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  • Going into hospital

    My experiences of hospitalisation are mixed. I’ve been admitted twice in the last six months, both times for a minor operation. However, following the excellent...

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  • Simple but elusive – why are we still talking about HIV drug delivery?

    Helen Bygrave of MSF discusses her frustrations with the lack of implementation of simple, programmatic strategies for improving HIV care.

    21 July 2015 | PLOS Blogs
  • Russia’s Scientific Squeeze Out

    Lawmakers in the country are moving to blacklist western scientists and foundations that support overseas scholarship.

    20 July 2015 | The Scientist
  • San Francisco Sees Declines in New HIV Infections and Deaths of People with HIV

    Experts agree that the decline in new infections is due to a combination of factors including widespread testing, early antiretroviral therapy (ART), and possibly pre-exposure prophylaxis -- although PrEP is probably too recent to have had a substantial effect yet.

    17 July 2015 |
  • Terrence Higgins Trust Chief Executive steps down

    Terrence Higgins Trust (THT), the largest voluntary sector provider of HIV and sexual health services in the UK, today announced that its Board of Trustees has decided that a change of leadership is needed for the next stage of the organisation's development.

    10 July 2015 | Terrence Higgins Trust
  • Sexual health commissioning in local government

    These nine case studies showcase local government experience of commissioning sexual health services since taking over this responsibility in April 2013.

    10 July 2015 | MEDFASH
  • Scientists have the tools to end the HIV epidemic; they just need better ways to use them

    In the past, there was a sense that stopping the HIV/AIDS epidemic would require some radically new biomedical intervention, such as a cure or a vaccine. The growing consensus, however, is that the tools needed to stamp out HIV already exist if they could just be used in the right way.

    08 July 2015 | Nature
  • Meet the Khayelitsha compliers club

    Communities are bringing HIV monitoring and dispensing out of the clinics and into their homes.

    06 July 2015 | Mail & Guardian
  • Demonstrators demand NHS access to PrEP

    A long and diverse group of people formed a line outside the 56 Dean Street NHS health clinic last night, demanding access to PrEP – a daily pill that prevents HIV transmission. Although 56 Dean Street is London’s busiest and most advanced sexual health clinic, the NHS does not let doctors at the clinic prescribe PrEP. Dressed in blue, the colour of the pills themselves, the line of protesters snaked around the corner to Old Compton Street, with passers-by stopping to ask what was happening.

    03 July 2015 | SoSoGay
  • Supreme Court's Ruling on the Affordable Care Act Hailed as Tremendous Win for People Living With HIV/AIDS

    Millions of Americans will continue to have health insurance, thanks to the historic Supreme Court ruling on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on June 25, 2015.

    02 July 2015 | The Body
  • Is It Time for the End of 'AIDS'?

    Two decades into the antiretroviral era, the often misused term 'AIDS' has an awkward place in the dialogue about the HIV epidemic.

    02 July 2015 | Poz
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