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  • While HIV aid drops, overall global health spending shows “enduring support”

    While development assistance to middle and low-income countries for global health reached an all-time high last year, assistance for “the main infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria, contracted on the whole,” according to the Financing Global Health 2013: Transition in an Age of Austerity report published by the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation.

    22 April 2014 | Science Speaks
  • Egypt: New Treatments May Defuse Viral Hepatitis Time Bomb

    Egypt is said officially to have the highest prevalence of hepatitis C in the world, with 10 to 14 percent of its 85 million people infected, and about two million in dire need of treatment. The Egyptian government recently struck a deal with U.S. pharmaceutical firm Gilead Sciences to purchase its new hepatitis C pill Sovaldi at a fraction of its American price.

    10 April 2014 | Inter Press Service
  • Global Fund And Tiered Medicines Pricing Under Debate

    The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has launched an initiative with other agencies aimed at expanding global access to health products such as medicines. But the Fund has had some explaining to do about the initiative, which some say could encompass a plan to allow different prices based on national income levels.

    08 April 2014 | Intellectual Property Watch
  • Cutbacks threaten Lesotho's HIV sufferers

    Expert patients counsel neighbours living with HIV on how to take their medication and accompanies patients to the clinic. But now vital funds used to pay for the counsellors are being withdrawn as Lesotho's government struggles to cope with falling donor aid.

    11 March 2014 | Deutsche Welle
  • U.S. Funding Choices Are Challenged In The Wake Of Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law

    Early last month, as Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni weighed signing a brutal new anti-LGBT bill into law, the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (ICRU) published a statement urging religious leaders in the country to “highlight the dangers of homosexuality and lesbianism.” At the same time, the group has received millions in U.S. government grants for years to fight HIV. Why was the money going to a key supporter of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which the the U.S. government has officially opposed?

    07 March 2014 |
  • Ukraine activists seek stability in HIV/TB funding in face of political turmoil

    Ukraine's HIV community including principal recipients of Global Fund grants have formally requested an expediting of the disbursement of Phase 2 funds under Round 10 in order to counteract the potential impact of the current political turmoil roiling the country.

    07 March 2014 | Global Fund Observer
  • WHO 2013 Consolidated Guidelines Supplement looks at trends in HIV treatment eligibility, pediatric care, stavudine, PEP and more

    The World Health Organization launched the March 2014 Supplement to the 2013 Consolidated Guidelines on the Use of Antiretroviral Drugs for Treating and Preventing HIV Infection here by reporting on some of the responses to the guidelines to date and offering featured presentations on sections of the new supplement.

    04 March 2014 | Science Speaks
  • Global Fund expresses “deep concern” about new anti-gay law in Uganda

    The Global Fund has expressed “deep concern” about a law signed by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni that imposes jail terms of up to seven years for those who ‘aid or abet’ homosexual relations, which could implicate health workers providing services and counseling to people living with HIV.

    28 February 2014 | Global Fund Observer
  • UN Envoy for AIDS in Africa Must Go

    In the wake of Uganda’s passage of a law criminalizing homosexuality, the reprehensible silence of Ms. Speciosa Wandira-Kazibwe, UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, and her ongoing position as a senior advisor to President Museveni, threaten to undermine the credibility and independence of the United Nations.

    28 February 2014 | AIDS-Free World
  • In the Face of Discrimination, Keep Going

    The law recently passed in Nigeria prohibiting gay and lesbian citizens from gathering and organizing sets us back from creating an AIDS-free future. But in the face of potentially devastating roadblocks such as these, we have an option: keep going.

    27 February 2014 | Science Speaks
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