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  • Hepatitis C treatment

    Effective treatments are available for hepatitis C. This field is evolving rapidly and standards of care are changing. The newest drugs can cure most people with hepatitis...

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  • Medications for hepatitis C

    The old standard of care for hepatitis C treatment for all HCV genotypes was pegylated interferon and ribavirin. Interferon works by stimulating immune system activity against HCV. There...

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  • Hepatitis C treatment for people with co-infection

    Current guidelines recommend that you start hepatitis C treatment if you have HIV and HCV co-infection with moderate or worse liver fibrosis (stage F2 to F4) and...

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  • Hepatitis C

    Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is chiefly transmitted by blood-to-blood contact. When the blood of a person with hepatitis C enters the bloodstream of another person,...

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  • Hepatitis C

    Hepatitis C is a serious infection caused by a virus.It damages the liver, which performs essential functions in the body.Some people have hepatitis C for...

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  • Hepatitis C treatment

    Deciding on the best time to take treatment for hepatitis C is not straightforward.It’s important to get support and advice to help you with this...

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  • Hepatitis C virus treatment

    The current preferred treatment regimen for HCV infection is a combination of peginterferon alfa (given by injection) plus ribavirin (given orally). Interferons are human proteins that...

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  • One in four hepatitis C patients denied initial approval for drug treatment

    This study adds to a growing body of literature on the hepatitis C “cascade of care,” in which attrition occurs at every step from diagnosis, confirmation, linkage to care, and treatment.

    28 August 2015 | Yale News
  • White House Is Pressed to Help Widen Access to Hepatitis C Drugs via Medicaid

    The advisory council criticized three types of restrictions. Some states cover the new drugs only for patients who have advanced liver disease. Many states require patients to abstain from the use of alcohol or illicit drugs for up to a year before treatment. And some states will not cover the drugs unless they are prescribed by specialists like gastroenterologists or experts on infectious diseases.

    26 August 2015 | New York Times
  • Hepatitis C treatment: Back to the warehouse

    Like many physicians that specialize in hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment, I have spent the last few years advising many of my patients with chronic HCV infection to defer treatment and wait for new therapies. Patients, advocacy groups, and physicians closely followed the development of [these new therapies] in eager anticipation of US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and, for most patients, the possibility of a cure of their HCV infection. However, this eager anticipation morphed into uneasy concern as, along with FDA approval, drug pricing was announced.

    26 August 2015 | Clinical Liver Disease
  • While Washington Tackles Opioid Abuse Epidemic, Hepatitis C Treatment Remains Unaffordable

    If Washington wants to do something about the public health issues left behind by the opioid abuse epidemic, it might have to start doing something about prescription-drug costs.

    19 August 2015 | National Journal
  • Hepatitis C patients in England denied lifesaving liver drug

    Health experts concerned about decision not to extend Daklinza treatment to patients with genotype 3 strain of virus.

    18 August 2015 | The Observer
  • How the Heroin Crisis Ushered in a Hepatitis C Epidemic

    Meanwhile, high prices and stringent requirements from insurers and Big Pharma are limiting access to effective treatment.

    12 August 2015 | Boston magazine
  • Improving access to, and completion of, hepatitis C treatment

    Treating hepatitis C infection is an effective and cost-effective way to substantially reduce prevalence, especially in areas where it is high. Compliance with the new treatment is easier and can be further improved by well-planned support for patients. .

    04 August 2015 | Public Health England
  • NICE issues appraisal consultation documents for three new hepatitis C therapies

    The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has today issued appraisal consultation documents for three new hepatitis C therapies; ledipasvir-sofosbuvir (Harvoni), daclatasvir (Daklinza, and ombitasvir/paritaprevir/ritonavir (with or without dasabuvir).

    30 July 2015 | Hepatitis C Trust
  • Gilead Profit Tops Estimates as Hepatitis C Drug Sales Surge

    Gilead Sciences Inc., maker of the hepatitis C drugs Sovaldi and Harvoni, posted second-quarter profit that topped analysts’ estimates as revenue surged. Gilead raised its sales forecast for the year.

    30 July 2015 | Bloomberg
  • Merck Targets Toughest Cases to Gain Hepatitis C Foothold

    Merck & Co. plans to target hard-to-treat hepatitis C patients with its cure for the liver ailment rather than compete for market share by drastically undercutting the price of Gilead Sciences Inc.'s $1,000-a-day treatment.

    29 July 2015 | Bloomberg
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