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  • Bill Gates Predicts Two Miracles for AIDS Relief by 2030

    Bill Gates said he expects a pair of advances by 2030 that will eliminate most of the damage from AIDS. Improved treatment and the development of a vaccine to prevent new infections are the “two miracles” needed to help turn the tide, the billionaire said Friday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

    7 hours ago | Bloomberg
  • Ahead of Obama visit, MSF warns US pressure on India could impact access to medicines for millions

    New intellectual property ‘think tank’ draft policy already showing alarming trend.

    23 January 2015 | Medecins Sans Frontieres press release
  • Peru: Patients Demand End to Monopoly on HIV Medication

    Julio Cesar Cruz is an HIV patient and organizer with the Peruvian Network of Patients and Consumers . He participated in the demonstration and explained that, “The people who live with HIV in the country, are complaining that the Peruvian state is ...

    21 January 2015 | TeleSUR
  • Zimbabwe finally switches away from stavudine

    The Zimbabwean government has finally dropped stavudine, lamivudine and nevirapine as its first-line HIV therapy in favour of a single dose treatment which has a combination of three drugs, namely tenofovir/lamivudine/efavirenz (TLN).The Government dropped the first line HIV treatment after realizing that it was causing severe side effects on patients. Stanley Takaona of the Zimbabwe HIV and AIDS Activist Union Community Trust said the introduction of the new HIV drug was going to save more lives.

    19 January 2015 | AllAfrica
  • How India's Patent Office Destroyed Gilead's Global Game Plan

    Sovaldi is a breakthrough drug. Shouldn't that be worth something? "It's important to recognize that what the patent office deals with is whether something is new in science," lawyer Tahir Amin said. "The decision says there are a number of earlier compound structures that are very close to what Gilead is trying to get a patent for. It's a scientific decision and has nothing to do with the utility of the drug."

    19 January 2015 | Bloomberg Businessweek
  • The Cynical Connectedness of Gilead's Hepatitis C Pricing and Anti-Diversion Policies

    Gilead has announced both the highest recorded prices ever for its direct acting hepatitis C antiviral, ledipasvir/sofosbuvir (Harvoni), and one of the most stringent anti-diversion programs ever devised. The price, highest in the U.S., comes in at a whopping US$94,000 for a 12-week course of treatment, with slightly lower prices in Europe.

    19 January 2015 | The Body Pro
  • Hepatitis C drug delayed by NHS due to high cost

    The NHS is to delay the introduction of a highly expensive drug that can save the lives of people infected with the hepatitis C virus. The move by NHS England is unprecedented, because the NHS rationing body, Nice (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has approved the drug. Nice says sofosbuvir is cost-effective, because it is a cure for people who would otherwise run up huge NHS bills.

    16 January 2015 | The Guardian
  • India rejects Gilead's Hepatitis C drug patent request

    India's patent office has rejected an application from U.S.-based Gilead Sciences Inc for its hepatitis C drug Sovaldi, paving the way for local drugmakers to launch cheaper generic versions of the $1,000-a-pill medicine.

    14 January 2015 | Reuters
  • US: Prime Therapeutics breaks from competition, strikes deals to prefer both Harvoni, Viekira hepatitis C drugs

    The agreements place both Gilead’s Harvoni® and AbbVie’s Viekira Pak® on Prime’s preferred drug list (formulary), meaning members can more easily get the medicine they need to feel better and live well.

    13 January 2015 | Prime Therapeutics press release
  • Spaniards rally over hepatitis C drugs

    Thousands of people, diagnosed with hepatitis C, have rallied in several cities across Spain to urge the government to make it easier for patients with this disease to access the latest-generation medicines.

    12 January 2015 | Press TV
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