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  • PEPFAR strategy to focus on 13 countries close to controlling epidemic

    The United States will concentrate its resources on 13 countries with high levels of HIV that have the best chance of controlling the AIDS epidemic under a strategy unveiled on Tuesday. President Donald Trump’s administration requested the program be cut by $1 billion earlier this year but the Senate Appropriations Committee voted last week to keep funding largely unchanged at roughly $6 billion.

    19 September 2017 | Reuters
  • Bill Gates: Don't expect charities to pick up the bill for Trump's sweeping aid cuts

    Head of world’s largest private philanthropic organisation speaks out as report shows progress on reducing extreme poverty under threat.

    13 September 2017 | The Guardian
  • Melinda Gates decries ‘loss of U.S. leadership’ in global aid

    Melinda Gates is calling on world leaders to step up global aid funding, saying “a loss of U.S. leadership” is resulting in “confusion and chaos” in some of the most vulnerable corners of the planet.

    13 September 2017 | Washington Post
  • A Stocktake Review of DFID’s Work on HIV and AIDS

    DFID’s overall funding for HIV is falling. Despite the UK’s substantial contribution to the Global Fund, massive cuts to DFID’s country office programmes focused on HIV have led to a decrease in funding from £416m in 2012 to £324 in 2015.

    12 September 2017 | STOP AIDS
  • A Venezuelan woman had grown used to shortages. Then her HIV drugs ran out.

    Doctors are struggling to cope with a surging HIV/AIDS crisis that experts fear could become the worst in Latin America in years. Caracas’s largest hospitals are now scrambling to cope with an influx of both newly infected and deteriorating HIV patients, their emaciated bodies evoking the distressing images that defined the virus in the 1980s.

    11 September 2017 | Washington Post
  • Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs issues stark warning on funding cuts

    Funding cuts are the ‘single biggest threat’ to treatment recovery outcomes, according to the government’s own advisors, the ACMD. Maintaining funding levels for treatment is ‘essential’ for preventing drug-related deaths and crime, states Commissioning impact on drug treatment, which contains examples of funding reductions brought about by re-procurement or variations to existing contracts.

    07 September 2017 | Drink & Drug News
  • Study finds small savings, high costs in both dollars and lives from global HIV funding cuts

    Cutbacks to HIV services driven by diminishing donor dollars would result in reductions of no more than 30 percent of current spending, while inflicting individual and public health costs out of any proportion to the amounts of money saved, a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found.

    07 September 2017 | Science Speaks
  • Cutting US foreign aid for HIV would cost lives, without much savings

    Reducing US foreign aid for HIV prevention and treatment might not save that much money in the long run, and it could lead to a surge in new infections and fatalities, a new study suggests.

    29 August 2017 | Reuters
  • Activists stunned by Global Fund decision to end funding for regional HIV programming in Africa

    There will be no opportunities for new multi-country HIV programs in Sub-Saharan Africa – the region hardest hit by the disease. The Global Fund has indicated that the decision was based on technical partners’ guidance and information. Activists have called it “frustrating” and “irresponsible.”

    24 August 2017 | Aidspan
  • In first, healthcare provider to subsidize HIV medication

    The decision by Meuhedet to subsidize a generic version of the drug Truvada is set to drive a dramatic drop in prices for HIV medication. Under the new policy, Meuhedet patients were expected to pay NIS 300-500 ($83-$138) for the medication instead of the current cost of some NIS 2,100 ($580).

    08 August 2017 | The Times of Israel
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