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    This factsheet provides some practical information that you might find useful if you are the parent or carer of an HIV-positive child.With the right treatment...

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  • Treatment in children

    There is very good evidence that anti-HIV drugs can work well in babies and children, and there have been big falls in the amount of...

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  • HIV treatment in children

    An outline of the issues surrounding anti-HIV therapy in children, highlighting the differences from adults in the course of HIV disease, the choice of medications,...

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  • HIV treatment

    HIV treatment can mean a longer and healthier life for children with HIV. This treatment consists of taking a combination of three different anti-HIV drugs....

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  • NNRTI + 3 NRTIs may be strong first regimen in UK/Ireland children

    Children starting antiretroviral therapy (ART) with a nonnucleoside (NNRTI) plus 3 nucleosides (NRTIs) had the lowest 2-year virologic failure rate in a study of 997 children in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Five-year toxicity rates were similar with the NNRTI and protease inhibitor (PI) regimens studied.

    24 November 2014 | International AIDS Society
  • Ugandan activists fear ‘nonsensical’ HIV law increases infection of children

    Medical experts and HIV activists fear Uganda’s HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Act is having the opposite effect and causing people to shy away from seeking treatment.

    26 October 2014 | Key Correspondents
  • Early HIV drugs are 'not a cure'

    Giving drugs within hours of HIV infection is not a cure for HIV, according to doctors treating a baby in Milan.

    03 October 2014 | BBC Health
  • Study Supports Earlier Initiation of HAART in HIV-Infected Children

    New research supports early initiation of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in children with HIV infection.

    03 October 2014 | Medscape (requires registration)
  • Now or Never: The Urgency of Closing the Treatment Gap for Children Living with HIV/AIDS

    It is time for the international community led by UNAIDS to set an ambitious but feasible target for the number of HIV-positive children to be put on treatment. Countries with the highest paediatric HIV burdens, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, must take the lead to scale up treatment coverage for their HIV-positive children.

    23 July 2014 | AIDS 2014 conference blog
  • New global clinical trial aims to replicate the mysterious “Mississippi baby” success

    Researchers plan to identify 54 HIV-positive infants and treat them with standard antiretroviral drugs, beginning treatment within 48 hours of birth. The team plans to enroll HIV-positive infants across 17 hospitals and clinics in the U.S. and 11 other countries, including Haiti, India, Malawi, South Africa and Thailand.

    18 June 2014 | Scientific American
  • New Initiative To Address Lack Of Paediatric-Specific HIV Treatments

    As the World Health Assembly, a new partnership has been launched by three major public health actors in the field of HIV treatment. The initiative is meant to find improved treatments for children suffering from HIV/AIDS. Although all actors agree that significant progress has been made on adult treatments, children-specific medicines are still lacking.

    21 May 2014 | Intellectual Property Watch
  • No 'Mississippi Baby' in Canada

    Scientists at several institutions pooled their information and found they had five children who appeared to match the Mississippi baby -- they had been treated within several hours of birth and sensitive testing showed little or no sign of HIV. Details of the Canadian cases were presented at the annual meeting last week of the Canadian Association for HIV Research.

    13 May 2014 | MedPage Today
  • ARVs a Bitter Pill to Swallow for Ugandan Children

    For many of the 35,500 children in Uganda on HIV treatment, daily ARVs are too much of a bitter pill to swallow, especially if they don’t understand why they need them - Uganda’s policy is not to reveal their HIV status to children until they reach 13 years of age.

    08 May 2014 | Inter Press Service
  • HIV disappears in 'Los Angeles baby,' doctors say

    The girl, who was born in April and is being referred to as the "Los Angeles baby," remains on three standard HIV medications. Because of this, doctors cannot say for certain yet whether the infant is cured or whether the disease has gone into remission.

    06 March 2014 | Los Angeles Times
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