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  • Aging with HIV and AIDS: A growing social issue

    As the first people with HIV grow old, a new study from St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto questions whether the health care system and other government policies are prepared to meet their complex medical and social needs. The study finds that aging for people with HIV may be more challenging than for the general population because of HIV-related stigma, loss of friends and social networks, and the detrimental health effects of the virus and medications taken to combat the virus.

    26 June 2014 | EurekAlert
  • Supplements That May Slow HIV Can Fuel Prostate Cancer

    High-dose supplementation with selenium and vitamin E can raise the risk of high-grade prostate cancer among certain men.

    28 February 2014 | AIDSMeds
  • Special issue: mental health needs of older adults living with HIV

    This issue addresses some of the complex and evolving mental health needs of older adults living with HIV.

    21 February 2014 | American Psychological Association
  • My Diagnosis

    What's it like to be newly diagnosed today? Guest writer Scotspozlad found out he was HIV-positive in October 2013. Here he tells what happened and how he felt about it.

    04 November 2013 | Positive Lite
  • Adult content warning: Gary tells DirtyBOYZ about his Party Times

    From a free gay London gay scene magazine: a methamphetamine/mephedrone sx-party user talks frankly about his highs, lows and health worries.

    12 September 2013 | David Stuart
  • Health apps run into privacy snags

    Exclusive research conducted for the Financial Times by Evidon, a web analytics and privacy group, found that the top 20 most visited health apps transmit information to a web of nearly 70 companies.

    04 September 2013 | Financial Times
  • Yes, those free health apps are sharing your data with other companies

    The phrase "If you're not paying, you're the product" may be familiar within tech circles, but the message is still sinking in for many users of free apps. The latest sector under scrutiny for privacy issues is the burgeoning health apps market, with a report claiming that 20 of the most popular apps are sharing their users' data with nearly 70 advertising and analytics companies.

    04 September 2013 | The Guardian
  • Ketamine use linked to liver and other problems in HIV-positive people

    Case reports suggest that HIV treatment may exacerbate liver damage and other health problems caused by the use of ketamine - a veterinary drug increasingly used as a recreational 'party' drug.

    07 August 2013 | CATIE
  • HIV defines me, whether I like it or not

    I had convinced myself that HIV would not, had not impacted on my life. I was to carry on living pretty much like I had before. I would not be different because of it. I would the same old me.

    29 July 2013 | Living with HIV (blog)
  • Sleazy Michael Presents Sauna and Drug Club Casualties - community panel on recent gay club deaths in London

    Community panel on recent gay club deaths in London at Royal Vauxhall Tavern at 7pm on Thursday 9 May

    05 May 2013 | Time Out
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