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  • Going into hospital

    My experiences of hospitalisation are mixed. I’ve been admitted twice in the last six months, both times for a minor operation. However, following the excellent...

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  • San Francisco Is Changing Face of AIDS Treatment

    San Francisco is serving as a model for other cities. The city that was once the epidemic’s ground zero now has only a few hundred new cases a year, the result of a raft of creative programs that have sent infection rates plummeting.

    06 October 2015 | New York Times
  • HIV: Experience Level of Family Physicians Matters

    The study found that family physician HIV experience was strongly associated with receipt of ART by HIV-positive patients, especially among those seeing only family physicians for their care; those seeing a family physician with the highest level of HIV experience were almost twice as likely to receive ART as counterparts seeing less experienced family physicians.

    03 October 2015 | Medscape (requires free registration)
  • Zimbabwe: Senior Govt Official Says 700 000 HIV+ People in Urgent Need of ARVs

    MORE than 500 000 HIV positive people are in urgent need of anti-retro viral (ART) drugs as government frantically tries to source funds to address the crisis, a senior health ministry official has said. Elderly people are the main target because they are not gainfully employed, he said.

    29 September 2015 | New Zimbabwe via
  • Twice the Percentage of People with HIV are Virally Suppressed in San Francisco Compared to U.S.

    Last month, the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) released the annual HIV Epidemiology annual report with data through December 31, 2014.

    11 September 2015 | BETA blog
  • HIV research and advocacy groups release recommendations on uptake and expansion of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis in California

    Though the use of PrEP has recently begun to rise among those at risk of HIV infection, it is still being used by very few who need it most, and access to culturally competent PrEP services still lags behind.

    02 September 2015 | Project Inform press release
  • HIV Testing Is Down And STDs Are Up As New York City Closes Free Clinics

    New York City has quietly shuttered its busiest STD clinic, and the city has cut hundreds of thousands of free HIV tests since 2010. City officials blame a shrinking budget, but AIDS activists say it’s putting many people at risk.

    01 September 2015 | BuzzFeed
  • Psychologists Welcome Analysis Casting Doubt on Their Work

    The field of psychology sustained a damaging blow Thursday: A new analysis found that only 36 percent of findings from almost 100 studies in the top three psychology journals held up when the original experiments were rigorously redone.

    01 September 2015 | New York Times
  • White House Is Pressed to Help Widen Access to Hepatitis C Drugs via Medicaid

    The advisory council criticized three types of restrictions. Some states cover the new drugs only for patients who have advanced liver disease. Many states require patients to abstain from the use of alcohol or illicit drugs for up to a year before treatment. And some states will not cover the drugs unless they are prescribed by specialists like gastroenterologists or experts on infectious diseases.

    26 August 2015 | New York Times
  • We can eliminate HIV by 2030. Regular testing is a crucial part of the solution

    The big announcement out of the Aids conference in Vancouver last month was that early treatment of HIV is better than delayed treatment, with half the rate of death and complications. When I was discussing it with a patient shortly after, he was surprised that this counted as news. My patient’s surprise was understandable. Current guidelines recommend early treatment, even though we didn’t have the proof. Now we have it, and this long-awaited evidence tells us more than how to treat individual patients, like the ones I work with as an HIV specialist. It tells us it’s time to talk about eliminating the virus altogether. We can do this by making annual HIV testing a standard practice.

    10 August 2015 | The Guardian
  • Simple but elusive – why are we still talking about HIV drug delivery?

    Helen Bygrave of MSF discusses her frustrations with the lack of implementation of simple, programmatic strategies for improving HIV care.

    21 July 2015 | PLOS Blogs
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