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  • Why Do HIV Drug Ads Include Disclaimers for Actors?

    “Not an actual patient.” In every print advertisement I've ever seen for an HIV drug that includes an image of a real human being, this small caption has appeared, clarifying that the person seen does not actually have HIV. I don't see this sort of clarification in any other drug ad I've come across—and as a doctor, I see a lot of them. So why the nervousness around HIV?

    08 January 2016 | Slate Magazine (blog)
  • The Path to Charlie Sheen's HIV Disclosure

    To track the push and pull between Mr. Sheen and the media over several years — his condition flickering in and out of public view — is to see behind the veil of how celebrity secrets are kept hidden, and how they are ultimately disclosed.

    06 January 2016 | New York Times
  • Watch: Russian TV host announces he is HIV-positive in live broadcast

    On Tuesday evening, Pavel Lobkov, a television host for the independent Dozhd channel, announced on air that he had been diagnosed in 2003 as HIV-positive. It is the first time in recent memory that any Russian celebrity, major or minor, has publicly made such an announcement.

    03 December 2015 | Washington Post
  • Outright Activism as ICASA 2015 Starts with Violations and Silence on Key Populations

    Many activists arriving at the airport in Harare, Zimbabwe for the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA) expected this meeting to be like others in the past—a chance to share strategy, recharge and set priorities for the coming year in dialogues led by and for Africans and their allies. Instead, even before exiting the airport, things took an unexpected turn: sex workers, gay men and transgender women and even activists who just “looked different” reported having materials confiscated, being personally detained, having their passports held and being charged duties to reclaim their posters and educational materials.

    02 December 2015 | AVAC
  • Meet the HIV-negative men who won't have sex with HIV-positive men

    FS surveyed 3,140 gay men and found 44% of HIV-negative men that would not have sex with an openly HIV-positive man. So we decided to reach out to these men and ask them directly, why?

    02 December 2015 | FS
  • World AIDS Day: A Slut’s Perspective

    "The gay culture in which I am enmeshed is no longer living in the grip of fear. ... I see gay men become increasingly confident and enthusiastic about interacting with one another, both online and in social spaces. We talk about the sex we’re going to have, and we negotiate boundaries. We take responsibility for our own health, and we show concern for the health of others. ... In short, sexuality is moving beyond being merely accepted; it is becoming celebrated. The rise of slut pride has emerged from the ashes of the 1970s."

    02 December 2015 |
  • Charlie Sheen, Rock Hudson and the changing face of HIV stigma

    HIV stigma perpetuates ideas that there are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ ways of living with HIV. In the same breath that Charlie Sheen discloses his HIV status, he distances himself from these aspects of “bad” HIV: he uses a lot of recreational drugs but he was never involved with “needles and that whole mess”; he had a lot of sexual partners, but he “always led with condoms and honesty”; he hired sex workers whom he is quick to describe as “unsavoury and insipid types”. Above all, he is under medical supervision – he presents his doctor in person on the Today show who verifies that he is “undetectable”.

    24 November 2015 | The Conversation
  • Can Charlie Sheen really have doctor-approved unprotected sex?

    Charlie Sheen did more than merely announce he’s HIV-positive on Tuesday morning’s “Today” show — he brought the disease and its myriad treatment methods straight to breakfast tables nationwide. In detailing his HIV journey, Sheen not only relieved himself of blackmail and innuendo — he introduced America to the impressive range of treatment options and procedures now available for the 37 million people living with HIV across the globe. Here’s what it all means for you.

    24 November 2015 | New York Post
  • Coming out of the ‘viral closet’

    Activist and blogger Greg Owen writes about why he chose to come out about being HIV positive and how it has helped others who don’t yet feel able to.

    19 November 2015 | Attitude
  • I am Charlie

    I wish Charlie well. I wish him hope, strength and fortitude against whoever would paint him as a monster. He may, in all his messiness, be just the person who turns the public image around of people living with HIV.

    18 November 2015 | Huffington Post
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