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    This factsheet provides a brief introduction to the types of clinical trial that people with HIV might be asked to join. There is also information on how...

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    People decide to take part in clinical trials for different reasons. It is something that is best decided in close consultation with your healthcare team. Generally, it...

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  • Fast Advance in Hepatitis C Care Prompts EMA to Revise Clinical Trial Guideline

    EMA has proposed changes to its guideline on clinical trials of direct acting antiviral hepatitis C drugs. The revisions are intended to ensure the guideline reflects the dramatic changes that have happened in the hepatitis C sector since Gilead introduced its blockbuster Sovaldi (sofosbuvir).

    17 July 2016 | Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society
  • Large-Scale HIV Vaccine Trial to Launch in South Africa

    The US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and its partners have decided to advance an experimental HIV vaccine regimen into a large clinical trial, the first for seven years. This new study, called HVTN 702, is designed to determine whether the vaccine is safe, tolerable and effective at preventing HIV infection among South African adults. The trial will begin in November 2016, pending regulatory approval. It will recruit 5400 HIV-uninfected men and women aged 18 to 35 years who are at risk for HIV infection.

    18 May 2016 | National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
  • Do ethicists hinder HIV prevention research?

    Ethics panels may be hindering HIV prevention efforts by requiring gay and bisexual adolescents to get parental consent before taking part in research, experts suggest.

    21 April 2016 | Reuters
  • Collaboration and Conflict: Looking Back at the 30-Year History of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group

    The AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) supported groundbreaking research that transformed a death-sentence disease into a chronic illness that could be managed for decades with medication. It is now the largest network of therapeutic clinical trial units in the world.

    23 December 2015 | JAMA
  • NIH drops special 10% set-aside for AIDS research

    In a major shakeup for the HIV/AIDS research community, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) today announced it will no longer support setting aside a fixed 10% of its budget—or $3 billion this year—to fund research on the disease. The agency also plans to reprogram $65 million of its AIDS research grant funding this year to focus more sharply on ending the epidemic.

    15 December 2015 | Science
  • New PrEP trial aims to 'virtually eliminate' new HIV infections in New South Wales by 2020

    NSW will become the first state in Australia to implement such a rapid and large-scale trial of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis.

    01 December 2015 | UNSW press release
  • Women are missing from HIV drug trials

    In an analysis spanning several decades that included work done as recently as 2012, researchers found that women typically comprised about 11 percent of participants in trials investigating cures for HIV. Similarly, drug studies were only about 19 percent female and just 38 percent of vaccine trial subjects were women.

    05 October 2015 | Reuters
  • Future of HIV cure research points to combination approach

    The next five years of HIV research should shift gears from the classic single-therapy development model to moving directly from in vitro studies to combination therapy trials, authors argue in a new paper published online today.

    01 October 2015 | US Military HIV Research Program press release
  • HIV patients should be included in early clinical trials of anti-TB drugs

    Tuberculosis is the number one cause of death in HIV-infected patients in Africa and a leading cause of death in this population worldwide, yet the majority of these patients are excluded from the early stages in the development of new, anti-tuberculosis drugs, according to research.

    01 October 2015 | Science Daily
  • U.S. Survey on Willingness to Participate in HIV Cure-Related Research: Your Opinion Matters (US readers only)

    There has been an increase in HIV cure research in the recent years. We would like to find out how people living with HIV (or potential HIV cure research volunteers) perceive HIV cure research, including their willingness to participate in HIV cure studies. We would also like to find out what would help implement HIV cure studies. Your answers to these questions will be kept strictly confidential.

    16 September 2015 | University of North Carolina
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