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  • Canada: Social media campaign ‘Think Twice’ uses video to ask gay men to reconsider pressing charges for HIV non-disclosure

    Last week saw the launch of a new phase of a targeted social marketing campaign by AIDS ACTION NOW! (AAN) that features 42 short videos from members and allies of Toronto’s LGBTQI community.

    24 November 2014 | HIV Justice Network
  • Consultation: Offences against the Person

    A scoping consultation, exploring potential options for reforming the Offences Against the Person Act 1861. We ask whether future reform needs to deal with serious harm caused by infectious diseases either by codifying the current law (and resolving some uncertainties within it) or in some other way.

    12 November 2014 | Law Commission
  • Suraj Madoori: Media-Driven Stigma Continues With New HIV Criminalization Case

    Despite the immense progress made in the battle to destigmatize HIV and end HIV criminalization laws, the mainstream media is failing to catch up and join the fight. In some cases, the media's coverage of HIV criminalization becomes the source of stigma. A new case under an outdated HIV criminalization law in Illinois demonstrates the media's inability to handle sensitive information. But it also complicates the public health sector's efforts to destigmatize HIV among vulnerable communities.

    11 November 2014 | Huffington Post
  • Can a Judge Order People to Take HIV Medication?

    The story of a Seattle man with HIV who was ordered by a judge to attend medical visits has stirred HIV community anxiety about coerced treatment. But can people with HIV be mandated to take antiretroviral medication to reduce the likelihood that they will transmit the virus to their sex partners?

    05 November 2014 | The Body
  • Charges Dropped in Nick Rhoades Iowa Criminalization Case

    Prosecutors in Iowa have asked a judge to drop HIV criminalization charges against Nick Rhoades.

    09 October 2014 | Poz magazine news
  • Prostitute charged with not disclosing HIV status, again

    A prostitute convicted of exposing hundreds of men to HIV four years ago is charged with the same crime again. St. Louis County police received a tip that this HIV-positive woman was once again working as a prostitute.

    07 October 2014 | Fox News
  • While Rosemary Namubiru awaits appeal hearing, Uganda’s HIV response, healthworkers living in Uganda with HIV face questionable future

    As has often been the case since the start of the AIDS epidemic, coverage of evidence-based policy surrounding the virus did not receive anything approaching the prominence of sensationalized and incorrect coverage of those most affected.

    01 October 2014 | Science Speaks
  • Sweden: Supreme Court refuses to rule on treatment’s impact on HIV risk

    Last week, Sweden’s Supreme Court announced that it would not grant leave to appeal in a case where the prosecution had appealed an acquittal from Court of Appeal regarding a man living with HIV, on successful antiretroviral therapy, who had … More →

    26 September 2014 | HIV Justice Network
  • US: County health officials get court order to stop HIV-infected man

    To stop a man with HIV who has infected eight other people in the last four years, public health officials have sought court enforcement of its order requiring him to attend counseling and treatment sessions.

    15 September 2014 | Seattle Times
  • Rapist from Northampton who infected woman with HIV has gone on the run

    A convicted rapist from Northampton who knowingly infected a woman with HIV is being hunted by police after he failed to appear for his trial. Brian Tatenda Shayanowako, aged 54, of Lower Adelaide Street, Semilong, Northampton, was convicted by jury and sentenced in his absence of one count of rape after failing to appear for his trial, which concluded on Friday at Aylesbury Crown Court. Det Con Charlotte McDonald said: “We do not seek to criminalise those who live with HIV and we work closely with our partner agencies to ensure people are appropriately supported. However this was a case in which someone has admitted recklessly transmitting HIV to another person."

    02 September 2014 | Northampton Chronicle & Echo
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