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    This factsheet provides some practical information that you might find useful if you are the parent or carer of an HIV-positive child.With the right treatment...

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  • HIV Cure: Babies' Lack of Memory T-Cells Make Virus Unable to Hide from drugs

    The National Institutes of Health intends to launch a clinical trial for more than 400 HIV-infected infants to undergo strong antiretroviral drug therapy, inspired by the Mississippi baby who is now age 4 and likely cured from AIDS.

    19 June 2014 | International Business Times
  • Children battle to access HIV testing in Zimbabwe

    Young people with HIV are increasingly dying at a time when HIV-related deaths are declining for all other age groups. They are also less likely to get tested for the virus, as concerns about guardianship and privacy can discourage clinics from testing children, according to a recent study.

    10 June 2014 | IRIN Plus News
  • More Research called for into HIV and schistosomiasis coinfection in African children

    Researchers from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine have called for more research to be carried out into HIV and schistosomiasis coinfection in children in sub-Saharan Africa.

    23 April 2014 | HIV / AIDS News From Medical News Today
  • HIV: The power of positive thinking

    At 12, Lisa was told that the 'vitamin pills' she'd been taking all her life were in fact antiretroviral drugs. Then she learnt that the woman she thought was her mother was really her aunt; her mother had died of Aids when she was four. She struggled to cope. Now 19, she's helping other young people with HIV to face the future.

    15 April 2014 | The Independent
  • The Eastern Cape cancer mystery

    Many Eastern Cape children infected with HIV at birth are developing AIDS-defining cancers as they reach adulthood, but HIV is unlikely to be the only driver of the what haematologists suspect is an inexplicably high concentration of blood cancers in the province.

    27 February 2014 | Health-e
  • Youth born with HIV may have higher heart disease risk, NIH network study shows

    Researchers advise reducing risk through diet, exercise, not smoking.

    25 February 2014 | National Institutes of Health (press release)
  • Older children with HIV may need to start treatment sooner to normalize future CD4 count

    Although younger children with HIV are at high risk of disease progression if not treated, new research published this week in PLOS Medicine indicates that they have good potential for achieving high CD4 counts in later life provided antiretroviral therapy (ART) is initiated according to current treatment guidelines. However, the research also suggests that the recommended CD4 count thresholds for ART initiation are unlikely to maximize immunological health in children who have never received ART before the age of ten years.

    30 October 2013 | EurekAlert
  • Three Students Got Kicked Out Of An Arkansas Public School Because They Might Be HIV-Positive

    A public school district in Arkansas has removed three siblings from school because administrators suspect they may be infected with HIV, according to a local disability rights organization. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, public schools may not ban children simply based on their HIV status.

    17 September 2013 | Think Progress
  • Midwife sacked over HIV disclosures defends right to blow whistle

    A midwife who was sacked after revealing that foster parents were not being told that children had HIV has defended her right to “whistleblow” on the practice.

    17 September 2013 | Daily Telegraph
  • South Africa: Explaining ARV Treatment to Children Is Hard

    Parents find it difficult to tell children that they are HIV-positive and explain to them the antiretroviral treatment they must take to remain healthy, a study has found.

    31 July 2013 | AllAfrica
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