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  • Activists United and Ignited by Urgency for HIV Prevention in Europe: EATG and AVAC call for the rollout of PrEP as a proven HIV prevention strategy

    Initiated and organised entirely by the community of people living with and at risk for HIV, the second European HIV Prevention Summit brought together representatives of civil society, the pharmaceutical industry, researchers and academia in Brussels between 29 and 31 January. In addition to a thorough examination of PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), the summit discussed the latest developments in the research fields of vaccines, rectal and vaginal microbicides and antibodies and their utility in HIV prevention.

    03 February 2016 | EATG
  • The Kremlin Shows the World How to Make an AIDS Crisis Worse

    New HIV infections have slowed dramatically throughout the world in recent years, including in much of sub-Saharan Africa—the region worst hit by the AIDS-causing virus—but Russia is a deadly exception. Even the official figures, which most experts agree are a significant underestimation, are terrifying. Almost 1 million Russians are registered as having contracted HIV, out of a population of 143 million people, an almost twofold increase from 2010.

    27 January 2016 | Newsweek
  • How the War in Ukraine Is Causing a Rise in HIV Infections

    According to data from the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation, between January and November 2015, more than 13,000 cases of infection have been recorded in Ukraine. An uptick connected to the failure of the Health System, the destruction of medical buildings, and the shutting down of assistance programs for HIV positive people. On top of those factors, the deterioration of the economic situation in the country and the 300 percent devaluation of the Ukrainian currency, a fall of 25 percent has been registered in the purchase and distribution of condoms in 2014.

    26 January 2016 | VICE
  • Gay Men Are Using Condoms Less, But Their Use Varies Based on Context

    Condom use is declining among men who have sex with men. In a large survey of MSM in major urban areas, nearly two-thirds reported having condomless anal sex at least once during the past year, and a quarter said they had receptive anal intercourse without a condom the last time they had sex with a man. But there is also evidence that MSM use condoms at considerably variable rates depending on their own HIV status, the status of their partners, whether the partner is a main or casual one, and the sexual position.

    24 January 2016 | Poz
  • The Forgotten AIDS Crisis in Russia

    In Moscow the situation for people living with HIV is bad. In the provinces, it can be desperate.

    19 January 2016 | The Daily Beast
  • HIV news / Russia's response to HIV: Too little, too late?

    Unless the Russian government changes its policies on combating and treating HIV, the number of Russians with the virus will double in the next four years, according to Russia's Federal AIDS Center. Cultural traditions, economic weakness and Russia's standoff with the West will dampen the Kremlin's response to the HIV crisis.

    18 January 2016 | EATG
  • Formerly legal drug 'snow blow' linked to rise in HIV

    The injection of a formerly legal high known as ‘snow blow’ is linked to an upsurge in HIV infections among chaotic drug users in Dublin, research shows.

    13 January 2016 | Irish Examiner
  • The State of the HIV Epidemic

    Following years of apparent stagnation in the U.S. fight against HIV, recent reports suggest that things are looking up. What’s the full story?

    06 January 2016 | Poz
  • The City at the Heart of the Philippines's HIV Epidemic

    New infections in the country have skyrocketed, even as they’re declining worldwide. Cebu City, one of the hardest-hit areas, is struggling to control the drug use that’s spreading the virus.

    06 January 2016 | The Atlantic
  • Young Men With Detectable Viral Loads More Likely to Engage in Risky Behavior

    A new study on HIV-positive men and transgender women who have sex with men reported that participants with detectable viral loads were more likely to have anal sex without condoms than those who were virally suppressed, and that condom use was closely related to substance abuse. The study examined participants age 15 to 26 across the US from 2009 to 2012. Among those who had detectable viral loads, a full 44 percent reported condomless sex, a significant percentage higher than those who were virally suppressed but had condomless sex (which was only 25 percent).

    05 January 2016 | HIVPlusMag
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