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  • Long-acting HIV drugs advanced to overcome adherence challenge

    If it proves effective, long-acting antiretroviral therapy would set up a new paradigm of monthly or quarterly injectable therapy for some patients. Long-acting drug formulations could solve one of the thorniest problems in HIV management - adherence.

    08 April 2014 | Nature Medicine
  • United Healthcare To Allow HIV/AIDS Patients to "Opt-Out" of Mail-Order Prescriptions

    United Healthcare, the United States' largest health insurer, will allow patients with HIV or AIDS who have privacy or delivery concerns, or who have difficulty discussing their HIV medications over the phone, to obtain their medications from an in-network retail pharmacy rather than by mail order.

    01 April 2014 | Consumer Watchdog
  • A Patient’s Race Affects How HIV Docs Discuss Adherence

    HIV providers alter their communication methods based on the race of their patients and are more likely to discuss adherence with minorities than with whites.

    06 February 2014 | AIDSMeds
  • US: Racial gap exists when docs talk to patients about HIV meds

    Conversations between doctors and patients about taking HIV medication as prescribed may differ depending on the patient’s race or ethnicity, research shows. Providers talked more with minority patients than with whites about adherence and tended to give directives rather than engage in problem solving.

    29 January 2014 | Futurity
  • International Labour Organization: Employment crucial for successful HIV/AIDS treatment

    People living with HIV who are employed are almost 40 per cent more likely to stick to HIV treatment than those without a job, says a new ILO study released ahead of World AIDS Day.

    02 December 2013 | International Labour Organization
  • Differing Effects of Low- and High-Fat Meals on New Raltegravir Formulation

    A high-fat meal affected levels of a reformulated raltegravir tablet less than a low-fat meal, according to results of a three-period study in healthy volunteers [1]. One aim of this trial and other ongoing research is to develop a raltegravir formulation that can be dosed once daily.

    30 October 2013 | NATAP
  • Single HIV Pill More Likely to Foster Adherence (CME/CE)

    Veterans receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) were more likely to adhere to treatment and less likely to be hospitalized when taking a single versus multiple tablets, researchers reported here.

    16 September 2013 | MedPage Today HIV/AIDS
  • ARV treatments in Congo stop as supply chain interrupted

    A human rights NGO based in the Congolese capital Brazzzaville has denounced the suspension of antiretroviral (ARV) drug treatments for thousands of HIV/AIDS patients in Congo.

    03 September 2013 | IRIN Plus News
  • Zimbabwe: Killed for Refusing to Take ARVs

    The trial of a 28-year-old man from Zezani in Beitbridge who was arrested for fatally assaulting his 12-year-old brother for refusing to take his anti-retroviral tablets has been postponed to August 30.

    21 August 2013 | AllAfrica
  • South Africa: Explaining ARV Treatment to Children Is Hard

    Parents find it difficult to tell children that they are HIV-positive and explain to them the antiretroviral treatment they must take to remain healthy, a study has found.

    31 July 2013 | AllAfrica
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