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  • Dr. Charles Farthing, HIV/AIDS Pioneer, Has Died

    HIV/AIDS pioneer Dr. Charles Farthing, former Medical Director at AIDS Healthcare Foundation, has died. His death was announced by a friend on Facebook late Saturday.

    07 April 2014 | Frontiers
  • Documentaries can tell us more about AIDS than Hollywood

    Films such as Dallas Buyers Club will reach out, and tell part of the story, though presenting a “biased” entertaining dream. But it is documentary films like How to Survive a Plague and Fire in The Blood that reveal the nightmare. They more effectively connect with consciousness, and our desire for coherence, and better understanding. This is why they are so important, and must be seen.

    26 March 2014 | The Conversation
  • Sean Strub: Whitewashing AIDS History

    In my book, I recount how slow the federal government was in publicizing the use of Bactrim and other sulfa drugs to prevent PCP (the pneumonia that was then the leading killer of people with AIDS) in addition to its long-time and well-known use to treat PCP.

    11 March 2014 | Huffington Post
  • McConaughey, Leto Win Oscars for Dallas Buyers Club

    McConaughey plays Ron Woodroof, an HIV-positive heterosexual electrician who died of AIDS-related complications in 1992 after illegally smuggling HIV drugs not approved in the United States and making them available to other people with HIV. Leto plays Rayon, a transgender woman with HIV who assists Woodroof.

    05 March 2014 | Poz magazine news
  • The real legacy of the real Dallas Buyers Club is that it didn’t really have one

    The man I met – the man behind Matthew McConaughey’s Oscar-favorite performance – was a great man. But he was no cowboy, and he wasn’t as influential as the real heroes of the underground AIDS drug movement.

    02 March 2014 | The Guardian
  • Dreaming A New Future: A Conversation with Long-Term Survivors

    “What’s next?” That’s the question at the heart of a burgeoning movement of long-term HIV/AIDS survivors and allies. For people who lived through the devastating losses and unimaginable triumphs of the early decades of AIDS—many of whom never expected to see their 30s, let alone hit retirement age—what do the next decades hold?

    27 February 2014 | BETA blog
  • France's 'invisible disaster': how heroin devastated the banlieues in the 1980s

    Health authorities failed to track the deadly toll of Aids and drug addiction in Paris, Marseille and Lyon, a new history shows.

    19 February 2014 | The Guardian / Le Monde
  • Cara Bids for Lighthouse Lifeline

    The Lighthouse in West London, up for sale by THT, will continue to be used and run by people living with HIV if a rescue plan by The Cara Trust is accepted.

    19 February 2014 | Baseline
  • Underground drug networks in the early days of AIDS

    Dallas Buyers Club tackles the complex question of who should decide what drugs dying patients can take, and makes for a compelling but also frustrating film.

    17 February 2014 | The Lancet
  • Françoise Barré-Sinoussi: 'Ruling out a cure for Aids would not be French'

    The scientist who helped discover the HIV retrovirus talks about her work and why she is convinced a cure for Aids can be found.

    16 February 2014 | The Guardian
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