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  • Justice Department Releases Best Practices Guide to Reform HIV-Specific Criminal Laws to Align with Scientifically-Supported Factors

    The Justice Department announced today that it has released a Best Practices Guide to Reform HIV-Specific Criminal Laws to Align with Scientifically-Supported Factors. This guide provides technical assistance regarding state laws that criminalize engaging in certain behaviors without disclosing known HIV-positive status. The guide will assist states to ensure that their policies reflect contemporary understanding of HIV transmission routes and associated benefits of treatment and do not place unnecessary burdens on individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

    16 July 2014 | US Department of Justice
  • Researchers relate arrests with HIV risk environment

    Practices used in policing injection drug users in Russia might contribute to HIV transmission and overdose mortality, according to a study. The research sought to discover the effect police arrests had on the health outcomes of a cohort of HIV-positive people with lifetime of injection drug use.

    10 July 2014 | Science Daily
  • The changing tide in Uganda's HIV control

    Less than a decade ago, HIV-prevention work in Uganda was hailed as an example to other African nations. Proposed legislation might, however, erode the advances made, Talha Burki reports.

    23 June 2014 | The Lancet Infectious Diseases (free registration required)
  • UK: Study of people with HIV in Manchester finds legal literacy lacking on criminal prosecutions

    People living with HIV in Manchester appear to have little understanding of their rights and responsibilities under English law to avoid prosecution for ‘reckless’ HIV transmission, according to a study presented to the British HIV Association Conference in Liverpool.

    18 June 2014 | HIV Justice Network
  • American Medical Association Opposes HIV Criminalization

    Medical students advocated within the AMA for the resolution.

    17 June 2014 | Poz magazine news
  • Victory! Iowa Supreme Court Reverses Conviction in Lambda Legal HIV Criminalization Case

    Today the Iowa Supreme Court set aside the conviction of Nick Rhoades, an HIV-positive Iowan who was initially sentenced to 25 years in prison, with required registration as a sex offender, after having a one-time sexual encounter with another man during which they used a condom. In reversing the conviction, the Court recognized that HIV-positive individuals who have a reduced viral load as a result of effective treatment pose little risk of transmitting HIV.

    13 June 2014 | Lambda Legal
  • VIDEO: The Powerful “HIV is Not a Crime” Conference

    The most powerful speaker at the recent “HIV is Not a Crime” conference was a man named Kerry Thomas. He held the crowd of more than 150 advocates spellbound for a full twenty minutes although he never took the stage. He spoke by phone from Idaho Correctional Facility, a place he may not be released from until 2038.

    13 June 2014 | My Fabulous Disease
  • Advocates Speak: A Snapshot of Voices and Perspectives from the 'HIV is Not a Crime' Conference

    This week, from June 2-5, the HIV is Not a Crime Conference took place in Grinnell College in Iowa. Advocates from across the country came together to brainstorm and share their perspectives and experiences in connection with HIV criminalization – the use of criminal law to prosecute and penalize people living with HIV for conduct that would be legal if they did not get tested or know their status.

    09 June 2014 | The Center for HIV Law and Policy
  • To Take Down HIV Criminalization Laws, You'll Need to Develop Talking Points

    Much of the discussion at the 2014 HIV is Not a Crime Conference stresses that HIV criminalization laws are bad policies that have extremely negative results for public health and the personal quality of life for people living with HIV. But how can advocates best discuss this issue with others who are not as familiar with its troubling consequences?

    09 June 2014 | The Body
  • HIV Criminalization: A Physician's Perspective

    Dr. Wendy Armstrong gives a personal account on how she felt after being called to testify in a criminal court regarding one of her patient’s HIV status.

    09 June 2014 | The Body Pro
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