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  • Hepatitis C patients stage sit-in to demand access to new treatment

    Protest at Madrid hospital aims to shame the government into releasing more funds.

    20 December 2014 | El Pais
  • UKIP forced to leave London offices after HIV activists dump horse s--t outside

    UKIP has been kicked out their offices in Croydon, after a group of HIV activists dumped a pile of horse manure outside on World AIDS Day. The party’s local chairman Winston McKenzie announced yesterday to Steven Downes of Inside Croydon that the protest “was the last straw” for their office owners – and UKIP will have to find a new home.

    15 December 2014 | Act Up press release
  • National HIV Prevention Funding – An essential investment

    The Government is reducing funding for HIV prevention by 50% from 2015. There is no indication that HIV transmission rates in England are reducing and there continue to be major gaps in public understanding of how to prevent HIV. HIV prevention funding must remain at least at current levels.

    12 December 2014 | National AIDS Trust
  • The Most Celebrated, Mistrusted Little Pill in the World

    AIDS activists Sean Strub and Peter Staley have been in opposite camps for the past several years. This was the first time the pair had met face to face to discuss PrEP, and their conversation was intense, passionate and sometimes stinging. The men love each other dearly, and yet they, too, have been swept up in the controversy.

    07 December 2014 | Huffington Post
  • Appeal to global donors to save the Treatment Action Campaign

    Fulfilling the right to health depends on common purpose between researchers, clinicians, and activists. On the eve of World AIDS Day 2014 (Dec 1), we write this letter as scientists and academics who are concerned about the possible closure of the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) in South Africa as a consequence of serious funding difficulties.

    05 December 2014 | The Lancet
  • Jean Carlomusto: The woman who documented the HIV/AIDS movement

    Jean Carlomusto has documented the HIV/AIDS epidemic on film for nearly 30 years. Her acclaimed films include “Larry Kramer in Love and Anger,” “Sex in an Epidemic” and “Shatzi is Dying.” Carlomusto founded the Media Production Unit at GMHC, the nation’s first HIV/AIDS service organization, in 1987. She was a member of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) since its beginnings, serving on the DIVA TV working group, which documented the activist groups’ fight for access to quality HIV/AIDS medications.

    02 December 2014 | MSNBC
  • World Aids Day 2014: HIV positive activists dump manure outside Ukip office in protest against 'bull****'

    HIV-positive activists have dumped half a ton of manure outside a Ukip office on World Aids Day, saying “what goes around comes around”. Members of the London-based Aids Coalition to Unleash Power (Act Up) said they wanted to show Nigel Farage what they thought of his recent statements suggesting people with Aids should be barred from entering the UK.

    02 December 2014 | The Independent
  • ARV supply issues cause treatment interruptions in a UK clinic

    We have been told of ARV stock-outs that resulted in patients having to interrupt HIV medication due to problems in drug supply. It is difficult to understand why a UK clinic would allow problems to develop to the point that this happened not just once, but several times.

    01 December 2014 | HIV i-Base
  • CDC Releases Audit of Shuttered AIDS Group NAPWA

    The Petrelis Files blog looks at the CDC audit of the National Association of People With AIDS (NAPWA), which declared bankruptcy and closed in 2013.

    21 November 2014 | Poz magazine news
  • UK has 'signed a death warrant' for South Africans with HIV-Aids

    One of the world’s leading Aids activists has accused Britain of “signing a death warrant” for South Africans in need of treatment after withdrawing aid from the Treatment Action Campaign, which now faces ruin.

    05 November 2014 | The Guardian
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