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  • PrEP uptake poised to grow as physicians gain insight, stigmas fade

    Experts say some barriers that have led to a slow initial uptake in PrEP are beginning to crumble as more doctors learn about FTC/TDF and stigmas surrounding its use begin to fade.

    19 May 2016 | Infectious Disease News
  • If we want to end HIV, TB, and malaria, we need to do more to reduce human rights barriers

    A recent report from UNAIDS said that by 2020, countries should devote 8% of its HIV resources to reducing human rights barriers to accessing services. Currently, less than 1% of Global Fund grant funds is spent on programs to reduce human rights barriers. We have to do more and we have to do it better, says Ralf Jürgens. In this commentary, Ralf describes an intensive effort that the Global Fund is implementing in 15-20 countries, as well as other initiatives the Fund has planned.

    11 May 2016 | Global Fund Observer
  • New funding for local HIV prevention

    Public Health England (PHE) announces an HIV Prevention Innovation Fund for 2016 to 2017 of up to £600,000 for local prevention initiatives.

    10 May 2016 | Public Health England
  • The Comfort of Blaming Other People for New HIV Cases

    The college student had real concern in his eyes when he asked me a question during a recent presentation at American University. “Isn’t it true,” he asked, “that the HIV epidemic continues because people who know they are positive keep infecting other people?” It is a question I have heard before, in one way or another, and it always makes me cringe. Not only does it thrust all culpability onto those living with HIV, it also promotes a narrative that being infected with HIV chemically changes our moral fiber and transforms us into abusive monsters.

    28 April 2016 | My Fabulous Disease
  • Mr Gay World Entry Gets Personal on PrEP and Testing Poz

    Sadiq Ali is a contestant for Mr Gay World; he is fighting both HIV stigma and for the adoption of PrEP in the United Kingdom.

    18 April 2016 | My Fabulous Disease
  • People with HIV in Asia ejected from hospitals, study says

    Some health workers in Asia are refusing to perform surgery and provide services for people living with HIV, and are even expelling patients from hospitals and forcing women to undergo sterilisation, according to grassroots organisations. In China and Vietnam, discrimination took the form of changing the recommended option for treatment from surgery to topical or oral medication, said the four-country study supported by Asia Catalyst, which provides management training for community-based health organisations.

    16 March 2016 | Thomson Reuters Foundation
  • Survey: Africans are generally very tolerant, but just not of gay people

    Despite having the most progressive laws on the continent, South Africa has been named only the second most tolerant African country when it comes to homosexuality. A massive survey released by Afrobarometer has revealed that Cape Verde takes the honour, with 75% of its people liking or not minding having homosexual neighbours. It found that Africans generally express high degrees of tolerance for people from different ethnic groups, people of different religions, immigrants, and people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) – with the major exception of homosexuals.

    02 March 2016 | Mamba Online
  • Depression Is Teaming Up 
With HIV to Kill 
Black Gay Men. 
Can We Stop It?

    Black gay men, in particular, are bearing the brunt of these intersecting factors, leading them to experience higher rates of depression as well as increased HIV risks and negative health outcomes, including early death. Bottom line: Depression is teaming up with HIV to kill black gay men. But why?

    15 February 2016 | HIVPlus Mag
  • Why Do HIV Drug Ads Include Disclaimers for Actors?

    “Not an actual patient.” In every print advertisement I've ever seen for an HIV drug that includes an image of a real human being, this small caption has appeared, clarifying that the person seen does not actually have HIV. I don't see this sort of clarification in any other drug ad I've come across—and as a doctor, I see a lot of them. So why the nervousness around HIV?

    08 January 2016 | Slate Magazine (blog)
  • The Path to Charlie Sheen's HIV Disclosure

    To track the push and pull between Mr. Sheen and the media over several years — his condition flickering in and out of public view — is to see behind the veil of how celebrity secrets are kept hidden, and how they are ultimately disclosed.

    06 January 2016 | New York Times
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