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  • How one activist is spearheading PrEP awareness in the United Kingdom

    Greg Owen is the leading PrEP activist in the UK, leading the charge among gay and bisexual men to get the word out about PrEP, the once daily pill to prevent HIV.

    10 November 2015 | HIV Equal
  • How Australians can get HIV prevention drugs now

    With so many Australian gay men now keen to protect their sexual health by taking an HIV prevention medication regularly, a new PrEP Access Now group is spreading details about how to order the pills online.

    13 October 2015 | Same Same
  • Leave no one behind: First ever global meeting of TB patients and key affected populations

    The meeting will offer a platform for patients only to discuss their needs, identify opportunities for patient and community engagement in TB programs and responses, and increase knowledge around available resources for people who are sick with TB and their families. Twenty participants from 18 countries spanning four regions will add their voice and contribute to the development of a compendium of patient narratives to provide the needed patient perspective to inform and ensure successful programmatic interventions.

    12 October 2015 | Stop TB Partnership
  • Christine Stegling appointed new Executive Director of the Alliance

    Ms Stegling is currently the Executive Director of the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC), a global network of activists advocating for HIV treatment access. She replaces the current Alliance Executive Director Alvaro Bermejo who in June announced his decision to step down from the role at the end of November 2015.

    12 October 2015 | International HIV/AIDS Alliance
  • AIDS Activists Protest Price Gauging of Meds by Hedge Funds

    Martin Shkreli is a parasitic turd for jacking up the price of a lifesaving med, so we brought him some kitty litter, said activists.

    03 October 2015 | Poz magazine news
  • Women Know Best Report

    A new report which addresses the wide range of issues which specifically affect women living with HIV and looks at some of the best way to address them.

    24 September 2015 | Positively UK
  • Britain Is To Have Its First Radio Show About HIV And It’s Called “HIV Happy Hour”

    Next week, Britain will hear the pilot episode of a new weekly programme all about the virus, and it’s called HIV Happy Hour. BuzzFeed News talks to its inspiring host.

    24 September 2015 | BuzzFeed
  • Activists shout out for PrEP in Melbourne

    Frustrated HIV prevention activists have targeted the streets of Melbourne with an abrupt and controversial grassroots campaign designed to urgently reactivate conversation about medication designed to stop the spread of the virus. “YOU CAN FUCK RAW,” say the posters, seen today in Melbourne’s CBD. “PrEP WORKS – NO MORE HIV.”

    18 September 2015 | Same Same
  • Why Transgender Women Chanted ‘We Are Not Gay Men!’ At An AIDS Conference

    Last week, the U.S. Conference on AIDS (USCA) was temporarily taken over by a group of #TransLivesMatter activists. Led by the fierce trans Latina activist Bamby Salcedo, the group held the stage for nearly 20 minutes to demand that transgender people receive the consideration they deserve in HIV policy and outreach.

    18 September 2015 | Think Progress
  • Gregg Gonsalves: It’s not just the germs

    Veteran AIDS activist Gregg Gonsalves wants to change the way you think about illness.

    15 September 2015 | Yale Alumni Magazine
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