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  • Having a baby

    I want my experiences to give hope to other people – things do not have to end when you find out that you have HIV. In...

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  • Nigerian laws give conflicting message on HIV and homophobia

    In 2016, the Nigerian government passed the HIV/AIDS Anti-Discrimination Act. The law is meant to prevent HIV-related discrimination and ensure access to healthcare and other services. It also provides protection of the human rights and dignity of people affected by HIV in Nigeria. However, the 2014 anti-homosexuality act prohibiting all forms of same-sex sexual activity remains.

    17 May 2016 | Key Correspondents
  • Anti-LGBTQ laws increase risk of HIV, drug use, and violence

    Recently enacted laws in North Carolina and Mississippi and their impact on the rights of the LGBTQ community have brought to light a serious public health issue: an increased risk of HIV and gender-based violence. Laws such as these, as well as in other states, specifically exclude communities from protections against discrimination and create environments with gender inequality, stigmatization, and differential access to services. Together, this can lead to increased risk of violence.

    03 May 2016 | The Hill (blog)
  • Ste talks to NAT (National AIDS Trust) about HIV and workplace discrimination

    Interview with a man who has experienced workplace discrimination in relation to his HIV status.

    14 April 2016 | You Tube
  • Turkmenistan Requires HIV Test for Marriage License Seekers

    The law, which was reported by state-controlled media on Wednesday, implies that anyone found to be infected with the virus that is the precursor to AIDS would be denied a marriage license. The reports said the law was enacted "in order to create conditions for forming healthy families and avert the birth of HIV-infected children."

    07 April 2016 | ABC News
  • Survey: Africans are generally very tolerant, but just not of gay people

    Despite having the most progressive laws on the continent, South Africa has been named only the second most tolerant African country when it comes to homosexuality. A massive survey released by Afrobarometer has revealed that Cape Verde takes the honour, with 75% of its people liking or not minding having homosexual neighbours. It found that Africans generally express high degrees of tolerance for people from different ethnic groups, people of different religions, immigrants, and people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) – with the major exception of homosexuals.

    02 March 2016 | Mamba Online
  • Petition: Stop the persecution of people with HIV in the Czech Republic!

    NO PERSON WITH HIV BELONGS IN PRISON FOR HAVING SEX. Anyone living with HIV with undetectable viral load while taking treatment will not transmit the virus. This nonsense must stop immediately; it is both a grave violation of the fundamental rights of these persons, and completely counterproductive in the struggle against HIV/AIDS.

    16 February 2016 | Change.org
  • Czech Republic: Prague Public Health Authority initiates criminal prosecutions of 30 gay men living with HIV following an STI diagnosis

    Prague’s Public Health Authority initiated criminal investigations against 30 gay men living with HIV that had been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection (STI) during the previous year. The Public Health Authority appear to believe that since these men acquired an STI this is proof that they must have practiced condomless sex and have therefore violated criminal laws prohibiting any act of condomless sex (including oral sex) by a person living with HIV as “spread of infectious diseases”.

    16 February 2016 | HIV Justice Network
  • Man sacked for being gay and HIV-positive awarded damages in landmark case

    A man has been awarded damages in Austria after being dismissed from a new job for being gay and HIV positive. The state of Tyrol was made to pay the man €35,000 in damages, after he was dismissed from the job during a trial period after revealing his HIV status and sexual orientation.

    05 February 2016 | Pink News
  • HIV-Positive Man Mistakenly Denied Tourist Visa To Australia

    A Scandinavian man who has been visiting Australia every year for 22 years was denied a tourist visa because he is living with HIV.

    03 February 2016 | Star Observer
  • Israeli army to allow HIV positive recruits

    HIV-positive Israelis will be conscripted into the military for the first time, the army said Wednesday, a move welcomed by gay rights groups as an important step against discrimination.

    03 December 2015 | Yahoo News
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