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  • New U.S. HIV Data on Gay Men and MSM Lacks Race Analysis

    Last week, Emory University in partnership with the CDC released new information about HIV/AIDS prevalence and incidence among MSM around the country. The study used various methodologies to obtain more accurate information about the number of MSM there are on a state, county and city level. This information is critical in our attempt to assess the actual magnitude of the AIDS epidemic among MSM in America.

    26 May 2016 | The Body
  • With new data, states can better focus HIV prevention for gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men

    HIV prevention for MSM has long been complicated by a lack of complete data.Now, Emory University researchers, in collaboration with CDC, have provided that crucial information Exit Disclaimer. The researchers estimated HIV rates for MSM in every state, and in most counties and cities nationwide.

    18 May 2016 | aids.gov
  • Health dept in bid to wean girls off sugar daddies - Motsoaledi

    The wide-ranging plan would have five objectives, he said, which include decreasing infections in girls and young women, and decreasing teenage pregnancies. Other objectives were decreasing sexual and gender-based violence and keeping girls in school until matric.

    10 May 2016 | News24
  • Study of HIV and STI risk is a “wake-up call” for health providers serving young gay men

    Rates of new HIV and STI cases were as high, or higher, among participants than among rates previously found for older age groups, especially for Black and Hispanic young men.

    04 May 2016 | BETA blog
  • The Comfort of Blaming Other People for New HIV Cases

    The college student had real concern in his eyes when he asked me a question during a recent presentation at American University. “Isn’t it true,” he asked, “that the HIV epidemic continues because people who know they are positive keep infecting other people?” It is a question I have heard before, in one way or another, and it always makes me cringe. Not only does it thrust all culpability onto those living with HIV, it also promotes a narrative that being infected with HIV chemically changes our moral fiber and transforms us into abusive monsters.

    28 April 2016 | My Fabulous Disease
  • New HIV cases in Ireland up by a third last year

    There was a 33% increase in the number of people who tested positive for HIV in Ireland last year. The HSE reported 498 notifications of the virus, compared to 377 in 2014.

    08 April 2016 | RTE
  • The graying of HIV: 1 in 6 new US cases are people older than 50

    Thousands of people 50 and older are diagnosed with HIV each year in the United States, a development that has significant consequences for the health care and social support they need and the doctors, counselors and others who provide it. Older people tend to be sicker when the infection is finally discovered. They usually have other health conditions that accompany aging and often are too embarrassed to reveal their illness to family and friends.

    06 April 2016 | Washington Post
  • Why a London sex clinic is taking on the dark side of internet dating

    Hook-up apps’ tumultuous crusade into the heartlands of the dating scene have been well documented, with the decline in relationship intimacy and rise in sexually transmitted infections all being attributed to their use. It’s for that reason 56 Dean Street, a Soho-based sexual health clinic which sees 13,000 patients walk through its doors each month, has developed a service designed to tackle the new problems online dating presents.

    30 March 2016 | Daily Telegraph
  • Glasgow HIV cases reach highest in decade as numbers quadruple

    NHS Greater Glasgow have seen the number of new cases through drug injection more than quadruple last year. They usually see an average of 10 cases a year – but in 2015 that figure soared to 47.

    29 March 2016 | Daily Record
  • Black gay men reject ‘lifetime HIV risk estimate’ in new CDC report

    "I could maybe be okay with yet another statistic if these findings ensured prevention dollars and efforts mirrored the epidemic and matched these findings. Sadly, this won't happen."

    02 March 2016 | Georgia Voice
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