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  • US: Study shows direct link between state spending habits and AIDS deaths

    American states with higher spending on social services and public health -- such as education and income support -- per person living in poverty (according to the federal poverty threshold) had significantly lower HIV/AIDS case rates and fewer AIDS deaths.

    04 February 2016 | Eurekalert Inf Dis
  • Merck Throws a Wrench in Drug Pricing

    Volume may help Merck make up what it loses on price. AbbVie and Gilead's drugs are priced so high that many governments and insurers will only pay for them for patients that have severe liver scarring, given HCV's slow progression. Zepatier is priced at a point that could make it affordable to treat a much larger population at earlier stages of the disease.

    01 February 2016 | Bloomberg
  • Only 3 Presidential Candidates Share How They Will Address HIV

    Only 3 out of the 16 candidates running for president answered GMHC's survey on how they plan to govern on issues concerning HIV.

    01 February 2016 | HIVPlus
  • California Doles Out Millions to Insurers for Hepatitis C Drugs

    In an unusual funding arrangement, California is paying private health plans hundreds of millions of dollars in supplemental payments to cover the high price of hepatitis C drugs for patients in Medi-Cal managed care plans.

    29 January 2016 | KQED News
  • Massachusetts official challenges Gilead's hepatitis C drug prices

    Massachusetts' attorney general is studying whether prices of Gilead Sciences' blockbuster treatments for hepatitis C violate state law, according to a letter the prosecutor sent to the California-based drugmaker.

    28 January 2016 | Reuters
  • About that latest big Gates Foundation bet for HIV prevention

    It isn’t too out of the ordinary for Gates Foundation grant awards to soar into the eight- and even nine-figure range. So, its $20 million grant to Moderna Therapeutics to support its continuing development of a novel but promising HIV prevention therapy isn’t particularly extraordinary. But what is that the total potential commitment from the foundation could reach upwards of $100 million—around 70 percent of the Gates Foundation’s HIV/AIDS grants for all of last year.

    27 January 2016 | Inside Philanthropy
  • Infected blood: reform of financial and other support

    Seeks views on the reforms to the support for those affected by hepatitis C or HIV from historic NHS blood treatments.

    26 January 2016 | Department of Health
  • UK: Closure of PACE, the LGBT+ mental health charity

    PACE, the LGBT+ mental health charity, will close at the end of January 2016 due to lack of funding. Founded in 1985 PACE has provided support services for the LGBT+ community for over 30 years delivering counselling, advocacy, training, youth work, research and mental health support services.

    26 January 2016 | PACE
  • Reaction to The Global Fund’s Fifth Replenishment target muted

    Reaction to the size of The Global Fund’s 5th Replenishment target has been somewhat muted so far, despite the fact that at $13 billion, it is $2 billion lower than the target for the last replenishment, and despite the global push to ending the epidemics by 2030 as set out in the Sustainable Development Goals.

    24 January 2016 | Global Fund Observer
  • USA: Tax Dollars Pick Up Two-Thirds of Healthcare Tab

    Taxpayers funded nearly two-thirds of all U.S. health expenditures in 2013, and that figure is expected to rise even higher by 2024, a study has found.

    22 January 2016 | MedPage Today HIV/AIDS
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