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    There's a lot of misunderstanding and HIV and AIDS. Not everything you hear about HIV and AIDS is true.Some of the myths are about how...

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  • I Watched Charlie Sheen on The Dr. Oz Show So You Don't Have To

    I am dismayed to report that Tiger Blood Charlie is back and he has gone rogue. And his Chasing the Cure! conversation with Dr. Oz might be the worst thing to ever happen to AIDS cure research, or at least the most irresponsible reporting about it.

    14 January 2016 | Poz
  • Reports of HIV 'breakthrough' and 'cure' are premature

    "HIV breakthrough could lead to a cure," the Mail Online says, reporting on a study which looked at the phenomenon known as post-treatment control – where people with HIV remain in remission, even after treatment with antiretroviral (ARV) drugs is withdrawn.

    12 October 2015 | NHS Behind the Headlines
  • The Cure For HIV Is Not Around the Corner

    Headlines are by their nature reductive, in part because journalists’ efforts to lure readers often subvert nuance or specificity in the text.

    06 October 2015 | Poz
  • Rejecting Good Science on PrEP: Why Does it Happen?

    People are not solely logical and unemotional when taking in new information, processing it and coming up with conclusions. Basically, people take in information and run it through filters. With science denial, objections crop up around “pillars of denial” that exert a stronger influence on a person’s ultimate judgment or opinion than pure scientific fact.

    01 October 2015 | BETA blog
  • No, Eazy E Did Not Get HIV from a Tainted Acupuncture Needle

    The August release of the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton unearthed an old conspiracy theory about the tragic 1995 death of charismatic rapper Eazy E from AIDS.

    28 September 2015 | Vice
  • Is PrEP 100 % Effective or 100 % Over-Hyped?

    I think PrEP is a huge step forward, I prescribe it...But we should report the study results responsibly, in part because tossing around unfounded 100% efficacy estimates can have real danger. If at-risk men hear they are 100% protected by PrEP, and as a result decide they no longer need to use condoms or take any number of complementary risk reduction steps that men in the Kaiser Permanente study likely took, then our sloppy oversell could lead directly to new cases of HIV despite PrEP.

    21 September 2015 | The Body Pro
  • Has Kim-Jong Un cured HIV/AIDS?

    Kim-Jong Un's regime in North Korea recently announced that they have developed a cure for HIV, Cancer, Diabetes and a host of other serious illnesses and afflictions. Is it too good to be true?

    11 September 2015 | Health 24
  • Interview with HIV denier-turned-science-advocate John Strangis

    John Strangis has an interesting story to tell regarding his experiences with HIV denialism and subsequently, his turn to patient and science activism.

    21 August 2015 | ScienceBlogs
  • No, Teens Did Not Create a Working Condom That Changes Colors if You Have an STI, and Maybe They Shouldn’t

    Last week, the story broke about teens who had invented a new condom that could detect sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and alert a partner by changing colors. But this condom-and-STI-test-wrapped-in-one is not coming soon to a pharmacy near you. It’s an interesting idea, but that’s all it is: just an idea. It’s a thought with theory behind it on how it might work. It has not gotten past the concept stage. There is no operational prototype.

    06 July 2015 | RH Reality Check
  • AIDS Healthcare Foundation Gets Smacked Down by South African AIDS Activists

    AHF is now spreading Weinstein's anti-science views about PrEP in Africa, before a single pill has been dispensed. Once again, African lives will be lost because of the anti-science ravings of an arrogant American.

    12 June 2015 | Poz
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