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  • Hepatitis C treatment: Back to the warehouse

    Like many physicians that specialize in hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment, I have spent the last few years advising many of my patients with chronic HCV infection to defer treatment and wait for new therapies. Patients, advocacy groups, and physicians closely followed the development of [these new therapies] in eager anticipation of US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and, for most patients, the possibility of a cure of their HCV infection. However, this eager anticipation morphed into uneasy concern as, along with FDA approval, drug pricing was announced.

    26 August 2015 | Clinical Liver Disease
  • New site details how PEPFAR funding is spent

    Amfar, the Foundation for AIDS Research, has launched a new website designed to help civil society organizations, ministries of health and finance, researchers, and others access President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief funding data.

    20 August 2015 | Science Speaks
  • South Africa submits $380-million concept note for HIV/TB

    South Africa on 15 July submitted a joint HIV/TB concept note for some $380.5 million in funding, more than half of which is to support prevention interventions specifically targeting key populations including young women and girls, men who have sex with men and people living in disease hot spots. Of this, $142.2 million constitutes an above-allocation request.

    17 August 2015 | Global Fund Observer
  • African-Americans most likely to stop taking meds in Medicare Part D's coverage gap

    Medicare Part D provides help to beneficiaries struggling with the cost of prescriptions drugs, but the plan's coverage gap hits some populations harder than others, particularly African-Americans age 65 and older. Reaching, or even approaching, the gap affects access to medication and influences whether those medications are taken as prescribed.

    17 August 2015 | Eurekalert Medicine & Health
  • Funding crisis puts India's AIDS programme, and lives, at risk

    India's fight against AIDS is being jeopardised by a cut in social spending by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government, with health workers being laid off and programmes to prevent the spread of the deadly disease curtailed.

    29 July 2015 | Reuters
  • UK: Is HIV Prevention Failing?

    Let down by a now decimated HIV prevention budget, a record number of gay men were diagnosed with HIV in 2013. Chris Godfrey speaks to the National Aids Trust, GMFA and ACT UP London to find out how current HIV prevention strategies are failing and what is needed to curb the worrying increase in transmissions.

    17 July 2015 | QX
  • People with HIV live almost 20 years longer than in 2001

    People living with the HIV virus today can expect to live nearly two decades longer than those who were diagnosed at the start of this century, thanks to cheaper and more readily available antiretroviral drugs, the UN said in a major report on a disease once seen by many as a death sentence to be endured in secrecy. The average HIV-positive person is now expected to live for 55 years – 19 years longer than in 2001, according to the report by the UN’s Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAids).

    14 July 2015 | The Guardian
  • Terrence Higgins chief executive says she was sacked because 'board lost its nerve'

    The sacked chief executive of the Terrence Higgins Trust has said she was dismissed because the board lost their nerve over a change programme, and suggested her removal served individuals at the charity more than beneficiaries.

    14 July 2015 | Civil Society
  • Inquiry into sexual health service commissioning finds lack of accountability

    A lack of accountability in sexual and reproductive health and HIV care in England is directly impacting patients and must be addressed urgently. That is the finding of an inquiry by an All Party Parliamentary Group into the standards of sexual health services since responsibility for commissioning was transferred to local government in 2013 through the Health and Social Care Act.

    14 July 2015 | FPA press release
  • Sexual health commissioning in local government

    These nine case studies showcase local government experience of commissioning sexual health services since taking over this responsibility in April 2013.

    10 July 2015 | MEDFASH
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