HIV prevention news updates

Greta Hughson
Published: 21 December 2012

We’ve recently launched two new free email bulletins, both designed to keep people up to date with the latest in HIV prevention news, but each with a slightly different focus.

HIV prevention news: England

In September, we sent the first monthly edition of HIV prevention news: England.

The Department of Health has funded a new national programme of HIV prevention for gay men, other men who have sex with men and African communities in England. It is called HIV Prevention England (HPE).

As part of the new programme, NAM is providing a regular concise update on the evolving evidence, news and policy of interest to people working in HIV prevention in England. The bulletin is for anyone providing, commissioning or influencing HIV prevention work, including in clinical settings.

As well as giving a concise update of the most important developments in the field, HIV prevention news: England covers the latest epidemiological data, behavioural insights, research on new prevention technologies, evaluations of interventions, guidance and policy developments.

You can sign up to receive this bulletin free of charge, and each monthly edition is added to an online archive.

The partners in the HIV Prevention England programme are:

HPE is currently inviting organisations to submit tenders to provide local HIV prevention work in England. For more information, email or download the application forms from The deadline for applications is 12 noon on Friday 25th January 2013.

HIV prevention news: Europe

In October, we launched HIV prevention news: Europe.

HIV prevention has been evolving rapidly in recent years, with landmark research developments in new prevention technologies and approaches, including HIV treatment as prevention, pre-exposure prophylaxis, expanded testing programmes and advocacy for proven approaches that remain unprovided such as syringe and needle exchange and condoms in prisons.

Community organisations, HIV advocates, clinicians and counsellors across Europe work with people living with HIV and people at risk of HIV infection. These practitioners have a key role to play in supporting people at risk of acquiring or transmitting HIV to understand their options and the implications of new research.

This new bulletin aims to strengthen knowledge of new prevention options and share the latest HIV prevention news and research. Subscribers will also be kept up to date with other HIV prevention work in Europe, including a series of webinars being run by NAM in partnership with AVAC.

You can sign up to receive HIV prevention news: Europe free of charge, and browse the online archive, in five languages:

This bulletin is produced in association with the European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG), with support from Gilead Sciences.