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  • Who’s the Poz? Danny Pintauro and the HIV Blame Game

    Recently, Who’s the Boss? child star Danny Pintauro disclosed to Oprah the world that he was HIV+. While Pintauro’s act of disclosing his status should be universally applauded, the message he brings with it warrants a little more scrutiny.

    10 hours ago | Gay News Network
  • Want to Prove You Disclosed Your HIV Status? Here's an App for That

    Legally, people with HIV often have to prove they had disclosed their status to partners. The IDislose app may help do that.

    24 September 2015 | Poz magazine news
  • AIDS Healthcare Foundation's Demand for Medical Records Endangers Us All

    The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has subpoenaed three providers of HIV and STI testing in Los Angeles, demanding that they release records on specific clients from as far back as 2007. The clients whose records were subpoenaed are adult film actors. This is the latest in Weinstein's long history of attacks on the human rights and autonomy of people living with HIV (PLHIV) and those he perceives as vulnerable to HIV.

    21 September 2015 | The Body
  • Mugabe forced to host gays, lesbians

    Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe does not hide his disdain for gays and lesbians and is on record describing homosexuals as “worse that pigs and dogs” and homosexuality as a “white problem". Now, with less than three months before the opening of the International Conference on Aids and STIs in Africa (ICASA) conference set for December, Mugabe will once again be in the spotlight. Senior officials within government and in particular the National Aids Council (NAC) indicated that there seems to have been a climb-down within government following a realisation that “alienating these key populations would work against government efforts to reduce the prevalence of HIV and Aids”.

    08 September 2015 | The Standard, Zimbabwe
  • Canada: New study finds majority of women living with HIV who also inject drugs face legal obligation to disclose HIV status to sexual partners

    A new study presented to the IAS conference in Vancouver, Canada found that 44 per cent of women within a research cohort of people who use injection drugs living with HIV in Vancouver would be legally obligated to disclose their HIV status to their sexual partners. Within the study, 65 per cent of male participants compared with only 45 percent of female participants satisfied the Supreme Court of Canada’s legal test for HIV non-disclosure. This says that people living with HIV must disclose their HIV status to a partner before sexual activity unless both a condom is used and a low HIV viral load is present.

    26 August 2015 | HIV Justice Network
  • The missing link in new US AIDS strategy

    President Barack Obama has announced a National HIV/AIDS strategy designed to carry the country’s policy through to 2020. The updated policy, positive in many ways, lacks one crucial element: the criminal justice system’s role in fueling HIV and AIDS.

    20 August 2015 | The Hill
  • Missouri Judge's Sentencing of Michael Johnson in HIV “Exposure” Case Decried As “Barbaric”

    Members of the medical and legal community joined HIV activists in expressing outrage at the 30½ year sentence imposed on a Black Missouri college student and star wrestler following his conviction under the state law that makes it a felony for people diagnosed with HIV to have sexual contact without documenting they disclosed their HIV status.

    17 July 2015 | The Center for HIV Law and Policy
  • 4 arrested in connection with southern Indiana HIV outbreak

    Authorities say four men have been arrested after allegedly distributing drugs that have fueled the largest HIV outbreak in Indiana history.

    25 June 2015 | Indianopolis Star
  • WHO Launches groundbreaking report: Sexual health, human rights and the law

    The document results from of extensive research and consultation globally over a period of seven years. It establish conceptual references to guide the application of human rights and the the law to sexual health in relation to barriers to sexual services, information on sexual health and violence.

    22 June 2015 | Sexuality Policy Watch
  • Nigeria: Senate passes law criminalising HIV non-disclosure, exposure and transmission

    The new law criminalises deliberate transmission of HIV or any other life threatening sexually transmitted disease and frames non-disclosure of HIV (or any other ‘life-threatening STI, including, potentially, ebola) as sexual assault.

    09 June 2015 | HIV Justice Network
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