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  • Having a baby

    I want my experiences to give hope to other people – things do not have to end when you find out that you have HIV. In...

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  • HIV crisis worsened by anti-gay laws in Commonwealth countries, report warns

    The persecution of millions of people in Commonwealth countries where homosexuality is a criminal offence is worsening the Aids crisis, warns a major report produced for David Cameron.

    23 November 2015 | The Independent
  • The Catch-22 of Disclosing Your HIV Status

    During his headline-grabbing TV interview yesterday, Charlie Sheen said he was blackmailed by some people after he disclosed his HIV status. In fact, many people living with HIV have experienced similar negative reactions when they disclose: blackmail, threats of criminal prosecution, unwanted disclosure of HIV status, and physical violence. Paul Kidd writes.

    19 November 2015 | Star Observer
  • Kenya: MPs throw out proposal to punish gays with death

    A Kenyan parliamentary team has thrown out a proposal to have a law prescribing death by public stoning to anybody found participating in homosexual acts. The Justic and Legal Affairs Committee argued that the Constitution not only establishes that the family is the natural and fundamental unit of society, but is forthright that Article 45 provides that every adult has the right to marry a person of the opposite sex. “These provisions adequately protect the family values that apply in our democracy,” it concluded.

    17 November 2015 | Daily Nation
  • Calling HIV 'Loathsome,' Judge Rules for Model Used in HIV Ad

    The model's face appeared in an HIV campaign without her permission.

    06 November 2015 | Poz magazine news
  • Reflections on the state of LGBT activism in Africa

    Cheikh Traore writes: "Contrary to what the international media would have you believe, there have been narrow windows opening for LGBT Africans in the past decade. These changes have occurred in legislation, judiciary decisions, courts, health policies and more importantly in shifting public opinions among the youth. There are lessons to be learned and numerous Africans to be praised for championing change."

    29 September 2015 | Africasacountry
  • HIV prejudice in Cyprus still holds

    The case of a British HIV-positive tourist in Paphos, who was reportedly asked to leave the hotel he was staying and was refused treatment by private clinics, reveals the degree of ignorance in our society, the Ombudsman said Tuesday.

    24 September 2015 | In Cyprus
  • Gay Man Sues After Being Denied Insurance Because of PrEP

    "The assumption is that gay male sexuality is inherently risky and unhealthy, and that’s just wrong," said GLAD's attorney.

    18 September 2015 | Poz magazine news
  • Proposed Obamacare Rule Fights Sex Discrimination. What About HIV?

    The proposal protects transgender people. But does it protect people with chronic illnesses like HIV? The Obama administration wants your input.

    11 September 2015 | Poz magazine news
  • New Zealand: Man with HIV loses case over dental care at Human Rights Tribunal

    Aaron Jacobsen lodged a complaint after New Plymouth clinical dental technician Tom Zhou refused to provide him with a quote for dentures when he revealed he had HIV.

    09 September 2015 | New Zealand Herald
  • Campaigner publishes DIY legal guide to how he won 40 discrimination cases

    An activist who has brought more than 40 legal cases against organisations that discriminated against him has published a new guide to help other disabled people take similar action through the courts.

    24 August 2015 | Disability News Service
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