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  • Activists Hold Die-In to Protest High Price of Gilead’s Hepatitis C Drug

    Treatment activists at the 20th International AIDS Conference held a die-in to protest the exorbitant pricing of Sovaldi (sofosbuvir), Gilead’s new hepatitis C virus (HCV) drug. As Gregg Alton, Gilead’s executive vice president of corporate and medical affairs, spoke, activists brought him a liver on a silver platter while chanting “Pills Cost Pennies, Greed Costs Lives,” “Shame, Shame, Shame,” and “Pharma Greed Kills.” Their signs said, “Wanted: Crimes Against Access,” “Hep C Criminal,” and “Gilead Kills” as the O’Jay’s “For the Love of Money” blared in the background.

    25 July 2014 | Treatment Action Group
  • NAT tribute to Martine de Schutter

    Martine de Schutter from the Dutch sexual health and HIV organisation Aids Fonds was one of the victims of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. NAT wishes to pay tribute to a tireless and inspiring colleague who has been for many years central to improving the response to HIV across the European region.

    23 July 2014 | NAT press release
  • Mark Heywood: Does anybody remember AIDS?

    Although the AIDS industry in Melbourne will be full of theatre, rail and rage, it is far too timid and far away to make anyone with power over the future of AIDS uncomfortable. So here are some of the things the conference-goers should have on their consciences.

    21 July 2014 | Ground Up
  • Between credibility and conflict of interest

    "AIDS organizations don’t represent us”; “Others are making their names with their HIV/AIDS work without producing tangible benefits for people with HIV.” I’m paraphrasing, of course, but the sentiments and the expression of them should be familiar to anyone living with HIV or working in the HIV field.

    04 July 2014 | Positive Lite
  • Transmissions: Archiving HIV/AIDS – Melbourne 1979 - 2014

    The central theme of the exhibition is the response from Melbourne’s LGBT community to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It will contain artworks from this period as well as activist, government and other cultural responses – some of the works have never been exhibited before.

    02 July 2014 | Gay News Network
  • VIDEO: The Powerful “HIV is Not a Crime” Conference

    The most powerful speaker at the recent “HIV is Not a Crime” conference was a man named Kerry Thomas. He held the crowd of more than 150 advocates spellbound for a full twenty minutes although he never took the stage. He spoke by phone from Idaho Correctional Facility, a place he may not be released from until 2038.

    13 June 2014 | My Fabulous Disease
  • Uganda’s LGBTI Activist and Doctor, Paul Semugoma Awarded 2014 Elizabeth Taylor Human Rights Award

    The Elizabeth Taylor Human Rights Award recognizes the efforts of individuals who have achieved major breakthroughs or shown exceptional courage and leadership in their efforts to advocate for human rights in the field of HIV.

    13 June 2014 | Denis Nzioka (blog)
  • Jim Eigo: The Neverending Epidemic: And How We Can End It

    On June 9, along with our friends from Treatment Action Group (TAG) and allies from local Atlanta groups that deal with HIV, we'll meet with officials from CDC. At the meeting we'll deliver our critique of CDC's HIV prevention efforts, issue a call for change and propose concrete reforms.

    10 June 2014 | Huffington Post
  • 25 Years Ago: ACT UP's AIDS Treatment Research Agenda

    25 years ago today, the Fifth International AIDS Conference closed in Montreal, and AIDS activism changed forever. People living with HIV and their fellow advocates pushed their way into the conference (literally, during the opening ceremony), and came armed with a sophisticated analysis of the sorry state of AIDS treatment research.

    10 June 2014 | Poz
  • Museveni’s hotel besieged by Ugandan LGBT activists

    The London hotel where President Yoweri Museveni was speaking last night (7 May) was besieged by Ugandan LGBTs and their supporters in a noisy protest with drums, vuvuzelas and chants. They caused a constant background disruption to the president’s speech to Ugandan community and business leaders based in the UK.

    05 June 2014 | Peter Tatchell Foundation
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