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  • Bedaquiline price protests hit World Lung Conference launch

    As the opening ceremony of the 49th Union World Conference on Lung Health kicked off in the Netherlands last night, protesting activists demanded Johnson & Johnson (J&J) slash its price for the blockbuster tuberculosis (TB) drug, bedaquiline.

    26 October 2018 | Health-e
  • Patients 'may need to stockpile own drugs if no-deal Brexit looms'

    Patients should consider stockpiling their own drugs if it looks likely the UK will leave the EU with no deal, the pharmaceuticals industry has said, telling MPs that such a scenario could be “catastrophic” for medicine supplies and necessitate emergency powers.

    23 October 2018 | The Guardian
  • Johnson & Johnson prices keep key TB medicines out of reach

    As US pharmaceutical corporation Johnson & Johnson (J&J) continues to charge high prices for its newer tuberculosis (TB) drug bedaquiline, people with drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB) are forced to go without the best possible treatments, according to a new report—DR-TB Drugs Under the Microscope—released today by Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) at the 49th Union World Conference on Lung Health in The Hague. J&J should cut the price of bedaquiline in half so more lives can be saved, said the international medical humanitarian organization MSF.

    23 October 2018 | MSF
  • The health innovation system is ‘broken’ and failing patients

    NHS patients are being let down by a global health innovation system which fails to deliver the treatments they need at prices that government can afford, according to a new report led by Professor Mariana Mazzucato, Director of the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP), in collaboration with STOPAIDS, Global Justice Now and Just Treatment.

    18 October 2018 | STOP AIDS
  • South Africa: Shortage of HIV/Aids drugs turning into ‘national crisis’

    ARVs and contraceptives have run out across the country in ‘a crisis that has been developing over the past two months’, the Stop Stockout Project claims.

    16 October 2018 | The Citizen
  • Impatient patients turn to online 'buyers club' for new drugs

    Frustrated by delays in new medicines reaching their own country, a small but growing number of patients are turning to an online broker that bills itself as a legal version of the Dallas Buyers Club. While regulators warn of the risk of buying drugs online, the Amsterdam-based Social Medwork sees its network of trusted suppliers as filling a gap in the market for the latest drugs against diseases such as cancer, migraine and multiple sclerosis.

    03 October 2018 | Reuters
  • Desperate border crossings, as Venezuela runs short of HIV drugs

    Venezuela's economic meltdown has triggered the biggest exodus of people in modern Latin American history.

    03 October 2018 | Reuters
  • Community ART groups: bringing HIV treatment closer to patient's homes and to communities in conflict

    Charles Ssonko of Médecins sans Frontières describes the role of community groups in maintaining access to antiretroviral drugs for patients in Central African Republic, even under the most difficult and dangerous circumstances.

    03 October 2018 | PLoS Blogs
  • Fears over HIV drugs in event of ‘no deal’ Brexit

    Healthcare advocates highlight concerns over slower access to the newest HIV drugs when the UK leaves the European Union next year

    02 October 2018 | Gay Star News
  • Brexit, health care, and life sciences: plan for the worst

    Negotiations continue between the UK and the EU27 for Brexit plans. Deal or no deal, leaders in health care, pharmaceutical, and life sciences are covering all bases. Becky McCall reports.

    28 September 2018 | The Lancet (requires free registration)
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Launched today, the Community Consensus Statement is a basic set of principles aimed at making sure that happens.

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