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  • Bill would amend California's HIV criminal statutes

    Legislation to be introduced Monday would update California’s laws criminalizing HIV, which were adopted during the height of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, so that a person could not be prosecuted for intentionally transmitting the virus if their sex partner tested negative for HIV.

    06 February 2017 | The Pride
  • Malawi High Court Affirms Human Rights Approach to Criminalisation of HIV Transmission and Exposure

    The appellant is a woman living with HIV who was convicted of negligently and recklessly doing an act which is “likely to spread the infection of any disease which is dangerous to life” under section 192 of the Malawi Penal Code for accidentally breastfeeding another person’s child. Her conviction and sentence have been overturned and set aside.

    01 February 2017 | Southern African Litigation Centre
  • Guide to prosecuting HIV cases ‘undermining’ public health, critics say

    An Ontario court has rejected the Ministry of the Attorney General’s attempt to keep secret a “practical guide” to prosecuting HIV exposure and transmission cases.

    16 January 2017 | Toronto Star
  • Criminalization of HIV non-disclosure a bigger burden on women, advocates say

    The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that the consent someone gives to sexual activity can be considered null and void if a partner fails to disclose, or lies about, his or her HIV status.

    16 January 2017 | Toronto Star
  • Infecting People With HIV Shouldn't Be A Crime… I Think

    The impulse to criminalize non-disclosure of HIV status is one reason that the status is not freely disclosed. You can see how stopping a flirtatious encounter with a damn public service announcement — “Before we go any further, I should say that I have this thing. I barely know you, but please judge me and reject me as you see fit.” — is a high bar. Maybe it’s too high a bar to attach criminal penalties to those who fail to reach it.

    22 December 2016 | Above the Law
  • HIV Conviction Of “Tiger Mandingo” Has Been Thrown Out

    Michael Johnson was sentenced to 30 years for “recklessly” infecting a sexual partner with HIV. Now, an appeals court has ordered a new trial because prosecutors deliberately withheld evidence from Johnson’s attorneys “to gain a strategic advantage.”

    21 December 2016 | BuzzFeed
  • Greek court acquits HIV-positive women charged with 'transmitting the virus' via prostitution

    An Athens Misdemeanours Court on Friday acquitted a group of HIV positive women arrested in 2012 and charged with repeated counts of grievous bodily harm on the grounds that they were transmitting the HIV/AIDS virus by working as prostitutes and having unprotected sex.

    19 December 2016 | Athens News Agency - Macedonian Press Agency
  • Five Reasons ‘HIV Undetectable’ Must Equal ‘Untransmittable’

    “We are not dirty, we are not a threat, and we are not disease vectors. In fact, we are the solution. People living with HIV who achieve viral suppression, who become undetectable, are the solution to the end of new HIV infections in the United States… When we look back 20 years from now we’re going to judge ourselves in terms of how well we responded to this opportunity.” How wonderful that something many of us have assumed for years has been proven to be true. So now we can spread the news and encourage people with HIV to seek treatment and stick with it. However, there is some strong resistance to a message that equates undetectable to untransmittable, and it’s not coming from where you might think.

    15 December 2016 |
  • "Callous, cold and deliberately duplicitous": calling out racism in Canadian newspaper coverage of HIV non-disclosure cases 1989-2015

    Report issued by Canadian university researchers calls for fairness and accuracy in the newsroom and an end to coverage that stigmatizes people with HIV.

    07 December 2016 | Positive Lite
  • New South Wales: Removing disclosure law will help stop HIV spread, health experts say

    The offence of having sex without first disclosing you have a sexually transmitted disease will be removed from the Public Health Act next year.

    28 November 2016 | Sydney Morning Herald
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