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  • HIV Patient Zero cleared by science

    One of the most demonised patients in history - Gaetan Dugas - has been convincingly cleared of reports he spread HIV to the US, say scientists.

    26 October 2016 | BBC Health
  • At gathering of HIV/AIDS pioneers, raw memories mix with current conflicts

    At gathering of HIV/AIDS pioneers, raw memories mix with current conflicts.

    26 October 2016 | Science Magazine
  • Obituary: Andrew Veitch

    Medical correspondent of The Guardian and Channel Four News, Andrew Veitch was one of the first, and most responsible of reporters on AIDS and HIV in the British media.

    03 October 2016 | The Guardian
  • Through a Journal, a Long-Term HIV Survivor Looks Back at the Early Years

    In 1991 when I was 29, I learned I was infected with HIV. I was devastated, and for the first several months, it was not a good place to be. But, in the midst of my sadness, anger, depression and a whole range of other emotions, I again began to journal my thoughts.

    19 September 2016 | The Body
  • This Is What It’s Like To Be Dying Of AIDS – And Then Survive

    Twenty years ago, revolutionary new drugs transformed HIV/AIDS, bringing people back from the brink of death. But what happens when you plan to die only to recover? Three people, whose stories span the global epidemic, told BuzzFeed News what it means to have a second chance at life.

    10 September 2016 | BuzzFeed
  • Is harm reduction the primary goal, or acceptable only in the service of eliminating drug use?

    Many people view drug use as so damaging that ‘no use’ is the only justifiable aim of policy. More temperate variants see harm reduction aims and services as permissible, but only as steps towards stopping drug use altogether. Others elevate harm reduction to an overriding objective. Between these poles UK policy has shifted, driven by the threat of HIV from its default anti-drugs base towards the harm-reduction pole.

    06 September 2016 | Drink & Drug News
  • HIV Survivors Face Their Own Vietnam

    My stepfather came back from Vietnam in the mid-1970s, a broken man with post-traumatic stress disorder and health complications that grew direr the older he got. I was talking with my friend Scott recently and couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the two men, veterans of wars they didn’t want to participate in, both still suffering from PTSD. Scott never served in the military. He is a veteran of the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s and ’90s, that first wave of battle before the enemy was known but not before his comrades were all killed.

    30 August 2016 | The Advocate
  • The woman who discovered India's first HIV cases

    Thirty years ago, India discovered the dreaded HIV virus had reached its shores when blood samples from six sex workers tested positive. It was largely due to the efforts of one young scientist - but until now, her pioneering work has been all but forgotten.

    30 August 2016 | BBC
  • Art Aids America review – gay artists channel anguish, anger and intimacy

    Aids hit America’s artist community hard, and the suffering of the plague years of the 1980s is brought vividly to life in a flawed but vital exhibition at the Bronx Museum, New York.

    22 August 2016 | The Guardian
  • Today In History, 1990: President George H.W. Bush Signs the Ryan White CARE Act

    Since the earliest days of the AIDS epidemic, the nation’s response to the deadly disease was chronically slow and woefully underfunded. Much of the resistance to increased funding stemmed from open hostility to the disease’s two main risk groups; gay men and intravenous drug users.

    18 August 2016 | Box Turtle Bulletin
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