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  • The maternal mental health of migrant women

    Pregnant and early postnatal migrant women are a heterogeneous and far more diverse population group than has previously been experienced. Migrant women experiencing maternal mental health related illnesses face practical barriers and cultural factors which may prevent them from seeking help.

    14 March 2014 | Better Health
  • Amendment to ban HIV positive people entering UK not considered for immigration bill

    An amendment to a UK immigration bill, which would have banned those living with HIV or hepatitis B from immigrating to the UK, was not considered by MPs before the bill was voted on at Third Reading.

    31 January 2014 | Pink News
  • HIV Positive Immigrants Should Be Banned From Entering UK, Tory MPs Say

    A group of Tory MPs are backing a proposed ban on HIV positive immigrants to Britain, in a move that has been labelled "the most draconian policy enforced on people with the virus" by campaigners. Conservative MP Dr Phillip Lee has tabled an amendment to the Immigration Bill.

    30 January 2014 | Huffington Post
  • Changes to Accessing the NHS - Are You Worried?

    Big changes are under way affecting access to the NHS. We could all find it much harder to access services, vulnerable people could be put off or prevented from accessing health care that they need, NHS staff will have an additional administrative burden to implement the system. And we don't know if it will really save any money.

    29 January 2014 | Huffington Post
  • Migrants to face NHS emergency care charges

    Overseas visitors and migrants are to face new charges for some NHS services in England, ministers say, but GP consultations will remain free. The government decided that easy initial access to a GP was important to prevent risks to public health such as HIV, TB and sexually transmitted infections.

    31 December 2013 | BBC Health
  • FactCheck: Do foreign visitors owe the NHS £2bn?

    This morning, the Department of Health released a report which led to a rash of headlines on the massive costs of “health tourism”. Do the estimates stand up?

    24 October 2013 | Channel 4 News
  • UK Immigration Bill will have negative impact on health

    A coalition of health, migrant, children’s and refugee organisations has come out against Government proposals to limit migrant access to NHS services, some of which are included in the Immigration Bill which has its second reading today. 

    23 October 2013 | NAT press release
  • Why challenge Government proposals on migrant access and their financial contribution to the NHS provision in England?

    This expensive overhaul of the way all patients will access the NHS is being proposed despite the Department of Health acknowledging that they do not know the scale of the problem of ‘health tourism’, or even how many migrants are being charged under the current system.

    10 October 2013 | National AIDS Trust
  • Theresa May refuses to "quantify" cost of "health tourism" as she panders to immigration fears

    The Home Secretary glossed over the fact that "health tourism" costs just 0.01% of the NHS budget.

    10 October 2013 | New Statesman
  • Immigration bill: Theresa May defends plans to create 'hostile environment'

    The home secretary, Theresa May, has defended plans to create a "hostile environment" for illegal migrants to Britain, as immigration lawyers warned her that a system of identity checks for all, including British citizens, would have to be introduced to enforce the government's moves to curb access to privately rented housing and to tackle alleged health tourists.

    10 October 2013 | The Guardian
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