they had only been able to confirm the names of seven people so far, cautioning that the number of people on the plane heading to the conference may be lower than the figures that have been reported.

    18 July 2014 | Washington Post
  • Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash: Top Aids expert Joep Lange among up to 100 researchers and activists on board

    Joep Lange, a world-renowned researcher and former president of the International Aids Society, was heading with the group to the global Aids 2014 conference in Melbourne, Australia.

    18 July 2014 | The Independent
  • Aids conference says 100 researchers may have been on board crashed plane

    Delegates to a plenary session held ahead of the Aids 2014 conference were told that email exchanges showed about 100 attendees were booked on the MH17 flight. The plane was downed in eastern Ukraine by what the US and Australian governments have described as a surface-to-air missile.

    18 July 2014 | The Guardian
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