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  • Maximizing the benefits of antiretroviral therapy for key populations

    “Maximizing the benefits of ART for key populations” grew out of discussions between the Key Affected Populations and Treatment as Prevention Working Groups of the International AIDS Society. The two groups agreed that given the rapidly changing treatment and prevention landscape in HIV, there was a need to consider a range of issues affecting treatment access, prevention choices, and the implications of new guidelines for key populations.

    24 July 2014 | International AIDS Society
  • AIDS 2014: Financing the new global HIV treatment vision – advocacy and economics

    The USAID- and PEPFAR-funded Health Policy Project’s own estimates of the global costs of reaching extremely high levels of ART coverage in low and middle-income countries suggest that between U.S.$5.5 to $9 billion might be required annually to meet this goal by 2020.

    24 July 2014 | Science Speaks
  • Now or Never: The Urgency of Closing the Treatment Gap for Children Living with HIV/AIDS

    It is time for the international community led by UNAIDS to set an ambitious but feasible target for the number of HIV-positive children to be put on treatment. Countries with the highest paediatric HIV burdens, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, must take the lead to scale up treatment coverage for their HIV-positive children.

    23 July 2014 | AIDS 2014 conference blog
  • HIV drugs treatment to start earlier - Motsoaledi

    South Africa will start treating HIV-positive patients at an earlier stage starting next year, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi said on Wednesday.

    23 July 2014 | Independent Online
  • UNAIDS and partners launch initiative to improve HIV diagnostics

    The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) has joined with global and regional partners to launch the Diagnostics Access Initiative which calls for improving laboratory capacity to ensure that all people living with HIV can be linked to effective, high-quality HIV treatment services.

    23 July 2014 | UNAIDS
  • High prices hinder access to newer HIV drugs and optimal tests that ensure treatment is working

    High prices continue to represent a major barrier to affordable access of both new HIV medicines and viral load testing -- which is the best way to monitor whether treatment is working -- according to two reports released today by international medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

    22 July 2014 | MSF
  • AIDS 2014: A new target for HIV treatment from UNAIDS

    Against the backdrop of a large screen photo of AIDS researcher Joep Lange, who died in Malaysian Airlines 17 crash last week, a high level panel Sunday discussed the UNAIDS new target for HIV treatment — 30 million by 2030.

    21 July 2014 | Science Speaks
  • Mark Heywood: Does anybody remember AIDS?

    Although the AIDS industry in Melbourne will be full of theatre, rail and rage, it is far too timid and far away to make anyone with power over the future of AIDS uncomfortable. So here are some of the things the conference-goers should have on their consciences.

    21 July 2014 | Ground Up
  • “Undetectable” viral load — opportunity for all by 2020

    We call for an ambitious target of undetectable viral load to form the core of new global goals being debated by United Nations institutions and national governments and demand not just the promises but the funding, treatment options, laws and policies needed to meet those targets.

    20 July 2014 | Treatment Action Campaign
  • Global Policy, Local Disconnects A look into the implementation of the 2013 HIV treatment GuideLines

    The Global Policy, Local Disconnects: A Look Into the Implementation of the 2013 HIV Treatment Guidelines report is a global initiative undertaken by ITPC and the AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA). The research conducted and compiled in this report has been carried out by ITPC’s nine regional networks staff teams, ARASA and our respective country partners.

    20 July 2014 | International Treatment Preparedness Coalition
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