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  • When HIV is a turn-on

    Treasure Island Media’s new porn film, “Viral Loads,” is stoking controversy by fetishizing HIV and transmission risk.

    16 April 2014 | Salon
  • CHINA: Rise in HIV Identified Among Older Adults in China

    Healio reported that according to the Chinese National Center for AIDS/STD Control and Prevention, the number of adults ages 50 and older with HIV or AIDS in China has increased. The researchers reviewed data from the Chinese HIV/AIDS National Case Reporting System from 2005 to 2012 on 73,521 individuals older than 50 with HIV or AIDS, analyzed demographic characteristics, and identified clusters.

    11 April 2014 | CDC National Prevention Information Network
  • HIV's Grip on the American South

    One of the strangest things about the H.I.V. epidemic in the Deep South—from Louisiana to Alabama to Mississippi—is how easily most Americans have elided it, choosing instead to imagine that the disease is now an out-there, elsewhere epidemic.

    10 April 2014 | The New Yorker
  • South Africa: Is HIV No Longer Scary?

    The latest national HIV survey shows plummeting condom use, increases in multiple concurrent partnerships and more boys having sex younger. Has South Africa gotten complacent about HIV?

    08 April 2014 | AllAfrica
  • Injecting HIV Into Pakistan

    Pakistan may have low prevalence of HIV/AIDS, with only about 9,000 officially confirmed cases, but the country is at high risk, particularly due to a growing number of injecting drug users (IDUs), say experts.

    24 March 2014 | Inter Press Service
  • HIV and relationships

    This edition of HIV Australia focuses on HIV and relationships. Contributors discuss research, and present personal and historical accounts about their own and others’ lived experiences. A broad spectrum of relationships are discussed, including sexual and platonic relationships, relationships with friends, family and peers, and relationships involving organisations and community.

    14 March 2014 | HIV Australia
  • Reducing HIV transmission among drug injectors lowers AIDS mortality in heterosexuals

    A recent study conducted by researchers from New York University's Center for Drug Use and HIV Research, led by Samuel R. Friedman, Director of both New York University's Center for Drug Use and HIV Research's interdisciplinary theoretical synthesis core, and the Institute for Infectious Disease Research at National Development and Research Institutes, sheds light on the pathways connecting HIV epidemics in different populations.

    13 March 2014 | Eurekalert Medicine & Health
  • HIV Spreads Readily Between Rural Ugandan Communities

    Non-household transmission of HIV in Rakai, Uganda, is more likely to come from members outside of a community rather than from within.

    10 March 2014 | AIDSMeds
  • STD rates continue to climb in San Francisco

    San Francisco saw increased cases of sexually transmitted diseases for the eighth consecutive year in 2013. But new HIV infections have steadily declined since 2006 - gay men appear to be focusing on HIV prevention and may not be as concerned with having gonorrhea and syphilis.

    21 February 2014 | Bay Area Reporter
  • London’s HIV crisis: A storm seeded in the noughties?

    An alarming increase in the incidence of both HIV-infection and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) has been occurring amongst men who have sex with men (MSM) in England over the last two years.

    14 February 2014 | Treatment Science Writers
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