Set yourself a challenge!

And aim high!

NAM has had many places in the British 10K London Run and the London Marathon over the years. The races have always been fantastic days out with a brilliant atmosphere, and your chance to raise vital funds for NAM so we can continue to provide accurate information about HIV to those that need it.

Below are the fantastic people that have raised money for us by competing in the 10k over the years (you can read about our amazing marathon runners here). If you're interested in taking part in either race then why not seize the day and register your interest? We look forward to welcoming you to the NAM team!

Stas' 10k

Stas has been a good friend of NAM’s for a long, long time – over the years Stas has translated many of our resources into Russian, most notably our conference coverage but also our patient information materials, helping as many people as possible to access the information they need to stay healthy and in control of their diagnosis.

We were thrilled when Stas applied to run the 10k for us, and he did so in an amazingly quick time – 49 minutes 25 seconds! Stas is one of the fastest runners we've had in the 10k, but there's always next year...

I chose to run 10km for NAM because, for almost 10 years, I have witnessed how much the organisation does to address issues in communities like mine and countless others in Russia, Europe and around the world.

Mike's 10k

Mike answered our call for runners in the 2012 race and, though he'd never taken part in a charity event before, he was keen to do so and was excited to be running for NAM.  Mike had a somewhat optimistic goal of winning the entire race (elite athletes included!) and although he ran an impressive race, didn't quite manage to achieve it! He was happy with his time – as he should be, and was happy to stop for a photo after the race, despite telling us he was heading straight home for a family bucket of KFC!

Mike works for an organisation which runs a matched giving scheme, meaning his work was able to double his donation and make his contribution to our work even greater.

I'd wanted to do a fund raising event for charity for some time, and this cause really appealed to me. I really enjoyed the race and had a great time despite the pouring rain!

Siobhan's 10k

Siobhan works as a nurse and uses NAM's information resources to inform both herself and her patients. We met up with Siobhan at the British HIV Association conference where she told us she was definitely not a natural runner and was feeling really nervous for the race. On the day she got round the course in a fantastic time and raised a brilliant amount of money in the process, there was no need to worry at all! The race has now inspired her to do more running events and she has the next one planned for November 2012, fingers crossed for sunshine this time round!

I work as a nurse and NAM is a very important resource and support for myself and my patients. I really enjoyed the race and I was so delighted to cross the line, even the rain couldn't dampen my spirits - I'm hooked now, next one in November!

Beth's 10k

Beth was a member of NAM's fundraising team and after spending years recruiting other people to run the 10k on behalf of NAM she decided to put her money where her mouth is and have a go herself! After a difficult start in training due to lack of fitness and bad weather (and the TV being far more interesting) she made it to race day and told us she enjoyed it far more than she expected to! From the entertainment in the build up to the race, to the chanting and singing during the course and the spectators' enouragement the whole way round, it was a fantastic day.

There's no way I would have worked somewhere for so long if I didn't wholeheartedly believe in the cause. I can't recommend running the race highly enough, being amongst thousands of people all running together for good causes is a really special thing. The crowd was amazing – I had goose bumps all the way round!

Richard's 10k

The 10k was Richard's first ever charity run and he told us he was really excited and proud to be running for NAM and in London, a place he's lived and worked in for 10 years.

Diagnosed HIV positive the previous year, some of Richard's strongest support came from his work colleagues. Now he's involved within an LGBT staff support network and seeks to raise awareness of HIV in the workplace and the protections afforded by the Equality Act.

During an early and confused period of adjustment and acceptance, Richard told us that someone recommended NAM's information to him, which was a great support that helped him, and others around him, understand and come to terms with HIV. We were so pleased to have Richard on the NAM Team and are so grateful for all his efforts and the money he raised to support our work.

NAM's website and free publications were quite simply an invaluable source of information and a great support that helped myself and others around me understand and come to terms with HIV. I was very proud to be running the race for NAM.

Ros' 10k

Ros works as a specialist registrar in a GUM clinic in London and got in touch with us to run the 2012 race for NAM as she uses our information in her work.

Ros told us she'd already completed several 10ks, marathons and half marathons so we had no doubt whatsoever that she would do amazingly well in the race – and she did! Completed in just 49 mins 18 seconds Ros absolutely stormed the race and raised a fantastic amount of money at the same time – hats off to you Ros!

NAM is an incredible source of information for my patients and myself and I thoroughly enjoyed the race!

Lucy's 10k

Lucy works as a pharmacist and uses NAM's information in her work. Lucy regularly ran around 6k on the treadmill at the gym and wanted to challenge herself to a 10k, and decided to run for NAM whilst she was at it. Lucy raised a brilliant amount of money for NAM, and did manage to enjoy the race despite being cold, wet and taking a tumble mid way through. Despite the fall she picked herself up, carried on and finished in 1hr 5mins – well done Lucy!

NAM is a fantastic charity that provides useful information resources surrounding HIV and AIDS. I managed to finish my race in the cold and rain in 1 hr 5 mins, complete with falling over!

Raj and Divya's 10k

Divya responded to our call for people to run the British 10k London Run 2011 saying that, as a doctor, she wanted to practise what she preached and get fit! She managed to persuade her husband, Raj, to join her and together they ran, trained and carb loaded together in preparation for the day. Raj kept us up to date with how they were getting on throughout the training and after the run; you can read his blog here. Both Raj and Divya finished the 10k with impressive times, and raised a fantastic amount of money for NAM at the same time. After the race Raj got in touch to tell us his back, feet, shoulders and neck were hurting, but judging from his quote below it sounds like it was all worth it!

I recommend this run to anyone who wants to get fit, raise money for charity and just have a great day out. Being with 25,000 people all running to raise money for charity is just a magnificent experience – thank you to all those who have supported us.

Community Consensus Statement on Access to HIV Treatment and its Use for Prevention

Together, we can make it happen

We can end HIV soon if people have equal access to HIV drugs as treatment and as PrEP, and have free choice over whether to take them.

Launched today, the Community Consensus Statement is a basic set of principles aimed at making sure that happens.

The Community Consensus Statement is a joint initiative of AVAC, EATG, MSMGF, GNP+, HIV i-Base, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, ITPC and NAM/aidsmap

This content was checked for accuracy at the time it was written. It may have been superseded by more recent developments. NAM recommends checking whether this is the most current information when making decisions that may affect your health.

NAM’s information is intended to support, rather than replace, consultation with a healthcare professional. Talk to your doctor or another member of your healthcare team for advice tailored to your situation.