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  • London HIV Prevention Contract awarded to GMI Partnership & NHS Freedoms Shop

    The leading London HIV Prevention provider GMI Partnership led by METRO Charity with Positive East and West London Gay Men's Project and working with NHS Freedoms Shop has been awarded just under £1 million over two years to continue to provide outreach and condom distribution across London to gay and bisexual men and other men who have sex with men (MSM).

    03 March 2015 | Metro Centre press release
  • Are women PrePared?

    Can PreP just be provided to men who have sex with men in the UK? What about others? What about other vulnerable populations, such as black women and migrants? What about trans women? All the data we have here in the UK is about men who have sex with men, and this worries me.

    02 March 2015 | Speaking Up! (blog)
  • New Zealand: Caution urged on new HIV prevention info

    The NZ AIDS Foundation is advising a very cautious response to new research which is providing more support for an HIV prevention technique whereby men without HIV infection can take HIV medications to reduce the risk of any of the virus entering their bodies becoming an established infection.

    02 March 2015 | GayNZ
  • HIV Prevention Cuts Medical Costs

    Averting a single infection could save up to $338,000 over a lifetime.

    27 February 2015 | MedPage Today HIV/AIDS
  • HIV pill: The logic of paying £500 a month so gay men don't have to wear condoms

    At a time when the NHS is under immense financial strain – some might say bankrupt – it may seem odd to suggest that the health service pay nearly £500 a month for a gay man to take a daily pill so that he doesn’t have to wear a condom. However, the scientists behind this clinical trial believe that a policy of offering daily drugs aimed at curbing new HIV infections within certain high-risk groups of men who have sex with men may actually save the NHS money in the long term.

    26 February 2015 | The Independent
  • CDC Statement on IPERGAY Trial of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV Prevention among Men Who Have Sex with Men

    The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) today welcomed the news of the successful findings of the PROUD and Ipergay studies but expressed caution on interpreting Ipergay's results. CDC's director of HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD & TB prevention said: "Since available data suggest that men in this study were taking PrEP an average of three to four days per week, CDC cautions that researchers do not yet know if this regimen will work among MSM who have sex less frequently and would therefore be taking PrEP less often." The CDC , he added, "continues to recommend only daily use of PrEP, as approved by the FDA." However he noted that "the IPERGAY findings combined with other recent research suggests that even with less than perfect daily adherence, PrEP may still offer substantial protection if taken consistently."

    25 February 2015 | CDC (US)
  • HIV and LGTB NGOs and other concerned actors across Europe call for futher action on pre-exposure prophylaxis

    The European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG), Europe’s network of HIV activists, and  AIDES, a leading French NGO in the fight against AIDS and viral hepatitis, backed by 81 European HIV LGBT civil society organisations and concerned actors, issued an urgent HIV Prevention Manifesto today. We demand that pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV (PrEP) is made available as soon as possible within the European Union, and that Gilead, the company that makes the PrEP medicine Truvada®, submits an application to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for a change of indication so that its use to prevent HIV can be approved.

    25 February 2015 | EATG
  • 'Give HIV drugs to healthy gay men'

    Healthy gay men should be offered daily HIV drugs to prevent infections, say UK Medical Research Council and Public Health England scientists. Their study, on 545 high-risk men, found one case of HIV could be stopped for every 13 men treated for a year. The research team says it would be similar to the pill for women and would not encourage risky sex. The findings have been described as a "game changer" and the NHS is considering how to adopt them.

    25 February 2015 | BBC News
  • Critiquing UNAIDS HIV Prevention Goals, AVAC Calls For Honed Strategy

    The global HIV advocacy group AVAC has raised an alarm that global goals for HIV prevention may prove ineffectual due to their vagueness.

    24 February 2015 | AIDSMeds
  • Activists seek to put porn actor condom requirement on California ballot

    Healthcare activists critical of adult film industry practices are working to put a measure before California voters next year to require porn actors to use condoms during film production, expanding a Los Angeles County rule that survived a legal challenge.

    23 February 2015 | Reuters
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