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  • ARVs a Bitter Pill to Swallow for Ugandan Children

    For many of the 35,500 children in Uganda on HIV treatment, daily ARVs are too much of a bitter pill to swallow, especially if they don’t understand why they need them - Uganda’s policy is not to reveal their HIV status to children until they reach 13 years of age.

    08 May 2014 | Inter Press Service
  • HIV: The power of positive thinking

    At 12, Lisa was told that the 'vitamin pills' she'd been taking all her life were in fact antiretroviral drugs. Then she learnt that the woman she thought was her mother was really her aunt; her mother had died of Aids when she was four. She struggled to cope. Now 19, she's helping other young people with HIV to face the future.

    15 April 2014 | The Independent
  • Kenya: Parents not revealing HIV status to children

    Many parents are not telling their HIV-infected children of their status, with some as old as 14 and possibly sexually active.

    04 February 2014 | Standard
  • Midwife sacked over HIV disclosures defends right to blow whistle

    A midwife who was sacked after revealing that foster parents were not being told that children had HIV has defended her right to “whistleblow” on the practice.

    17 September 2013 | Daily Telegraph
  • The Price of Ignoring the Sexuality of Kenya's HIV Positive Youth

    “The problem is in the transition into adolescence and teenage years. You are dealing with young people who are at an age where they don’t communicate well. The needs of HIV positive teenagers are real and they are ignored just the same way the sexual and reproductive health needs of teens in general are ignored,” an activist said.

    03 December 2012 | Inter Press Service
  • USA: 20 percent of youth with HIV didn’t know they were infected at first sexual experience

    Roughly 20 percent of youth who have had HIV since birth did not know their HIV status when they first became sexually active, according to a study by a National Institutes of Health-supported research network.

    10 November 2012 | NIH News
  • Kenya: Support Disclosure of HIV Status to Children

    Children have the right to age-appropriate information about their HIV status and should not be the last to find out that they are HIV-positive, Human Rights Watch said on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2010.

    25 October 2012 | Human Rights Watch HIV/TB
  • School rejects HIV boy's siblings

    A primary school asked the parents of a four-year-old Whangarei boy with HIV to keep his two older siblings at home for their own safety after other parents came forward with concerns.

    15 May 2012 | New Zealand Herald
  • New Zealand: Parents deny discriminating over HIV boy

    Angry parents are sticking up for the Northland childhood centre which kicked out a four-year-old boy for being HIV-positive. The Aids Foundation has labelled the Mokopuna Early Childhood Education centre close-minded, irresponsible and guilty of wilful ignorance.

    10 May 2012 | TVNZ
  • New Zealand: Boy with HIV expelled from childcare

    A young boy has been expelled from a Whangarei childcare centre because he has HIV, the New Zealand Aids Foundation says. The move by the childcare centre has created hysteria in the community, the New Zealand Aids Foundation says.

    09 May 2012 | Stuff.co.nz
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