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  • Fuzzy Math at the Global Fund Replenishment?

    Why $13 billion might not be $13 billion and why it’s insufficient even if it is.

    22 September 2016 | Medium
  • Global Fund sees new donors, persistent gaps

    The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria hit its funding goal at the fifth replenishment conference in Montreal, Canada, on Sept 16-17. But advocates warn that those funds may still fall short of what’s needed to reach the most vulnerable communities. The reasons include persistent human rights challenges and access to affordable drugs — both of which require new financing and better policy, advocates said.

    21 September 2016 | Devex
  • New Study: Negotiated Hepatitis C Prescription Drug Costs in United States Often Lower than in Price-Controlled European Countries and Japan

    A new report, "Comparison of Hepatitis C Treatment Costs," shows Hepatitis C drug prices, specifically negotiated by pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) in Medicare Part D in 2015, were typically lower than prices in Europe and Japan.

    20 September 2016 | Yahoo News
  • UNAIDS encouraged for future of HIV funding as donors pledge full support to the Global Fund

    The new financial commitments represent a significant increase compared to the US$ 12 billion in pledges made at the previous replenishment conference. Private donors and innovative financing mechanisms more than doubled their pledges to the Global Fund compared to the last conference. Several new countries made pledges and others increased commitments, including Canada, Germany and Japan.

    20 September 2016 | UNAIDS
  • UK pledges £1.1bn to global aid fund against Aids, TB and malaria

    Britain will contribute £1.1bn to a global aid fund to help fight Aids, tuberculosis and malaria, but will attach a set of “demanding” performance targets, Priti Patel has announced. The money will fund 40m bed nets to tackle malaria, provide enough antiretroviral therapy for 1.3 million people with HIV and support the treatment of 800,000 people with tuberculosis. A proportion of the investment will be used to leverage £100m from the private sector specifically to tackle malaria.

    20 September 2016 | The Guardian
  • Global Fund Donors Pledge Nearly $13 Billion to Help End Epidemics

    At the launch of the Global Fund's Fifth Replenishment, donors pledged over US$12.9 billion for the next three years, demonstrating extraordinary global commitment toward ending the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria for good.

    19 September 2016 | Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria
  • Clinton Foundation plans to spin off flagship health project

    The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation would spin off its flagship health project, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, into a "completely independent" charity if Hillary Clinton were to win the U.S. presidency in November.

    19 September 2016 | Reuters
  • UNAIDS urges donors to commit to fully funding the Global Fund

    Ahead of the Fifth Replenishment Conference of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (Global Fund), to be held in Montreal, Canada, on 16 and 17 September, UNAIDS is calling on donors to fully fund the Global Fund. 

    16 September 2016 | UNAIDS
  • Atlanta group joins federal complaint against HIV drug costs

    An Atlanta AIDS group joined a multi-state effort Tuesday to reduce the costs of HIV drugs by two insurance firms, asserting that the high prices discriminate against people living with the disease.

    07 September 2016 | Atlanta Journal Constitution
  • Separating Myths from Facts: Donor funding for the HIV response

    As activists we need to fight these devastating cuts, and be ready to counteract rampant myths about international donor funding and the HIV response. Here's our attempt to set the record straight.

    06 September 2016 | Health GAP
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