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  • The Catch-22 of Disclosing Your HIV Status

    During his headline-grabbing TV interview yesterday, Charlie Sheen said he was blackmailed by some people after he disclosed his HIV status. In fact, many people living with HIV have experienced similar negative reactions when they disclose: blackmail, threats of criminal prosecution, unwanted disclosure of HIV status, and physical violence. Paul Kidd writes.

    19 November 2015 | Star Observer
  • NHS-approved health apps leaking private data

    NHS Choice's Health Apps Library of approved wellbeing software assures users that their data will be safe -- but a new study has found that several apps flout this promise and put private personal data at risk.

    28 September 2015 | Wired
  • HIV prejudice in Cyprus still holds

    The case of a British HIV-positive tourist in Paphos, who was reportedly asked to leave the hotel he was staying and was refused treatment by private clinics, reveals the degree of ignorance in our society, the Ombudsman said Tuesday.

    24 September 2015 | In Cyprus
  • HIV-positive British tourist is told to leave his hotel in Cyprus after medical centre tipped off management about his condition

    A British holidaymaker in Cyprus was in 'fear and shock' after he was allegedly asked to leave his hotel - which it is claimed was tipped off by a private clinic that he was HIV positive.

    23 September 2015 | Daily Mail
  • AIDS Healthcare Foundation's Demand for Medical Records Endangers Us All

    The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has subpoenaed three providers of HIV and STI testing in Los Angeles, demanding that they release records on specific clients from as far back as 2007. The clients whose records were subpoenaed are adult film actors. This is the latest in Weinstein's long history of attacks on the human rights and autonomy of people living with HIV (PLHIV) and those he perceives as vulnerable to HIV.

    21 September 2015 | The Body
  • London sexual health clinic makes reforms after HIV patient data leak

    A London sexual health clinic is overhauling its practices and making privacy reforms – after it accidentally leaked data of hundreds of HIV patients.

    09 September 2015 | PinkNews
  • London HIV clinic that revealed patients’ names faces legal action

    The lawyer investigating claims on behalf of a number of patients whose identities were mistakenly revealed last week by an HIV clinic has said that it could face hundreds of legal claims.

    08 September 2015 | The Guardian
  • Having HIV isn't the problem — it’s the negativity around it that stops people getting tested

    A mistake at a London clinic caused details of patients’ HIV status to be shared with hundreds of strangers. Rob Sherrard’s name was on the list — but he tells Susannah Butter why coming out as positive is actually a relief.

    08 September 2015 | Evening Standard
  • Opinion: Why 56 Dean Street needs our love and support

    While this is a major breach of privacy that needs proper investigation to ensure it doesn’t happen again, it can’t negate the tireless work 56 Dean Street has done for London’s LGBT community.

    04 September 2015 | Attitude
  • HIV clinic data breach shows lessons not learned

    The latest NHS data breach comes after repeated warnings in recent years by the information commissioner’s office about the risk of disclosing personal data through poor email practices.

    04 September 2015 | Computer Weekly
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